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Fleur-de-Links: May 23, 2012



Life for a bulldog is so hard!! Eat sleep and chill...and sometimes get in the flower garden

If U bigger I am stronger If U stronger I am faster If U faster I am smarter If U smarter I work harder If U work harder THEN u r better

I wasn't supposed 2 get out the hood, I wasn't supposed 2 go 2 college, I wasn't supposed 2 play in the NFL! I suppose I'm just different!!!

In honor of Memorial Day week.. I encourage you to check out to help military children.. Spread the wor…

Very True RT : good work Junior. The biggest rewards come from the hardest struggles and sacrifice

Make sure you follow former Saint fullback on. Just wrapped up an interview I'll share tmrw. One of the best guys out there!

OTA day two reward cup-saints

What kind of snacks were served in the Roman Coliseum? I mean do u eat candy while people try and kill each other? Popcorn?

Thot 4 2day: Nature is man's teacher. She unfolds her treasures, unseals his eye,illuminates his mind,purifies his heart. = Alfred Street.

Waltrip, Chenoweth and Me...The Campaign for A Name is live! Go and submit your own name! ?

NFLPA files a collusion suit against NFL, claiming the teams had a"secret" cap of $123m during the un-capped year.

NFL responds to the NFLPA claim, sayingCBA prohibits it: "The claims have absolutely no merit and we fully expect them to be dismissed."

3rd Annual A Sainted Weekend 2012... more details

Win an ALL EXPENSE PAID trip for you & 3 friends to my Celebrity Golf Tournament

TOTD: "Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind." -Buddha

How you perceive life's challenges Will determine what you receive from them! Success is determined by attitude Just as much as aptitude

Time for another day of grind!!!

Another day another dollar

Who's workin...

My mind is made up, I'm not getting on this couch until dinner unless ur my bladder exploding or my house burning, save it!!!


NFL union files suit against league over 2010 cap | NFL Football | The Sun Herald
The players union claimed Wednesday that the NFL imposed a secret salary cap during the uncapped 2010 season that cost the players at least $1 billion.

Collusion suit directly resulted from Redskins, Cowboys cap penalties | ProFootballTalk
The lawsuit filed Wednesday by the NFLPA against the NFL for collusion in the uncapped year technically is framed as a petition to "reopen and enforce" the agreement that finally settled the Reggie White litigation.

Full PDF of NFLPA Collusion Claim vs. NFL
1. This proceeding arises from a conspiracy. Pursuant to the SSA, the NFL and the Owners explicitly agreed that the 2010 season would not be subject to a salary cap and that they would not engage in any prohibited collusion or circumvention of the SSA. The NFL and the Owners, however, engaged in a secret, recently-revealed collusive and....

Goodell speaks briefly about Vilma lawsuit - Yahoo! Sports
From Yahoo! Sports: ATLANTA (AP) After three decades in the NFL, Commissioner Roger Goodell knows he won't please a lot of people with tough decisions.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell weathers the storm as lawsuits add up - Yahoo! Sports
"Roger's standing with the league is fine, don't mistake that," said one owner, who declined to be identified. "I don't want to say this stuff is minutia. That's not it. But it's also not all his doing and nothing he has done is out of step with what any of us believe should be done.

Fujita: I did not participate in bounties | New Orleans
"I was never even alerted about it," he said. "I had a problem with that. That was at a time when I was supposed to be with my family, spending time with my newborn daughter so I was disappointed in that. Since that time, again, the idea of being on a public trial is a difficult situation to be in. It's our word against theirs and that's frustrating, but the reality is that I know what actually happened and that's why I can stand by those statements."

Don't discuss Brees for awhile ... please -- Gerry V |
We'll all be better off

SaintsWin: Analysis, Examination, Opinion: The NFL's Descent into Absurdity
But no matter how or why it happened, the NFL has gone mad on a scale broader than just how it relates to the Saints.

" Anyone like free Saints tickets? The Angry Who Dat

Jonathan Vilma's lawsuit could force NFL, Roger Goodell transparency - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Maybe, the league did this to save money, or to protect the brand. Or maybe, it did this to protect itself legally, which is ironic because lawsuits are exactly what the NFL is getting now.

Daily Special, May 23, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
Goodell actually thinks the appeals process is the proper time to finally "hear from each other." He also thinks the entire process is essentially a "popularity contest" which he isn’t concerned with winning. In other words, he disdains the silly public and its silly opinions, and by God he’ll rule this island if he has to do so from a throne of splintered bones! Sorry, Roger got carried away there.

Commissioner Roger Goodell defends punishment doled out to the New Orleans Saints - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Although he did not make the link in his comments, Goodell's discipline comes at a time the league is facing increasing lawsuits by former players who claim the NFL was not diligent in protecting player safety. Legal experts have noted from the outset of the bounty case in March that the league would likely come down hard on the Saints, in part, because of the legal threat the NFL faces.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he knows he's a target for angry New Orleans Saints fans - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
He wouldn't comment on the Vilma lawsuit

Some Raiders' players against new NFL edict about knee and thigh pads | NFL Football | The Sun Herald
News that the NFL had adopted a rule change that requires all players to wear knee and thigh pads in 2013 was not received favorably Tuesday by some Raiders players.

Saintsations Bless Sandestin's LeCiel
SATCH note: WOW! Hot babe alert!

Saints Nation: Wifi in the Dome? YES PLEASE! | May

NFL can't cushion battle over pads | NFL Football | The Sun Herald
By the 2013 season, all NFL players will be required to wear knee and thigh pads.

Colin Cowherd calls New Orleans "least safe major city" in unbelievable rant | May

NFL Future Power Rankings and NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Trent Dilfer, Gary Horton, Mel Kiper Jr. and Matt Williamson got together and came up with an outstanding project that looks a few years down the road