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Mike Triplett Proves More Knowledgeable about Drew Brees Contract Situation

More than a week ago we were offered two predictions about when Drew Brees would sign a new long-term contract, one from Times-Pic beat man Mike Triplett and the other from former Saints Executive VP Jim Miller. Triplett believed the "chances of Drew Brees signing a long-term contract with the Saints before the first OTA practice May 22nd are practically zero" while Miller told us we "can bet, or merely feel reasonably confident, that Brees will be signed by that date."

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Well, today is that day. And, unfortunately, Brees still doesn't have a new contract. Which means Triplett is our winner, Miller the loser. So what does all this mean? Not much, really. I suppose it means Triplett might know what he's talking about and Miller's opinion simply can't be trusted. I will let each of you form your own opinion, but I definitely wanted to make sure I followed up with this and reported the outcome.

As far as the predicting prowess of our readers is concerned, it's a pretty even split. Most of you agreed with Triplett that Brees wouldn't be signed but many were a little too hopeful. Here is how you guys voted at the time: