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Fleur-de-Links: May 4, 2012



Looking forward to an awesome weekend with family, friends and grid iron mates... Thanks to all for ur support truly a blessing. Here we go.

": My students are "lolol that was hilarious!!


Weird that animals don't talk but every species has a way to say "let's get it on"?

": S/O to my boy on the official national star wars day " lmbo there he is!!

Me and my boy at oaks day in Louisville

Who's going to Jazz Fest?

My dude decided to step his game up. Riding 1st class to Philly with . WOW

SATCH NOTE: In case anyone hasn't noticed these past few weeks, Harper apparently carries around an Obi Wan Kenobi action figure at all times. Weird.

S/O to my boy on the official national star wars day

Cowards point their finger and blame others, Champions claim responsibility for themselves and others to overcome all adversity to succeed!

Watch this video...whoever cut it needs to win an award...

RT : If you missed 's interview with CB , you can dig it here:

Merril Hodge is offically annoying to watch...blaahh blaahh.. I'd rather listen to preach..

The Grind..

": I'm curious as to why got suspended as many games as the head coach"me too

Wheels up on the jet... Weird only me on the plane.... See u soon Sooner state.. Grand lake here I come

I'm still in love with these wheels I bought! There's no buyer remorse here.

I'm Posting Some Vids up of Me in My Old Hood In Haiti Today Ya Think It's A Game lol & O Yea I Walk Around W NO SECURITY RESPECT

":"What are u thinking rt now?I just want to know what a pro bowler thinks." ha winning a super bowl so I can get a ring like u!

Wait, I thought independent review was already conducted by NFL-contracted Mary Jo White, who removed all doubt.

THERE IS NO GRAY AREA! ROG IS RIGHT, FANS ARE DUMB! RT : Clearly the gray area ... Both sides have solid arguments.

RT : Clearly the gray area at the heart of this NFL/NFLPA battle is going to be settled by the courts.

I proposed to do more abs this morning & I am happy to announce My core got engaged!! Not sure when wedding will be

": Can't wait to walk my boy into football camp tomorrow morning! " thanks for letting him come

Somebody get on this suspension/CBA story asap! He'll get to the bottom of it, rather than just telling us how dumb we are.

Sometimes I get tired of hearing skip Bayless and Stephen a. Smith talk on first take...

I think skip just argues against everyones elses opinion just to boost ratings and stephen a. (cont)

I wonder if the shills & stenographers at the TP would have looked into the CBA stuff if someone in the national media had tweeted about it.

"Confederacy of Dunces... err... conspiracy theorists" 1, NFL shills at the Times-Picayune 0

Keep on shilling. Nice "confederacy" veiled dig. RT : column from T-P: Conspiracy theories just don't up:

TGIF everybody!!! Hope u all have a great day n start to your wknd!


NFLPA Takes Legal Action, Challenges Goodell’s Authority over Saints’ Players | Pro Player Insiders
The NFL Players Association has taken legal action challenging the authority of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to suspend four players for their alleged involvement in a so-called pay-for-performance/bounty program during the 2009-2011 Saints seasons. Earlier this week, Goodell issued suspensions to Jonathan Vilma, Anthony Hargrove, Will Smith and Scott Fujita. Pro Player Insiders learned that [...]

Fujita’s suspension arises only from money contributed during 2009 playoffs | ProFootballTalk
One of the grievances filed by the NFLPA attaches as exhibits the four letters sent by Commissioner Roger Goodell to the individual players who have been suspended.

Saints bounty issue reprises misguided fight between NFL and union at wrong time - Don Banks -

Saints Nation: Saints Embracing Small School Talent | May

NFLPA begins legal challenges - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Appeals of player suspensions in the New Orleans Saints’ bounty program haven’t been filed yet, but the NFL Players Association has gone a

Vilma requested, then declined, an opportunity to be heard by Goodell | ProFootballTalk
Attached to the grievances filed by the NFLPA on Thursday are copies of the May 2 letters informing the four suspended players of their penalties. The letter to Jonathan Vilma from Commissioner Roger Goodell contains an interesting comment regarding the question of whether Vilma was given an oppo...

Hargrove’s declaration was submitted to the league by the NFLPA | ProFootballTalk
The Saints bounty scandal has taken yet another curious turn. Attached to the grievances filed Thursday by the NFLPA are the four letters sent by Commissioner Roger Goodell to the players who have been suspended, subject to appeal.

More on the Hargrove declaration | ProFootballTalk
Earlier today, we reported that the declaration signed by former Saints (now Packers) defensive end Anthony Hargrove wasn't harvested by the NFL but submitted by the union. As a result, we're now very intrigued by what the declaration says.

Jonathan Vilma suspension could actually benefit the New Orleans Saints and himself
Jonathan Vilma's suspension could actually benefit the New Orleans Saints and himself.

Drew Brees' contract: the important dates - Video |
The Times-Picayune's Saints columnist Mike Triplett cuts through all the angst and reminds us what the important dates really are for the ongoing Drew Brees contract negotiations.

Litigator retained by the NFL says New Orleans Saints were treated fairly - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
NFL still not releasing evidence

Conspiracy theories just don't up in New Orleans Saints' bounty-gate scandal - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Nothing has refuted the league's findings

NFLPA has filed a grievance against the NFL - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
It was filed late Thursday