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Fleur-de-Links: May 24, 2012



: Everyone knows yesterday we filed a lawsuit -- "Cartels do what cartels will do when left unchecked."

Lance Moore said Daniel stayed after practice for extra reps with the WRs today like Brees would.

Im drained finna take a nap ✌

Bad break for Giants, who announce Nicks broke a bone in his foot and will be out 12 weeks. Will miss the start of camp

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Am I the only one who will teach my kids that Pluto is a planet? I know it's wrong but it was my favorite &really who will it hurt?

Don't Judge a book by its cover especially when you are in a position of power

Feeling Real Good After A Real Productive Week ~Blessed~ What's Goin On MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND N NEW ORLEANS?

Caught my first ota pass

Quote of the day from FQ10

Wonderful end to a great week of practices! Wheels up to Dallas to see the family & for the weekend! Happy early B-Day Mom!

"a cookie a day keeps the doctor away" that's how the saying goes rite??

": Every setback is a setup for a comeback. God wants to bring you out better than you were before." !!!

LB Curtis Lofton said when he played for he hated . But coming here "just felt right" after he met coaches, etc.

New Saints LB "They are expecting a lot out of me & I expect a lot out of myself. I came here to win a championship"

Wang drops a bomb blog post on the Times-Picayune: Via - - this is amazing. Highly recommend.

And all this time I was thinking that by the time I finished this here post, it would not longer be topical:

Malcolm Jenkins said the defense Spags runs is very different. More zone schemes & pressures.

Jenkins "I know the kind of person Vilma is. I know the kind of people we have in our locker room. We support them 100%"

Mr. Thomas out at practice

Jahri Evans on Chase Daniel "He's taking advantage of this opportunity. He's taking control of the huddle & getting better"

Today is another opportunity to get a little better, so let's do it. Have a great day doing so everybody!


Carmichael: "This Is a Great Opportunity for Chase Daniel"

New Orleans Saints quarterback Chase Daniel talks about running the offense during OTAs - Video |
New Orleans Saints quarterback Chase Daniel talks about running the offense after the third day of OTAs. Daniel is the number one QB as Drew Brees is still out while working on contract negotiations.

Vitt Pleased With First Week of OTAs

New Orleans Saints quarterback Chase Daniel is impressing in his role as the "No. 1-B" - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Daniel said he talks with Drew Brees every day after practice

Several New Orleans Saints players held out of Thursday's practice - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Saints interim coach Joe Vitt said kicker John Kasay was excused to attend the high school graduation of his daughter.

New Orleans Saints coaches speak after OTA Thursday - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

New Orleans Saints OTAs updates from Thursday - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
We're updating from the coaches and players access

Saints experimenting on defensive line - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Vitt said the Saints gave up too many big plays last season and the defense will look to include more zone schemes. It appears that also means there will be some personnel changes. Linebacker Martez Wilson, who showed some promise last year, has been moved to defensive end. He was lining up Thursday opposite Greg Romeus, another 2011 draft pick who missed last season with an injury.


moosedenied " Blog Archive " All The Commissioner’s Men
The issue is what, if anything, the guys at the T-P have been bringing to the table through all this. From where I sit, not much.


Steelers’ Harrison: Goodell lawsuit ‘win-win’ | TribLIVE
“If (Vilma) loses, it shows Goodell does have too much power,” Harrison said following an offseason practice, “and if he wins, it opens up the floodgates.”

New Orleans Saints on LB Jonathan Vilma's libel lawsuit against NFL commissioner - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
"Most definitely," guard Jahri Evans said, when asked if he was glad to see Vilma take such an aggressive stance. "As a player he has to fight back.'

Collusion claim seems destined to fail | ProFootballTalk
The NFLPA's claim that the league's teams engaged in collusion during the 2010 uncapped year has ample merit. If it ever gets to the merits of the case. That may not happen.

NFL Players Association lawsuit against NFL could be decided by Judge Doty - Michael McCann -
Did the NFL and its teams secretly impose a salary cap of $123 million in the uncapped 2010 NFL season? Were teams threatened by the league with "serious consequences" if they exceeded the secret cap? The NFLPA asserts yes to both questions, and earlier today filed Reggie White, et al. v. NFL, a collusion lawsuit against the league in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota. The players contend they lost $1 billion because of the secret salary cap; as stipulated by collectively-bargained language, such damages, if proved, would be automatically trebled to $3 billion.


Brees overestimating his worth - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Drew Brees is a great QB, but hes overestimating his value in battle with Saints. Brees overestimating his worth

Jahri Evans says players think Brees deal will "get done soon" | ProFootballTalk
For nearly a year, there's been a sense that the Saints and quarterback Drew Brees will work out a long-term deal soon. And for nearly a year "soon" hasn't happened. Now, Brees' teammates are echoing the "soon" mantra.


New Orleans Saints Vilma ranks in on NFL Network's Top 100 Players of 2012
New Orleans Saints Vilma ranks in on NFL Network's Top 100 Players of 2012.

NFC South salary-cap update - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The New Orleans Saints are $2.3 million under the cap. Like the Panthers, the Saints could be looking at some dramatic changes in their cap room. If linebacker Jonathan Vilma’s season-long suspension is upheld, the Saints will immediately free up his $4.9 million cap figure. The Saints can use that room as they try to get quarterback Drew Brees signed to a long-term contract.

Saints Nation's Phone Interview With Mike Karney | May

New Orleans Times-Picayune Is Said to Face Big Cuts -
The New Orleans Times-Picayune survived Hurricane Katrina, but its owner, Newshouse Newspapers, appears to be ending its run as the sole daily newspaper in New Orleans.

ESPN's Colin Cowherd's remarks on New Orleans should be taken with a grain of salt
ESPN's Colin Cowherd's remarks on New Orleans should be taken with a grain of salt.

Video: Mayor Mitch Landrieu Responds to ESPN's Colin Cowherd's Criticism Of New Orleans


S Malcolm Jenkins' Press Conference 5/24/12