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Fleur-de-Links: May 8, 2012



Feels good to be back working out with the guys.. Thanks for all the love yesterday best Fans in America.. WHO DAT!!!!

Just finished another workout! getting ready to rest until my next workout later tonight! Hard work becomes easy when you enjoy the grind!!!

I firmely believe that mans finest hour is when He has worked his heart out & lies exhausted on the battlefield,Victorious! Vince Lombardi

How would you like to win a "Happy Mother’s Day" video message from for your mom? Find out how ->

Haha can't give away the answer to the trivia question who dats. Check out for info on how to win a happy mothers day video frm me

Watching T.O. on Dr. Phil...this should be interesting..

What up tweeps grass need cuttin, and yes i cut my own grass lol if yall wanna help let ya boy know

Hammy is tight had that work this mornin

Watching T.O. on Dr. Phil saying cant you smell a setup on the way!

Awe man, Tears in the first five minutes

Challenge to teammates this morning at workout: Name the "Three Amigos" characters? Not the actors. Anyone?

Two more days before I head to NOLA

RT": has contributed a signed ukulele to the Los Angeles fundraiser on May 31st! "

How r we going to say we're the best league if we're thinking bout not having an all star game... We're they do that at??? Food for thought.

Every player and future All star should have the opportunity to live out there dream and play in a PB.

NFL notified explayers of study on player mortality today. 3,439 players in study, 334 were deceased. 625 deceased would be gen pop estimate

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) studied retirees who played in NFL at least 5 seasons from 1959 through 1988.

S/O 2 the New Era guys from the probowl, sending BB caps. Gladly appreciate it. If the NFL is about FANS&PLAYERS we should have Allstar game

I love when people walk by me n say Roll Tide!!

Talked to Sproles today about it. He said not yet, maybe later RT is Sproles on Twitter? said he would join

Billboard of for on Airline Drive in Metairie

That moment you get in the car and realize you didn't put deodorant on. Sorry everybody I have come too far

The power of positivity is amazing. Some people should try using it.....some should try using it more. Just a thought.

": I'm just trying to get a Lil better today.. Ya feel me?? Have a blessed day!" DITTO

Make your own luck

"Decisions in life are based around what u WANT the most" Do u WANT to sleep in? Or do u WANT to get up & kick today's ass?


Column: Goodell better have goods on 'bad' Saints - Yahoo! Sports
From Yahoo! Sports: Roger Goodell better have the goods.

Saints Nation: Here's a Picture Guaranteed to Make You Sick | May

Daily Special, May 8, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
I’ve believed all along that Payton, Williams, Loomis, and Vitt played along knowing they’d never work in the NFL again if they didn’t. It was, essentially, a plea bargain, further conditioned by a deep-seated loyalty to the NFL that goes way beyond what they might think about the present commissioner. But if the players aren’t going to let themselves be railroaded, and if the official story starts blowing up, and it begins to look more likely that speaking up and standing up for themselves may work better than laying low and kissing ass, then Roger Goodell’s ass may be starved for kisses from here on in.

Standard player contract opens up another potential avenue for legal challenge | ProFootballTalk
The four players were suspended for "conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the game of professional football." Under Paragraph 15, suspensions may be imposed "only after giving Player the opportunity for a hearing at which he may be represented by counsel of his choice."

Vitt denies that he told Hargrove to lie | ProFootballTalk
That’s where the gap in the facts exists. The league says that money was paid for "cart-offs" and "knockouts," but the league has yet to identify a single cent contributed or paid for a "cart-off" or a "knockout" caused by the Saints in 2009, 2010, and/or 2011.

Anthony Hargrove's declaration looks bad for the New Orleans Saints and the NFL - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
NFL misrepresented what Hargrove admitted to in his declaration to the league

New Orleans Saints interim coach Joe Vitt denies Anthony Hargrove's allegations - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
"We had a pot for big plays, the same thing everyone else in the league has, now they call them pay-for-performance. But we never paid for dirty hits," Vitt said. "I'll say it again, the exact same thing I told the commissioner, our players never crossed the white lines with an intent to maim or injure. They never threatened the integrity of the game when they crossed the white lines."

Saints sign DT Ayodele - New Orleans Saints -
METAIRIE, La. -- The Saints have signed defensive tackle Remi Ayodele, who was a member of New Orleans’ 2009-10 Super Bowl squad.

Current, former New Orleans Saints players challenge bounty suspensions - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Former New Orleans Saints tackle Anthony Hargrove deserves a better fate from the NFL - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Jimmy Kennedy says Anthony Hargrove never talked to him about bounties - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
He posted on twitter Monday

Kurt Warner defends NFL concerns: 'I love this game' but ...
It's worth noting that Warner, now an analyst for NFL Network, has directed virtually no criticism toward the Saints even though he was knocked out of that postseason game by a (legal) blindside block. He retired shortly thereafter.

Heath Evans charity softball game is May 16 at Zephyr Field - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Proceeds go to help children and families affected by sexual abuse


VIDEO: Saints TE Jimmy Graham Answers Campers Questions