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Saints Fans Start Trust Account to Help Keep Brees in NOLA

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The support of Who Dat Nation never ceases to amaze me, particularly in times of strife. Never has that been more evident then now, with Drew Brees' contract status in complete disarray.

It appears that a small group of devoted Saints fans - or at least one - has started a fund and is accepting donations with the purpose of paying Brees a bonus for all that he's done for our city thus far and, for all intents and purposes, as a bribe to stay in New Orleans and continue playing for the Saints.

You can learn more about their mission at their brand spankin' new website,

So who is crazy enough to start such a campaign?

Tony Le Mon is a 52 year old native New Orleanian and long time season ticket holder. He is the former President of Kiwanis Northshore in Mandeville, Louisiana. He is no stranger to fund-raising for worthy causes.

Tony explains why:

"He's done so much as an ambassador for the city of New Orleans. Why can't we give him a little bonus?"

I know what you're thinking so before you even ask, allow me to supply the answer:

No, you will not get a tax write-off. This is not a donation to a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity. It is a donation to Drew Brees-the man.

Look, I love Brees and the Saints like nobody's business. I really do. But I have zero desire to give him any of my money. Sorry. He's got plenty, and he's about to get plenty more. It isn't my job to take care of Drew financially. If he'd like to walk around the corner (literally) and come fold shirts at my store for a little while, then I'll have reason to toss him a couple of bucks. A couple. Until then, he'll have to get by on the multi-millions he's already got.

Of course we know Drew isn't going to accept this bonus himself. That just isn't part of the Brees PR machine's master plan. So what happens if, rather when, he rejects it?

It will be his decision to accept this BONUS; however, even should he decide that our gesture is not necessary and kindly reject it, the funds will go to his Brees Dream Foundation. It is a no lose proposition.

I'm anxiously awaiting to hear your thoughts and opinions on this campaign. Let's here them!