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Fleur-de-Links: June 1, 2012



Here at Pier 424 on Bourbon st.... Life of a local!! Glad to have my brother in town from KC...

This s*** has officially gone full-on creepy and bizarre. Evidently Drew is some kind of mob boss, and Gleason is a pawn. WTF

Ok, to address this dance-off situation......anywhere, anytime, any place! Hope he's been taking dance lessons in his time away

Got off the phone wot moms, random talk but I love her! She said most people can't stand to be alone

Day trip to Cape Girardeau for a meet & greet. Love flying

I just hit one DEEEEP down the center!! Bout 353 yds!!!

Happy Birthday to our original cover girl Marilyn Monroe! This shot of our favorite icon is said to be her last nude

First tournament this morning was a huge success... Good lord gave us sunshine and we had a good ole time...

Here is a good blessing for the day:

Thank you postal service for the innovation on "flat rate boxes". I was unaware the old system was failing us due to its complexity

What a dick: on ... Gleason was a personal burden for me from day one.

RT ": Looking into the past, you may realize all obstacles you have faced made you who you are or got you where you are today"


Im sorry if you dont like me Im sorry if you think I suck but most of all Im sorry, I dont give a f***.

Idk how I got threw today.... Been up all night and made it in the morning...

Harper's Hope 41 Foundation | Event

I wonder if my Back ever feels neglected? I mean I can't touch it or see it and its probably the dirtiest part of my body

Good morning finna meet with the coach today get help on these plays im here to stay

I want to thank everyone for the many Birthday wishes for my daughter Rhyan. Yesterday was special & the luv shown was greatly appreciated!!

Happy friday !!! Put a stamp on your week then relax and enjoy the rest!


Vitt says he's talked to Brees, expects him by training camp | New Orleans
Saints assistant head coach Joe Vitt says he has talked to Drew Brees about preparations for training camp and expects the star quarterback to be back with the team by then.

Saints LB Jonathan Vilma says: "We asked for evidence and (Goodell) wouldn’t give it to us." -
"We asked for evidence and he wouldn’t give it to us," Vilma told "How can I defend myself when I don’t know what I’m defending against? It’s just logical, things that people decided to ignore."

Saints Nation: Drew Brees Won't Be Seeing Any of My Money | June

New Orleans Saints Player Spotlight : Pierre Thomas
When I look at Pierre Thomas, I see a back that can do anything. Whether its running up the middle, running to the side, or catching the ball out of the backfield, Pierre has shown that he excels in every way that a running back can contribute to a team.

DT Brodrick Bunkley looks the part at New Orleans Saints OTA's
The New Orleans Saints then went and signed the best run stuffing defensive tackle available in free agency when Brodrick Bunkley agreed to terms on a 5-year, $25 million contract.

Vilma, league office at odds over whether evidence has been disclosed | ProFootballTalk
Vilma’s lawyer disagrees. "Mr. Aiello clearly has not been allowed to participate in the process," Peter Ginsberg tells PFT via email. "We were invited in but explicitly told that the Commissioner had no obligation to allow us to view the supposed ‘evidence’ and that the Commissioner would not be showing us the ‘evidence.’ And, in fact, the Commissioner has not provided us with any evidence."

Lengthy Sean Pamphilon diary seems to implicate Scott Fujita | ProFootballTalk
He's back. One day short of three months since the NFL disclosed the alleged existence of a bounty system in New Orleans and nearly two months since the name "Sean Pamphilon" became attached to it, Pamphilon has posted at his website a lengthy, rambling diary regarding his decision to release aga...

When will Brees get his contract? | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio wonders when Drew Brees will get his contract, talks abou the "tainted players" on the Detroit Lions and debates whether possible pre-determined decisions are working against Jonathan Vilma.

New Orleans Saints have a lot of competition at linebacker positions - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Versatility, depth define group

Does New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees have moves like Jagger? - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Or at least Lance Moore

Did Scott Fujita play a role in the release of the Gregg Williams audiotape? - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon intimates that former Saints linebacker did

Daniel Understands His Role

Greer Joins Youth Programs at Elmwood Fitness Center

Daily Special, June 1, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club

Drew Brees lets Joe Vitt know he can dance | ProFootballTalk
"On the contrary Joe Vitt, you have obviously never seen me karaoke! As for dancing, @LanceMoore ain’t got nothing on me"

When you kill the head, the body doesn’t die | The Bipolar Sports Poet