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Fleur-de-Links: May 25, 2012



Looking forward to seeing my little brother and his girlfriend for Memorial Day weekend. Lots of good family time

Me and at commercial shoot

Only in Mobile will guys go outside to fight, not fight & hug it out. Then one have to help push his pick up truck off cause it won't crank

Smile!! It's contagious..

I could not agree more with the NFL executives quoted in 's column re: the Brees contract imbrogilio:

^Jeff Duncan doing what he does best -- agreeing with NFL executives.

Agreed! RT: : I wish news personalities would stop adding an "s" to 's name

The profoundly inspiring to speak on panel "Awesome Ain't Easy: Technology as a Cure" (we're so excited!)

What's up new Orleans, what's going on this weekend... Looks like I'll be here...

Wanted to be in Vegas, but I'll be there next month...

A lil R&R......

Sleepin in is one of da best feelings Eva!!!... Bouta take anotha 4 hr nap b4 ma day gets started

i'm in need of a haircut...

Hope everyone is have an exceptional Friday!!! Got some work in w the heims this morn. Can't wait to eat this lunch!

Where's everyone for memorial wkend??

Just posted a photo

Back in NOLA!!!! Gotta get me some crawfish...

I just signed 5 hats that my company is giving away in their trivia competition today! Follow them & find the answers to win.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind" Dr. Seuss

Let us not become weary in doing good,for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9 have a great one


Saints Workouts Different But The Same Without Brees, Payton
"It's going to be different until (Brees) gets here,'' Carmichael said. "But as far as what (Daniel and Canfield) have done, these first three days have been real positive. The ball stayed off the ground. For them, it's about assignments. Are they making the right decisions with the ball? Are they throwing to the right location?

Saints may cut back on blitzing in 2012 | New Orleans
The all-out blitzing the Saints unleashed during recent seasons appears to be a thing of the past under new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

Curtis Lofton wants to prove Falcons wrong - NFC South Blog - ESPN
"When I was going through the process and they said the Saints were interested in me, I only took one visit, and that was here,’’ Lofton said. "Up in Atlanta, I hated these guys. That is the rivalry, you hate each other. Once I got here, hanging around coach (Sean) Payton, (general manager) Mickey (Loomis), (assistant head coach Joe) Vitt, and coach Spags, it felt right,’’ Lofton said. "It was family. Before I made my decision, I called Harp (Roman Harper), I called Will (Smith), and they were very receptive. They talked to me and said 'Hey, we need you. Come be a part of something great.'"

Saints Nation: Martez Wilson May Switch to Defensive End | May

New Orleans Saints taking a look at linebacker Martez Wilson as a defensive end - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Team experimenting with second year player

New Orleans Saints forging ahead with key players sidelined for now - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Coverage overhaul seen as an offseason priority

Saints defense undergoes extreme makeover | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
"We don’t care where the pressure comes from. We’ll bring it from all different directions," Spagnuolo said. "You win up front, offensively and defensively. There will be an emphasis on winning up front first, both on the run and the pass, and I think we have guys that can do that."

Spagnuolo "I am Elated to be Here"

Jenkins, Lofton Appreciate New Defensive Scheme Under Spagnuolo

Saints Rookies Get a Taste of Crawfish and Southern Living

Daniel: "I'm Working Every Single Day to be a Starter"

Moore, Evans Impressed with Daniel's Progress

Daily Special, May 25, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
You’re an idiot, Czarnecki. And Benson, you’re an idiot too, if you don’t get Brees signed. Because here’s the real bottom line: it doesn’t matter how well, or poorly, Brees might play for any other team. He’s not going to be playing for any other team: he’s going to be playing for the New Orleans F***ing Saints, for the rest of his career if we’re lucky.

De Smith points to absence of bounty evidence | ProFootballTalk
"We have not seen one piece of evidence that would show that one of those players got paid to target a player and injure him and get him out of the game," Smith said.

Four weeks later, 174 draft picks are signed | ProFootballTalk
Not every team has decided to accelerate the process. The Cowboys, Saints, Raiders, Jaguars, and Rams have signed none of their picks, and only 10 of 32 first-rounders are under contract.

Am I missing something or do the Saints players and coaches not think Drew Brees is serious? -


DC Steve Spagnuolo's Press Conference 5/24/12

WR Lance Moore's Press Conference 5/24/12

LB Curtis Lofton's Press Conference 5/24/12

Jahri Evans' Press Conference 5/24/12