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Fleur-de-Links: May 3, 2012



It's crazy how far you can push yourself when you train your mind to NEVER quit!!

Mary Jo White is about as independent as Ken Feinberg.

": Are you going to appeal?? "definitely

Can't get us down...

Thot 4 2day Sometimes we see a problem bcuz we only look at it 1 way. Look at it another way and the right thing to do is obvious. Ed deBono

really? PB&J Spaghetti & meatball Batman & robin Sunshine & beer Zac Efron & RomCom's Brownie & ice cream Need I go on?

I think I'm ready to go see a movie..: AVENGER tomorrow!!!

Yep all season!!! RT : do you EVER stay in Nola? Seems like you're out of town every tweet!

I guess I offended some people I only refer to those that tweet negativity and dumb stuff people should try to uplift more not tear down

Working on having banished from for missing 4 consecutive .. Stay tuned

": What days will you be at Jazz Fest?" I'm going Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

I refuse to by a $1000 designer bags that doesnt even roll..tha guy nxt to me is hurtin wit his Louis bag, as I roll by wit my free Nike bag

": Who are the best NFL fans in the world?" you know this my good man!

*standing applause* Keep dancing for The Man, Legit Media™! RT : An Open Letter to the Local Sports Media:

Great workout

"People are just like stocks. You will find much greater measurement of their value in future growth,not judgement of their history"

The NFL said the 18,000 documents cited in its original release were "more than emails." Said the documents corroborated the sources' claims

Gotta love the social security office... Take a # and then a seat.Some angry people in this little room..Not sure they need a PA system tho!

White said the NFL has shared the evidence w/players & coaches sanctioned. "They know more than probably anyone all of the details of this."

White: "I've reviewed all of the evidence in these cases and the factual basis for sanctions is quite strong in my opinion."

White: "Each player had the responsibility to say no to this program and they didn’t do that. Instead these players were quite active .."

Keep on shilling, fellas.

"Opportunity does not find U, U must go seek it out Then u realize it's been right in front of u the whole time, hiding behind work"

The early bird doesn't get the worm.. unless he goes out and gets it..

Another day to get better, lets get it!!

Saints LB Jonathan Vilma becomes NFL scapegoat

Out here On this golf course with trying get away from the weight of the world for a second

I hate when I'm in a hotel and the TV doesn't have an HDMI port for my playstation!! Upgrade these TV's all that bread you charge per night!

": I support you! I want evidence! "me too


" An Open Letter to Local Sports Media The Angry Who Dat

Ex-Bear and ex-Saint Brown on player punishments: 'Dead wrong' -
"The whole thing is blown out of proportion and it bothers me personally. I don’t like it," Brown said in an interview with the Tribune.

Saints LB Jonathan Vilma becomes NFL scapegoat - ESPN
In the end, Jonathan Vilma is a prop. He's a tool being manipulated by a commissioner trying to make much larger points.

New Orleans Saints Bountygate players Jonathan Vilma, Scott Fujita, Anthony Hargrove, Will Smith suspended - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Somehow, we have been duped into believing in the righteousness of Roger Goodell. Why?

Saints Nation: Player Appeals Unlikely To Yield Results | May

Eli Manning: Goodell did the right thing in Saints’ suspensions | ProFootballTalk
The NFL Players' Association says the suspension of four players for their roles in the Saints' bounty scandal is unfair, but one of the union's most prominent members says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made the right call.

Brees’ franchise tender comes in at $16.371 million | ProFootballTalk
Saints quarterback Drew Brees wants a long-term deal. But if he decides at some point to accept the one-year exclusive franchise tender, Brees will receive $16.371 million for 2012. Or, in other words, $1.023 million per game.

Packers, not Saints, raised Kurt Warner’s ire in 2009 playoffs | ProFootballTalk
The Saints may have put a bounty on Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner during the playoffs after the 2009 season, but Warner says it was the other playoff game he played that year -- against the Packers -- when he thought the opposing team was taking shots at his head.

Public Fury and Penalties for Saints' Bounties -
Albert Haynesworth was suspended for five games for stomping on an opponent's face. What's wrong with this picture?

Bad news for Saints could help Panthers | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper
Some bad news for the New Orleans Saints may end up as slightly good news for the Carolina Panthers – two of the Saints’ prominent defenders have been suspended and will be out for the Panthers’ home opener against New Orleans on Sept.16 unless they win their appeal.

New Orleans Saints Vilma, Smith asks everyone to "hold judgement"; Hargrove confessed
New Orleans Saints Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith asks everyone to "hold judgement" on suspensions; Anthony Hargrove confessed.

How Vilma’s Suspension Will Affect the Saints (and Others) in the NFC South " NFL Gridiron Gab
Are you ready for some football?

Warner, Vilma and the $10,000 question - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
The gap between the New Orleans Saints' savagely stated intentions and their on-field actions provides an opening to question the punishment handed d

Saints: One big question - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Going an entire season without coach Sean Payton is far from ideal. But, aside from that, the Saints -- by planning, luck or a combination of the two -- didn’t come out of this horrid offseason with nearly as many offseason problems as they could have.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Walkthrough: No Reaches
New Orleans Saints Top Five Running Backs

Suspensions for Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith are a hit, but final bounty sanctions let Saints move on: An editorial |
For fans and the organization, knowing the final punishment for bounty program can allow them to move pass the bounty scandal

Former federal prosecutor Mary Jo White says evidence against New Orleans Saints was substantial - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
SATCH NOTE: More NFL propaganda. If the evidence is so damn strong, then show it to us!

Will Smith issues statement - NFC South Blog - ESPN
New Orleans linebacker Jonathan Vilma previously issued a statement on his season-long suspension. Teammate Will Smith just issued a statement through