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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, May 6, 2012



JUNIOR GALETTE Morning & God Bless Every1 Even those Who HATE ME up watching the best show Ever-BIG CAT DIARY #WHODAT

JUNIOR GALETTE I just Seen 2 Male Lions Run Up On 12 Hyenas Lol They 730! #BigCatDiary

Dave Zirin"Your knees'll start shaking and your fingers pop. Like a pinch on the neck from Mr . Spock." - #ripmca

Mark Ingram Good morning everyone! Wishing all a very blessed Sunday!! All glory to God!!

Chase DanielLook at Papa Daniel about to go on a Harley ride down to the Hog Rally!

Jedidiah CollinsFirst things first jazz Fest was awesome!!! Now more importantly does anyone have a good hangover cure? #TotallyWorthTheHeadache

David HawthorneOne thing about us Americans, we will take ur holiday and party harder than u on it...ha just dont ask us what's tha meaning of it all..

Jedidiah CollinsBest picture from yesterday. Pretty much sums it up #EaglesStillAwesome

Stephen HolderSounds like LSU QB Jordan Jefferson will get a shot to stick around a while, acc to Schiano.

skooksLooks like they'll be fighting mud in addition to Foo at #Jazzfest today

Chris Chamberlain"@PrinceofBelAirr: @Chambo57 what's your biggest motivation in life ?" To be a great husband to my wife and father to my son!

Zach Strief Thoughts and prayers go out for whoever was involved in that horrific accident on 310. Terrible to see things like that. #cherisheveryday

Thomas Morstead"@wprieur504: @team_gleason @argp2525 Anyone ready to melt their faces with @foofighters today at Jazz Fest? #NoWhiteFlags" I'll be there

Jedidiah Collins My little buddy(from my car)lets call him "Leo" decided 2 have a cockroach as his hangover cure I went sauna &pancake

Lance MooreThis RT @EricRomer: Happy Birthday to one of the most genuine dudes I know, who happens to throw some cool parties... @SammySamLA

Held Over "@Filmdrunk: So Twilight fan fic porn is the top-selling book series now? Brb, leaving the Earth." My wife is part of the problem. Sorry.

New Orleans SaintsWHO ___! #Saints

David ThomasChurch at @VintageNOLA today. @vnolamatt brought the word. Challenged us to be better men, husbands and fathers. #timetostepup

Brian de la PuenteJust had a delicious sandwich @jimmyjohns. Is it a coincidence the best sandwhich is the #9? I think not. @drewbrees

JUNIOR GALETTEMissed 7 Sacks Last Yr That's That Sh*T I Don't Like.....

Johnny PatrickGreat weekend.... No drama and my boy @FloydMayweather won

Nick ToonIt hasn't rained this much in Madison in a long time....

Jonathan VilmaBriggs: Vilma ban is "a bunch of B.S." via @ProFootballTalk

JUNIOR GALETTEPeople Googling Me & Still Mispronounce My Last Name #Thatsthats***idontlike

JUNIOR GALETTE People that haven't Played A Snap In The League But Got more Followers Then Me #Thatsthats***idontlike

JUNIOR GALETTEScared As Hell 2 Say What's On My Mind On Twitter Cuz The Commish Might Fine My A** 50K #Thatsthats***idontlike

Jedidiah CollinsIt's sad it is more likely a random person will come up and bite you than give you a hug #comeon #randomthought

team gleasonWith each phase of this #ALS progression I uncover wonderful new aspects of my heart & spirit to share w others. -SG

David HawthorneWas just on a plane where a lil one was singin a remix of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes..tha whole way..made me forget how it really went!

JUNIOR GALETTELol Guilty! Good1 lol RT @bradfreid: @JuniorG93 People spending a whole Sunday dwelling on things they don't like. #Thatsthats***idontlike


Saints Stuff

Breaking down Graham and the red zone slant | National Football Post
Matt Bowen and some football Xs and Os. Matched up vs. the TE? Technique will give you a chance.

Matchup I can't wait to see: Barron vs. Graham | National Football Post
Matt Bowen - Rookie safety will face a true test vs. Saints' TE. (HansDat note: I didn't see this in an FDL earlier this week, but if it was, my apologies for the rerun.)

Roger Goodell Doesn’t Care About Your Grievances | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Danger Guerrero - Roger Goodell slapped down some pretty serious suspensions on the players involved in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal.

A lot of gray area exists regarding the New Orleans Saints, NFL and bounty issue |
Mike Triplett - It's possible to believe everyone in this mess.

It's time for New Orleans Saints fans to make bounty-gate a thing of the past |
Peter Finney - Meanwhile, violent encounters continue.

Photos: Jimmy Graham Football Camp |
Saints TE Jimmy Graham hosted a football camp for 300 plus kids at Tulane May 5-6, 2012.



On concussions, players and fans can’t have it both ways | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio - The death of linebacker Junior Seau has triggered a flurry of comments and articles regarding the future of football.

LOLNFL: Draft Week 2012 | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Unsilent Majority - If you come across pictures I may have missed feel free to send them in. (HansDat note: A bit old, but funny...)

KSK Kommenter Draft: Thing that’s bad for you that you wish everyone would shut up about? | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Unsilent Majority - So what is one thing you wish that people would stop ruining for you? Make a pick in the comment section, then wait ten more picks before taking another turn if you are so inclined.

Eli Manning beats expectations, this time on 'SNL' |
Gregg Rosenthal - As the most loyal "Saturday Night Live" fan I know, it only seemed right that I put together a review of Eli Manning's turn as host. (Even if this idea sounded a whole lot better in the middle of the week.)

Video: Eli Manning solves the problem of being a little brother on Saturday Night Live |
New York Giants quarterback and New Orleans native Eli Manning hosted Saturday Night Live and in this skit, he participated in the "Little Brother" program.