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Saints DE Greg Romeus Tears ACL & MCL

Saints DE Greg Romeus will once again miss the season due to a knee injury. You may remember that the 2011 draftee was placed on IR in his rookie year last season due to knee injury. That knee was surgically repaired and everything was looking up for him in Saints camp until he blew out the other knee today.

Vitt said Romeus will be sidelined for six to eight months, which means he will almost certainly be placed on injured reserve for the 2012 season.

"He was just running down the field and his non-surgical knee gave on him and he has an ACL and an MCL and he's going to miss the next 6-8 months," Saints coach Joe Vitt said. "This kid has really worked hard. The whole team feels bad for him, the coaching staff feels bad for him. It's part of the game. This kid has put in the time, he has put in the effort and he has to go through the whole process all over again. So we're going to be there for him and we're going to support him."

You gotta feel for the guy. Maybe now he'll get a second Steve Austin knee and be ready to go next season. The Saints have the technology. They can rebuild him.

So, how will this affect the Saints' defensive line depth? With Will Smith likely suspended the first four games, do you think they'll bring in someone else at the position to help bolster the line? This will at least open up a new roster spot for camp and, as we've learned in the past, Saints coaches usually like to have the maximum amount of players allowed at all times. With Romeus likely going to IR, they'll most likely bring in someone else soon.