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Fleur-de-Links: June 12, 2012



Me and some of the guys are headed out to do random acts of kindness for ppl

It is time football got a drink- gotta call it the Brees!

Mascot Gumbo is with us as well!

Reminder NOLA Tweeps: Saints Players & will be driving around town today providing random acts of kindness- more details at 230 pm!

Be on look out for bus driving around! We’re headed to the Chevron Gas Station at 3901 Airline Drive right now

Want free gas? Meet players at at 3901 Airline Drive in 15 mins

thanks for taking that picture with me man. Who Dat! Retweeted by

Here's a pledge: if I ever win more than $50 million Powerball or Mega Millions, I'll invest in a daily NOLA newspaper. Until then...

A new daily paper in NOLA may want to consider trying to go the nonprofit route...

1 stop down!!!

Stay tuned for the next locations... Come meet us or possibly be surprised by us!!! We are giving away blessings! Lol

Thanks to all the fans who showed up at Chevron! Sorry for the Traffic Jam ;)

Now we are headed to the Magnolia Adults school ... Not open to the public but we will be going to more places afterwards!!!! Stay tuned !

We’re headed to the Magnolia Adult school right now. Enjoying giving back!

Headed to magnolia adult school now. Enjoying giving back!

2nd stop of the tour is the Magnolia Adult School at 100 Central Ave.

Great first stop!! Off to our next one!!

Someone just said "Twitter Killed Professional Journalism". Seriously, what the f*** does that even mean?

The power of teamwork - and you can fight hunger in the ! Team-up today and get a $ for $ match.

Who else has a drawer that they get excited to open? From nail clippers to a watch I thought I lost, so much treasure

Just got done shooting a PSA for the Boys and Girls Club Steak and Shake of Jackson Cty. Hope everyone is having a great day

Maybe Drew Brees already signed, and we just don't know it because all the reporters got fired

I was never a T-P guy, but firing the food critic in a food town is a f***ing idiotic idea. You're doing a heckuva job, Timey!

Quote of the day at FQ10 :

TP editor Jim Amoss says cuts include "significant reduction" in workforce but waiting for more concrete numbers

Wait. So the editor doesn't know how many people are getting fired?

.. in words



Saints Nation: Curtis Lofton Could Transform Saints' Defense | June

Former New Orleans Saints defensive tackle Hargrove punishment more for "lying"
Former New Orleans Saints defensive tackle Hargrove punishment more for "lying" than bounties.

Coach Vitt preparing the New Orleans Saints for more greatness
Coach Joe Vitt preparing the New Orleans Saints for more greatness as the season approaches.

Saints like maturity of rookie Toon | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
METAIRIE, La. -- Rookie receiver Nick Toon was looking over the jersey numbers the Saints were offering him when his eyes fixed on No. 88, the same number his All-Pro father, Al Toon, wore with the New York Jets.

Daily Special, June 12, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club

Burbank met with reporters after issuing his ruling and spoke briefly. "I first would like to thank Lord Goodell for His patience with His unworthy worm of a servant, and swear my perpetual and unyielding fealty," Burbank said.



NFL - Why doesn't Drew Brees have a new deal? - ESPN
The Saints will eventually sign Drew Brees to a new contract, but it shouldn't have taken this long, writes Andrew Brandt.



In the end, Miami was only viable destination for Ochocinco | ProFootballTalk
As the dust settles on the short courtship of a player who several years ago wanted to play for anyone but the Bengals, receiver Chad Ochocinco ultimately wanted to play for no one but the Dolphins.

Mike Sullivan says Bucs won’t try to copy Giants offense | ProFootballTalk
It’s reasonable to suspect the Tampa Bay offense will have a New York Giants lean. But new offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan said (via that such expectations would be premature.

New Orleans judge voids death sentence for inmate convicted of 1995 triple murder |
Louisiana's death row got one body lighter on Monday, when an Orleans Parish judge vacated the death sentence of a man convicted in a 1995 triple murder that claimed the ex-wife of a former Saints player.



NFL Videos: Gronk or Graham?
Heath Evans and Warren Sapp debate which dominant tight end -- and his touchdown celebration -- should be ranked highest on NFL Network's "The Top 100: Players of 2012."