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Andrew Juge vs. Sean Pamphilon: Friday Night Twitter War Supreme

Friday sure seemed to me like a quiet enough night in the world, but boy, was I wrong.

Insiders AND sources with knowledge of the situation have informed me that there was a most 'interesting and heated' exchange of tweets Friday night between Andrew Juge (CSC contributor and owner/operator of blog), Sean Pamphilon (the "Steve Gleason story" filmmaker who released the Gregg Williams audiotape that rocked the world), and some other fine Saints fans/bloggers with whom we are familiar here @ CSC.

More on the Twitter tea party after the jump.

Near as I can tell from the date/time stamps, here's how it started...(my apologies in advance if my format is stilted/hard to follow. This is my first twitter slap-flight play-by-play recap, and i must admit I'm struggling with the chronology.)

Saints Nation Blog But wait Sean, arent you media? Amirite @JeffDuncanTP ? RT @seanpamphilon: James Harrison is another athlete Media has gotten wrong.

Sean Pamphilon @SaintsNationBlg @jeffduncantp I'm not media, bro. I'm an independent filmmaker doing it all on borrowed buckles and up

You'll have to wait for an answer. The League hasn't told Jeff how to respond just yet.

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon @jeffduncantp sarcasm, bro. Read up.

Then Andrew landed a few before Sean could get back to him in this run...

Saints Nation Blog @seanpamphilon your moral code calls for you to pile on, but you'd NEVER be a whistleblower. Yeah, that all adds up.

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon which is it? Either you've got a moral obligation to share audio or you don't. Being the original source shouldn't factor in

Sean Pamphilon@SaintsNationBlg are you in some dark basement with a remote control in one hand Dorritos in another wishing you knew how to actually write?

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon you're actually pretty close. You really are "tru"! Righteous! #tru(th)

Held Over@seanpamphilon @saintsnationblg You're s****ing me, right? They don't have basements in NOLA. Read up...

In the midst of all this, Andrew also offered some advice to James Harrison:

Saints Nation Blog@jharrison9292 careful letting Sean Pamphilon around you. He likes to stab you in the back.

Then the back and forth continued:

Saints Nation Blog @seanpamphilon if you're the authority on who's a good person, then we're all toast

Sean Pamphilon@SaintsNationBlg your ignorance and judgment without actual facts is amusing. I'm wheat toast and you are wonder bread my talentless critic

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon talentless? Have you ever seen me with a guitar?

Sean Pamphilon@SaintsNationBlg no, but I would suggest you take it to a place in NOLA and contribute something positive to the awesome music scene.

Sean Pamphilon@SaintsNationBlg go interview someone with a hard shell and see if you can engage them and bring their nature to the surface.Not easy, dude

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon what does this have to do with my issue of your premise that you'd never whistleblow?

Sean Pamphilon@SaintsNationBlg you can't whistle blow when a story already broke. Sean Pamphilon Boston University Broadcast journalism degree 1993

Saints Nation Blog @seanpamphilon you said you would have never gone public if the story wasn't already out. Not tru?

Sean Pamphilon@SaintsNationBlg you are boring me. I'm going for a run. Seriously, I have no I'll feelings toward any of you, but you don't me or Steve

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon fair enough. Have a nice run

Andrew and Kevin really seemed to enjoy themselves here, building on Andrew's retweet...

Saints Nation Blog#fail RT @seanpamphilon: I'm not media, bro. I'm an independent filmmaker doing it all on borrowed buckles and up

Held Over@SaintsNationBlg he's not "media" brosef. He's "multimedia." BIG difference, broheim. #wanking

Saints Nation Blog@hakimdropsball hahahahaha

Held Over @SaintsNationBlg I'm feeling salty tonight. Too much Doritos and spinach dip.

Saints Nation Blog@hakimdropsball there is a remote in one hand. I just picked brewskis over the Doritos bag

Here's more from Andrew and Sean:

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon trust me, I've read all about how "tru" you are.

Sean Pamphilon@SaintsNationBlg truth shall set you free and no shackles bind me.Go love your family and find a positive outlet and new vocation.Seriously

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon that's my issue. You're a "good person" for going public w/ audio. You're "tru". But u would never have been original source

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon so why not? You either have the moral obligation to go public or you don't. Which is it?

Sean Pamphilon@SaintsNationBlg I was waiting for the blessing of the friend you think I f***** over, genius.

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon which, according to him, you never got. But you moved forward anyway. Yeah, that was totally by the book.

Sean Pamphilon@SaintsNationBlg your fiction is most definitely stranger than my truth. Go tell a friend or family member you love them. Be positive.

And here's an exchange between Andrew and the Who Dat Dish related to the above that occurred later...

Who Dat Dish@SaintsNationBlg I asked Mike Silver who "broke" the story and is also his friend why SP waited 3 months..said the reasons would bore me..ok

Saints Nation Blog@whodatdish still don't have a straight answer. Because there isn't one.

Here's another thread I pieced together...

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon you know, as much as I think you pulled a weak move... That's not the part that really gets me. Plenty of selfish people...

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon it's that you insult the public's intelligence by suggesting this all somehow makes you a good person.

Sean Pamphilon@SaintsNationBlg you are missing the point. I was a good person before this. Having to take s*** from you makes me a tired person

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon didn't realize the two were mutually exclusive. I'd hate to fathom you struggle to sleep at night.

Andrew and Gene find some common ground about it here...

Gene Higginbotham@saintsnationblg It's like I told Silver, I'm all for doing what's right, but not under the blanket of convenience

Saints Nation Blog@G_Higg EXACTLY!!!!!

Saints Nation Blog@G_Higg I'm glad someone finally gets my point. It's really not that complicated.

Gene Higginbotham@SaintsNationBlg Pamphilon said he wouldn't have gone public if investigation hadn't started. Sorry, doesn't add up. #MoralDilemma

Saints Nation Blog@G_Higg yep. That's my major issue here

Another thread that went late into the night and over into the next day...

Held OverThat's a joke right? "@SaintsNationBlg: WOW RT @seanpamphilon: go ask Steve what I brought to his life. Seems to me his profile has grown"

Sean Pamphilon@hakimdropsball @saintsnationblg I have no I'll will toward Steve whatsoever, but Team Gleason is a marketing machine that lied about me.

Held Over@seanpamphilon @saintsnationblg I'm referring to the "his profile has grown" comment. #Saints fans canonized Gleason before we did Brees.

Sean Pamphilon @hakimdropsball @saintsnationblg There is a BIG world tour outside of NOLA...Thousands of articles about betrayal. Very few about punt.

Held Over@seanpamphilon @saintsnationblg Sad thing is, that world fame will be just a blip. The world spins on, but Steve will stay immortal in NOLA.

Sean Pamphilon@hakimdropsball @saintsnationblg Immortality is overrated. Loving your family and friends matters. Steve does that. He is loved deeply

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon sorry I missed your comments last night. I took your advice and was busy loving my family and improving my talentless writing

Sean Pamphilon@SaintsNationBlg hugs are good. stress subsides and gives one perspective. I said that because you were f'n w me. I can't play guitar.

More from after lunchtime on Saturday...

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon You're getting out of line. So are some of your attackers. But why don't you follow the advice you gave me?

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon Do something positive.

Sean Pamphilon@SaintsNationBlg I just changed a dialed and positively loved it. Smell the air. Love your kids. Hug your friends and humor the haters.

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon since you're so big on unsolicited advice, I'll give you some: stop taking the bait & killing the little respect you have

Sean Pamphilon@SaintsNationBlg Haters need love too. I don't need you to respect me. I identify w James Harrison. Check out "" to get it.

...before it all seemed to end here:

Sean Pamphilon @SaintsNationBlg I'm on the treadmill sweating away their toxic energy listening to awesome Kyle Turley tunes. it

Saints Nation Blog@seanpamphilon well, have fun on twitter with the haters. Later.

Sean Pamphilon @SaintsNationBlg retrace the steps, dude. You were the hater fire starter yesterday. You are shutting down because I schooled you. Bye-bye

* * *

Holy Crap, what a storm that was...Andrew, Kevin, and others involved, please add what i missed or anyone who understands Twitter threads and chronology better than me, let me know what I mangled. Here's the official Saints Nation blog twitter page that hosted all my research. I tried to piece a coherent whole together to recreate the debate, but at times it felt like I was Being John Malkovich as my brain folded in on itself...