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Fleur-de-Links: May 22, 2012



Felt great to be back on the field with my team mates today.... It's gonna be a special season

What a great day on the field today! It's great to have that camaraderie back with my teammates! Get better everyday!

Mr Benson and Mickey Loomis watching the team's first OTA of 2012

Just got done with practice, now it's time too sit back and relax in my room, definatly too hot too be outside now lol

Porter said "it was in the back of his mind" that he might get punished by league because he was part of New Orleans defense

LB Scott Fujita vows to clear name, but won't say if he'll sue over "bounty scandal" accusations.

First day of OTA's... This looks so promising... I know this'll put us on a war path for this season

Pash says Cowboys and redskins appeal of salary cap issue has been rejected by arbitrator.

DAL/WAS statement on salary cap decision: "We respect and will abide by the arbitrator's decision to dismiss."

Felt good to get back on the field..good 1st day of OTA's. This train roll'n..don't stand on tha tracks!!!!!

": Felt great to be back on the field with my team mates today.... It's gonna be a special season " THIS!!!

" Secondhand smoke contains 50 cancer-causing chemical compounds & 11 of them are known to be Group 1 carcinogens"

Just finished the first practice of our OTAs... wats up wit u? RT ": Waddup Bro!! How's it goin?!"

Jimmy Buffett offers his pal Sean Payton a job parking cars at new casino (pretty sure Buffett was joking)

Great first practice. Felt good to get out on the field again. Have to get better everyday.

Dear Lexmark, deliberately programming your products to malfunction when loaded with 3rd party (read: reasonably priced) ink is a dick move.

NFL owners handed off issue of pushing back trade deadline two weeks to Management Council's executive committee to discuss with NFLPA.

At league meeting owners vote to make knee and thigh pads mandatory starting in 2013, but its subject to discussion with NFLpA

1st ask yourself. Wht is the worst that can happen? Then prepare to accept it. Then proceed to improve on the Worst. - Dale Carnegie

Professor Burbank dismissed the Redskins and Cowboys challenges to get back salary-cap space they lost.

Heres the real reason re Drew: They're gonna let lead & shine all summer, showcase him, trade him in August for a 1st. Book it!

Expected to pass today at NFL meetings in ATL: Trade deadline from wk 6 to wk 8, plus one IR player may be activated post-week 8

Kenny Wilkerson is pretty sure the holdup is because Drew can't pass a physical. DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!!!!

The question this morning is not "What will the do this season?" but is "what can the do for the this season?"

whats good Twitter in honor of my new website Im giving away a signed 8x10 just order thru the site!!

Thot 4 2day: be more concerned wit yo character than yo reputation. Character is what u really is. Reputation is what ppl say u are

It just got real!!!! Time to grind.....

Up early for meetings, practice and weight room... Let's get better today! Annnd I want you to have a good day!

Early bird get tha worm, I'm up way before ya!! Good morning y'all!!

Back on the field today. Can't wait to get out there n get busy. Have a great day everyone.

Concluded our golf tourney at La Costa in San Diego yesterday. Great turnout, very competitive...proud 2 say we net $200k for the foundation

Joe Horns bayou87 smoked sausauge two Weeks will launch.The bayou87 food chain is growing get on board.The sausage is better than the SAUCE!


NFL says players must wear thigh, knee pads in 2013 - ESPN
The NFL has made thigh and knee pads mandatory equipment for the 2013 season, something the players' union could oppose because the move was not collectively bargained.

NFL Votes to Require Players to Wear Full Pads in 2013 | RULING SPORTS

Bounty scandal, player safety to be addressed at NFL Owners' meeting | New Orleans
With the Saints bounty case moving to grievance hearings and court, NFL owners will talk about player safety when they meet on Tuesday.

Greg Schiano emphasizes control of Bucs by trading Kellen Winslow - Peter King -
You make a good point that you have to pay a player for what he will contribute, not what he has contributed. But history is the best measure of what the future holds with quarterback play (when quarterbacks still have prime years left), and I believe a younger Brees, signing 20 months after Brady should eclipse Brady's $18 million average, and not by a little bit. As far as me not being objective, well, I've been accused of being Brady's biggest cheerleader, which comes with the turf. But I'm calling this one the way I see it.

Saints Nation: Top 5 Free Agents the Saints Should Look At | May

Browns' Fujita says bounty charges "not true" | NFL Football | The Sun Herald
Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita says he is innocent in the New Orleans Saints' bounty scandal.

Besides Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints Draft Class Also Remains Unsigned
News continues to flow out of the NFL as teams begin to sign one draft pick after the another in preparation for upcoming mini-camps and OTA's, meanwhile news on the New Orleans Saints picks remains slime to none.

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Wade Phillips on Greg Williams Audio: "It made me sick. It’s something completely against what I believe in."
I don’t know that they took it to heart and did it. I can’t say that somebody got up and said hey you oughta do this and that the players were doing that. I think a lot of them would say that themselves because I would imagine a lot of them went up and said hey I don’t feel right doing that. I’m sure some of the other coaches said hey you don’t need to do that and just play the game the way you play it."

Brees, Saints playing franchise tender chicken | ProFootballTalk
As best we can tell, the current impasse arises from one fundamental disagreement: the Saints believe that Brees eventually will sign the one-year, $16.371 million exclusive franchise tender, and Brees currently has no plan to do so.

Jenkins thinks Brees’ absence will help defense learn new system | ProFootballTalk
Optimists see half-empty glasses as half full. Eternal optimists see fully-empty glasses as an opportunity to fill the glass. And that's the attitude that Saints defensive back Malcolm Jenkins brings to Brees-free OTAs in New Orleans.

Buccaneers deal TE Winslow to Seattle, sign Clark | NFL Football | The Sun Herald
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded tight end Kellen Winslow to the Seattle Seahawks for a draft pick on Monday night and signed former Colts star Dallas Clark to replace him.

Malcolm Jenkins and Roman Harper say the New Orleans Saints players are ready for OTAs - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
'It's been a long offseason,' safety says at golf outing

Could New Orleans end up hosting 2013 Pro Bowl? - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
League may make a decision Tuesday at its spring meetings

Saints upbeat despite Brees’ absence | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
New Orleans Saints are confident quarterback Drew Brees will return in time for 2012 season.

Seau's suicide prompts worries about post-NFL life | NFL Football | The Sun Herald
Junior Seau's suicide is troubling NFL players.

Jimmy Buffett expands his Margaritaville brand to Biloxi casino |
Ahead of tonight's grand opening of the Margaritaville Casino, Buffett discusses Jazz Fest, Sean Payton and the ingredients of success

Only Drew will do: Letter to the editor |

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson setting chess pieces in motion with recent promotions
New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson setting chess pieces in motion with recent promotions.

Was the penalty against Jonathan Vilma too severe? [Poll] -
Writers from around the Tribune Co. will discuss the NFL 's one-year suspension of New Orleans linebacker Jonathan Vilma for his alleged role in the Saints ' bounty program. Check back throughout the day for their responses and join the conversation by voting in the poll and leaving a comment of your own.

Daily Special, May 22, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
Bountygate is a rotten house. There’s nothing at all behind the façade, and when it falls apart it will happen suddenly, overnight. And already there are people gathering with sledgehammers. - Better NFL offense: Giants or Saints?
In the third matchup of our video series facing the NFL's top offenses against each other, we look at the Giants vs. the Saints.

5-18-12 5:20pm Darren Sharper
Watch 5-18-12 5:20pm Darren Sharper in the WWL Audio with Bobby Hebert