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What Up With Dat?: Bountygate and Brees


Below are answers to reader questions submitted Monday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

How long did you think the twitter war between Andrew and papillon was going to go on before papillon called Andrew a nazi, and do you think he really understood what Andrew was trying to say??? -Michael M

To be honest, I didn't know about it until Hans posted the hilarious recap on Saturday, but I can't believe it spanned the course of two days. That's one hell of an online feud. As far as Pamphilon's comprehension of what was being argued, I'm really not quite sure. The entire debate seemed to consist mostly of Andrew scolding Pamphilon and Pamphilon deflecting it with his free-loving hippie ways. I thought this part from the filmmaker was most interesting:

I was waiting for the blessing of the friend you think I f***** over, genius...

go ask Steve what I brought to his life. Seems to me his profile has grown... I have no I'll will toward Steve whatsoever, but Team Gleason is a marketing machine that lied about me.

Pamphilon seems to be saying that he originally received permission by Gleason to release the Williams audio but that Team Gleason denied giving permission once the backlash occurred. Looks like releasing that audio tape has definitely strained that relationship.

You might ve touched base on this subject already, but i was just wondering whats your take on our Brees situation? Or is there really not enough info on the contracts talks to give a valid opinion? - Can 1.

You answered your own question. As fans, there really isn't enough information available for us to offer a valid opinion worth a damn. We don't know what Drew wants and we don't know what the Saints are offering, so calling one side greedy or the other side cheap isn't fair. We don't know if there's something in particular hanging up the deal. Sure, there has been lots of speculation as to what could possibly be causing the delay but how can we really be sure what's accurate. I think the best thing Saints fans can do right now is just sit tight and wait, as hard as that may be.

Do you believe that Condon's commision for brokering the deal for Drew's contract has any bearing on the problem of said contract? There's been a lot of talk on other pages concerning an agent's "power of persuation" over his client but I haven't seen anything about said agent's money. If I was netting 10% of a contract, I know da** well that I do everything I could to get everything I could. -Tac H.

I highly doubt it. Tom Condon represents so many top tier NFL quarterbacks, is a hugely successful sports agent and has plenty of money already. A couple hundred thousand dollars might be a big difference to you and me, but to Condon it's probably not. Nor do I think it would be worth all of this. Sounds like a make believe theory to me. I'm calling shenanigans.

Are you sad the Times-pic is collapsing?
Did you have a subscription?
Would you give Duncan a job on the blog?
What about sweeping your store?
If Duncan were on fire, would you piss on him to put it out?
-Breesus C.

Only because people will be losing jobs.



We have carpet so we vacuum. Regardless, I don't think he'd want that job.

If urine were the only way I could extinguish the fire, yes.

With the trade deadline pushed back to week 8, could you see Ivory traded during the season IF a team trying to make a push for the playoffs and desperate for a RB (because of injuries, underperforming players, etc…) calls offering something decent AND the Saints are not suffering from injuries of their own at the position? -Malcolm L.

No, I don't see that happening at all. Even if all the Saints running backs were healthy at the time, I'm a firm believer that a team can never have too many talented running backs. I'm also a believer in bad luck, meaning the day the Saints trade Ivory would be the day Pierre Thomas tears his ACL hopping scotch.

Considering Bountygate, Eavesdroppinggate, Evidencegate, and Brees’ contract situation, will you ever again complain about a long boring offseason? -Charles

Yes, I will. If anything, this makes me want all offseason's to be this exciting. Because we still don't know the outcome of all this. What if the Saints actually make it to or win the Super Bowl? I would go through this every year if it meant the Saints were going to kick ass.