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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, June 10



cameron jordanDidn get to c the fight...Jus Saw the highlights of the fight...How did Bradley win? pac had over a 100 more punches landed?! Really... #wow

Held Over@camjordan94 Thank you! Watch the whole thing though. Especially the fifth round. 2 judges gave it to Bradley and that was the difference.

Held Over#BoxingJudges don't believe for a second that Craig James killed 5 hookers. #pacbradley

Courtney RobyC'mon son the win was bogus enough, now u a wheelchair?! Where's Ashton Kutcher in this pic..I still feel li

Jefttttttttt DuncanSource tells me that the two boxing officials that scored the fight for Bradley were both former NFL investigators.

Johnny PatrickWell Cali it's been fun..... Headed back to the Nola

Nick ToonHave a BLESSED Sunday! Dont forget to thank the man above!

JUNIOR GALETTERepeating Da same Mistake but expecting different results? Get out ur Comfort Zone Test Ur Will Look n Da Mirror B real W Urself Jesus Walks

Nick Toon"@kylejets10: @Nick2oon nick can I send you a card or two to sign to the saints facility?" sure

team gleasonBtwn NOLA & CDA, ID...How many times will we be asked..."What kind of car is that?" Sending a TG shirt to winner -SG

Thomas Morstead"@team_gleason: How many times will we be asked..."What kind of car is that?" Sending a TG shirt to winner -SG" #37

JUNIOR GALETTEU Ever Ask Yourself "where do I c myself 5 yrs from now" can't even Answer cuz u Scared SO u Lie 2 Urself 2 Feel Good? ~Jesus Saves

Mike HumesToday's Stony Brook-LSU game at 1 pm has been moved to 8 pm ET due to weather - will be on ESPNEWS & ESPN3

Grandmaster WangI wonder if Paul Mainieri gave the team novelty footballs to remind them to Bring The Aluminum tonight.

Grandmaster WangAt least they're airing it. Everybody gets ESPNN, what's the diff? RT @LSURob504: ESPNnews? WTF?!! I have a few four letter words...

Grandmaster Wang Oh s***, I had no idea. That blows. Go to BR & hang off a light post. RT @LSURob504: @moosedenied basic cable subscribers like myself do not

JUNIOR GALETTEJesus Wrote My Life b4 I Lived it but I'm da Only1 that can Live It #150B

Saints Nation BlogSorry for no blog posts this weekend. Out of town for a wedding. Looks like Saints news is at an offseason low anyway (thank God)

Les EastRT @LSUBillMartin: For those in BR with COX, ESPN News Channel that @LSUbaseball game will air on is HD channel 1244 or channel 244 non HD

Les EastRT @brianduval10: @LesEast @lsubillmartin @lsubaseball ESPNNews is channel 207 on DirecTV

Garland GillenOn Cox it's 320, and HD 1320. RT @FleurtyWhitney: So, what channel can I catch the LSU game on now?

Les EastRT @WhoDat_XLVI: @LesEast @RandyRosetta Cox N.O. area ESPNEWS is 320, 1320 in HD. ESPNEWS comes w/almost every package! No 1 should miss it

Matt TennantJust started Game of Thrones. I think I'm hooked. Not going to be a productive day.

JUNIOR GALETTEAnyone know where I can replace the screen??

JUNIOR GALETTE Just Saved 150$ Cuz I didn't buy a New IPhone N Got My Screened Fixed @ Isupply In Clearview Mall Thanx #whodatnation

JUNIOR GALETTEThey Lied made $ off u now u knoRT @Snowhite0517: @JuniorG93 I was told I couldn't replace my shattered screen. I had to replace the phone.

Johnny PatrickIf there was no adversity to deal with, then life would be perfect.... If you don't fall down how would you know how to get up? #grind

Alex RestrepoEasily -> @DantesKitchen RT @FleurtyGirl Where's the best place to get brunch in #NOLA?

Justin DrescherMan that thunder this morning was nuts. Think my apartment is still shaking.

Chase DanielRIP Marcus Bacon. I wish you were still with us. The #Mizzou family has lost a great one.

Johnny PatrickOmg soul men is the funniest movie ever... On the plane loud people looking at me crazy I don't even care lol....

Held OverMy cuz w/ line of the day: the Irish soccer team plays like they work at Bennigan's during the week.

Jedidiah CollinsFunny to me how quickly the media creates stories and controversies How different would the conversation be if Boston had won? #JustSayin

Jedidiah Collins"@UberFacts:It cost 2.41 cents to produce a penny & 11.18 cents to produce a nickel" Wonder why our country is in financial struggles?

Isa Abdul-QuddusThe rain is crazy right now! Definitely watchin movies all day

Jedidiah Collins"@JFelker25:Thank U for being a part of Cougar Legends Weekend" An honor to be a part of the WSU family. Thank U for invite, awesome time!

Curtis LoftonThis gloomy rainy day has me fighting a loosing battle with my eye lids trying to close on me

Brian de la Puente It is POURING right now!! #crazyweather

Roman HarperHow cool is this? Last night in a club the DJ shout outs "what up to all my New Orleans Bounty Hunters out there" wow! The life I live

WWL-TV Entergy says 3200 affected by power outage in Orleans Parish. Company says power could be back on by 6 for some.



New Orleans Saints receivers set to battle for No. 4 spot |
Mike Triplett - Adrian Arrington, Joe Morgan and Nick Toon are candidates.

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL |
Ian Rapoport is addicted to the Saints drama in 2012. Read about it at # 3 on this list.

Around the NFL: Being right is not so good |
Steve Doerschuk projects Charles Brown as the Saints starting right tackle for 2012, and upon reading that, HansDat laughs and laughs.

Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte' returns home to run camp at Slidell Youth Football Association fields on Saturday |
Tammy Nunez - Former Slidell High and Tulane running back Matt Forte' returns home to host his camp.


V-Roll Roll Call

Video: N "if" L: What if the USFL hadn't folded? |
HansDat note - I didn't watch this video, but I just know that the ever-loving Dome Patrol doesn't happen if the USFL doesn't fold and bring Jim Mora, Sam Mills, and Vaughan Johnson to the Saints. Perish the thought - GAAAAA! (Also - this is an old video, so forgive me if it's already appeared in a previous FDL or Fanshot.)