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Fleur-de-Links: June 15, 2012



NFL seriously responds to the question of "What evidence do you have against these four specific players for illegal conduct?" w/ ...

"Here is a list of things Gregg Williams said to nobody in particular." I mean, what the hell?

Best move for NFL might be to turn over some evidence/exhibits today & then reduce suspensions.Show that process is fair & appeal is real

A commenter on my blog last week told me to kill myself, and I'm still alive today. EXPLAIN THAT, NFL!

": So im playing madden & gets hurt, out for 8 weeks" Did I have the ball at least? W/ some TLC I'll be back in 6

Somehow, I escaped the laws of physics long enough not to do something just because someone else said it. Unfathomable. I'm a superhero.

The Saints are guilty! AND ARROGANT! Because I told you so, and regardless if I can prove it, I am above reproach.

Goodell: "Break it up into quotes, in a slideshow. That way, it'll look like content instead of just a list of bulls***."

watch 4 a post abt the final day of the Saints TIX/MEET ME giveaway RIGHT B4 4 OCLOCK CENTRAL

He will have a blue check soon! RT Mr is on twitter ladies and gents! Now let's get this man verified

Behind the scenes of my personal

: NFLPA: Saints employees fear retribution for 'bounty' testimony

You can thank Chase for getting him on Twitter RT u kept bugging me about it so I thought I would get on!

!!!!": Please welcome & follow Mr. All-Purpose - ! "

": Cus i just text n ask him" Can the Real Sproles please stand up & end twitter controversy?

Great AP photo of & his son Jeremiah

MatterOfTime": Lindsey Lohan rushed to hospital after being found unconscious n hotel room. #LeastShockingHeadlineEver#Sad"

Welcome Sprolesy to Twitter ! RT: : Finally on Twitter fans!

Gonna be a busy weekend. Hey Mon, gotta go to work Mon!!

Headed to Tuscaloosa for roman Harper father day weekend flag football game.Then back to new Orleans for pro ex Fball camp at john Curtis HS

BREAKING: Mike Silver has audiotape of Gregg Williams recording illegal hits in bounty ledger. Source: "sounds like a fountain pen"

Tuscaloosa!!! What u got fo me today!

Felt weird waking up this morn without football, but def felt good to sleep in. Hope everyone is having a great day!

If you haven't already, follow and read his feed this morning. I know he's , but it's good stuff.

Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding. -Jim Valvano



Jonathan Vilma's lawyer: Evidence shows no 'bounty' link to LB -
"The NFL provided a slideshow of Gregg Williams' most outrageous comments," Ginsberg said. "It is evidence that reflects an assistant coach in the NFL has a style that might rightfully be distasteful but that has been tolerated for years by several NFL teams. It in no way supports any of the accusations that Commissioner Goodell has so publicly made against Jonathan.

NFL turns over some evidence to four players suspended for New Orleans Saints bounty program - ESPN
NEW YORK -- The NFL has turned over some evidence to the four players suspended for the Saints bounty program, but lawyers for the players are seeking more information.

NFLPA seeks exculpatory evidence in advance of bounty hearings | ProFootballTalk
On Friday, the NFLPA and the individual players will know more about the evidence that the NFL plans to use on Monday. Hopefully, someone will see fit to ensure that the evidence makes its way into the hands of the media. And before anyone claims that it’s none of the media’s business, the NFL has on multiple occasions made it the media’s business, using the media as the tool for communicating to the fans information that the league wanted to be disseminated. The time has come for the media, and thus the fans, to know the full story.

NFL must show evidence today for Monday's hearing against New Orleans Saints defenders - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
In other developments, sources said Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis rejected a request from the union that the club issue some statement of support for the players. And they said the semantic gulf between "bounty," with all its creepy connotations, and a less sinister "pay for performance" system also came into sharp relief, when the NFLPA highlighted the fact the NFL acknowledged having no evidence former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita ever put a "bounty" on any specific player.

Players want coaches, others at bounty hearings, too | ProFootballTalk
Ultimately, it would be a surprise if the NFL relents. The league doesn’t envision the process to require the sort of procedures that would be used in a court of law. Given the consequences to the suspended players and in light of the fact that they strongly dispute the allegations, it seems that there should at least be an opportunity for them to demonstrate their innocence by testing the quality of the evidence on which the NFL has relied in telling the world that they are guilty.


OTHER LESS LAUGHABLE SAINTS NEWS (really? a freakin' slideshow? that's it?):

Saints Still The Real Deal, True Contenders For 2012
The Saints are a Final Four-caliber team in the NFC, a team that is capable of winning 11 or 12 games with Brees under center, Steve Spagnuolo running the defense and a ginormous chip on their collective shoulders.

Saints QB Daniel wins teammates over | New Orleans
It’s not so much that Chase Daniel is a reluctant leader.

Not much work left to be done on signing draft picks | ProFootballTalk
Only the Saints have yet to sign any. But New Orleans only has five draft picks, and no first or second rounder, so it shouldn’t be too complicated for them to get those deals done.

Horton: Sproles NFC's most versatile - NFC South Blog - ESPN
He includes two NFC South players and one of them is No. 1 on the list. That’s New Orleans’ Darren Sproles.


LAGNIAPPE (a slideshow? LMAO!):

On "Fanhood," the annex - Who Dat Social Club
And so, it has to be answered. Plus, this "The_Creator" guy is simply wrong about everything. He knows nothing about New Orleans, nothing about the Saints, and pretty much nothing about what a fan is. So I’m going to school him.

Jesse Powell, linebacker for 1972 Dolphins, dies at 65 | ProFootballTalk
Jesse Powell, a linebacker who spent five seasons with the Dolphins and played in every game for the perfect 17-0 team of 1972, has died at the age of 65. Powell grew up in the Texas Panhandle and was a star at West Texas State, was the Dolphins' ninth-round pick in the 1969 NFL draft.

Fasano says Hard Knocks news caused "a lot of groans" in locker room | ProFootballTalk
"I wasn’t too thrilled to tell you the truth," Fasano said. "I think we were informed at a team meeting and there were a lot of groans when it was announced. But we’re going to have to deal with it and try not to let it be a distraction. But it’s going to be fun for the fans and should be interesting to see, even for some of the players, behind the scenes of the team."

Men Playing a Kids's Game
If you haven't heard about how much of a problem concussions are causing the NFL and how it is threatening the integrity of the game.....


VIDEO (so Gregg Williams said some crazy s***. so what?):