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Fleur-de-Links: Memorial Day 2012



OTA'S tomorrow, on a mission!!!!!!!!

Nice day of work, now about to rest up for another wk of otas

Happy Day 2012! This heat is real!!

Find a passion and pursue it.

Seize opportunities when the reveal themselves.

Never give up. Do what you love.


Today we remember the men and woman who served this country for us to have freedom and peace! We thank all the troops!

Today we thank and salute those who have served and died so that we may live in freedom, in hope of peace.

Heading to get this workout IN ya heard me

No days off! Getting better today on this wonderful . Hope everyone has a fine day!

Got up and rode my bike on the levee this morning. Now getting ready to hit this weight room

Happy Memorial Day!! Thanks to all those who have served and risked their lives for our freedom!

Do you think a memory foam mattress remembers everything? If so, I have to go apologize for a lot of nights in college

A Soldier knows the fear A Soldier feels the fear A Soldier overcomes the fear A Soldier Runs to the fear when others run away

That's why we remember our troops today. Thankful to all who have defended this country!

Happy memorial day everyone. Remember the great ones that we lost today. Thank u to our military for always keeping us safe!


Harper wants Saints, Spagnuolo to maintain Williams' intensity -
Between the stigma of the league's 'Bountygate' findings and the loss of linebacker Jonathan Vilma (suspened for the entire season) and defensive end Will Smith (suspended for the first four ganmes), perhaps no NFL defense has ever gone into a season with more of a chip on its collective shoulder.

Roman Harper: Gregg Williams lit a fire, and we won’t let it burn out | ProFootballTalk
Before he was known as the leader of the Saints' bounty program, Gregg Williams was known as one of the most intense and passionate coaches in the NFL.

Saints will keep blitzing under Spagnuolo | ProFootballTalk
The Saints had a blitz-heavy identity under outgoing defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. No team in the league sent more six- and seven-man rushes over the past two seasons, and that kind of approach pays big-time dividends when one of the blitzers gets home.

The Saints’ Jermon Bushrod on Bounties, Brees & His Big Ole Heart
To say this has been a "difficult" offseason for the Saints would be as big an understatement as saying T.O.’s career is a "little bit" over.

Losses hurt Saints fans: A letter to the editor |

New Orleans Saints RB Chris Ivory has his contract modified - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
He missed 10 games last season because of injury

Saints Nation: Happy Memorial Day From Saints Nation! | May