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Fleur-de-Links: May 7, 2012



Rem'ssssss BACK Who Dat

I'm really digging Fantapper's new look... check out my new page

Brees attended a "paddle-out" yesterday to honor the late Junior Seau (VIDEO)

Can't wait to get back to work .... The climb to the top isn't always easy ... Through the smoke and mirrors, within a hands reach!

Business time. Gotta make moves.!!

Pierre Thomas joining in on the First Lady Michelle Obama's national ‘Move Your Body’ celebration in New Orleans!

If I'm Competing W u...Something Is wrong W Me...Only Person That Can Beat Me Is..........ME! ! 15OB

Don't Smile in My Face When I'm Mad Or I go into Rage...Anyway Beasty Workout Feeling Like SOLO....15OB

Misguided, delusional, dumbass conspiracy theorist fans 2, Legitimate Local Media™ 0

LACAP charity

Good point. RT : It does NOT say he was told to "lie." It says he was told to deny the existence of such a program.

Saw this at

Vilma’s lawyer makes sweeping request for information via

Man them SLED pushes got it out of me today... We getting better tho!!!

It's lonely at the top!!!!!! what are y'all plans today on this nice hot Monday?

It's not ALWAYS the end result we focus on, it's the PROCESS that we enjoy day to day, knowing that it will LEAD us to what we want!!

Great workout today.. Now getting in the sauna..

The NFLPA is handling the appeals for all the Saints "bounty" players. All are appealing today, just as all are involved in the grievance

Just finished a great leg workout followed by on-field routes w/ the offensive skill group! Almost time to get back on the field for real!

On my back to Nola.. This is my survivor pack for the 12 hour ride

": work smarter not harder!"ur a smart man

This morning reserved The right 2 "Bear arms" that means no sleeves while u work on biceps

In The Eyes of a Mascot: See what it's like to be our Mascot Gumbo at an event:

Asked Mr. Sproles this morning how u approach a season after setting record? Said"compete against same person I always have, myself"


Fujita, Hargrove and Smith file 'reservation of rights' with league -
While Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma filed a letter stating his intent to appeal his season-long suspension Monday, three other players suspended in the Saints bounty scandal, jointly filed, through the NFLPA, a "reservation of rights" letter to the NFL, reports's Steve Wyche.

Scott Fujita "disappointed with the NFL" over suspension | ProFootballTalk
In his first statement since he was suspended for three games in the NFL's investigation of the Saints' bounty program, Browns linebacker Scott Fujita denied contributing money for bounties and insisted that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was wrong to suspend him.

Can Vilma win suspension appeal? | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio addresses The Saints' Jonathan Vilma's suspension appeal, the reactions in Minnesota to public money building a new Vikings stadium, the intentions behind former Falcon running back Jamal Anderson's concussion lawsuit.

Vilma’s lawyer makes sweeping request for information | ProFootballTalk
It’s a very broad request, but it’s a normal part of pre-trial discovery in civil and criminal litigation. If the NFL refuses to comply or provides only summaries of evidence without specifics by contending that the in-house appeal process isn’t a full-blown legal proceedings, Vilma’s eventual legal attack against the outcome of the arbitration could become stronger.

Saints Agree to Terms on a One-Year Deal with DT Remi Ayodele

New Orleans Saints will Host Annual 7-on-7 Regional Tournament

Jonathan Vilma Requests To See NFL's Bounty Evidence Against Him - Canal Street Chronicles
Saints LB Jonathan Vilma requests league evidence against him to justify 1-year suspension.

Scott Fujita says he never contributed to any 'so-called bounty pool' - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
"I disagree wholeheartedly with the discipline imposed. I've yet to hear the specifics of any allegation against me, nor have I seen any evidence that supports what the NFL alleges.

New Orleans Saints DE Will Smith, other suspended players, appeal to NFL - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Green Bay Packers news | Hargrove's strategy for suspension appeal: Goodell has no authority in case | Green Bay Press Gazette
It’s no surprise that Green Bay Packers defensive end Anthony Hargrove — and the other three players suspended last week in the New Orleans Saints bounty program — have filed appeals.

Document: Anthony Hargrove was told to deny bounty program by Gregg Williams, Joe Vitt - Yahoo! Sports
From Yahoo! Sports: In a declaration provided to the NFL through the player's association, former Saint Hargrove says he was told to deny the existence of a bounty program.

Hargrove says Williams, Vitt told him to "just play dumb" | ProFootballTalk
Last week, I vowed to get my eyes on the declaration from Anthony Hargrove, which had been submitted by the NFLPA to the NFL in connection with the bounty investigation. It took some time and a little more effort than I'm accustomed to exerting (i.e., any), but I finally got it.

Daily Special, May 7, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
How is it that some shmoe living in Raceland, Louisiana and writing for the itty bitty Houma Coo-re-ay consistently out-writes not only the hacks at the Times-Picayune, but just about everyone on the national scene?

Sizing up Lofton over Vilma |
It was no real surprise last week that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma for one year and defensive end Will Smith for four games for their involvement in the bounty scandal.

New Orleans Saints LB Jon Vilma requests evidence NFL has against him - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
There are 17 points on the letter to the league

Junior Seau's death has fans looking differently at the player safety issue - Peter King -
I think it's likely the league has damning evidence on the Saints players. But I also think if the league's going to destroy the character of a heretofore well-respected player, Jonathan Vilma, by putting a scarlet letter on his chest for the rest of his life ("B'' for bounty leader), it needs to come clean with more evidence on Vilma than it's provided thus far.


NFL Videos: Vilma appeals suspension
Steve Wyche has the latest details on Jonathan Vilma's appeal of his year-long suspension for his role in the Saints' "bounty program.'