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Fleur-de-Links: Saturday, June 16

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Corey White Downtown all day today shawty. #Lehgo

Drew Brees Everybody welcome @DarrenSproles to twitter...he is hosting his annual football camp in Olathe, KS as we speak. You're a good man, Sprolesy!

Lance MooreGood morning and happy Saturday everyone. Let's all do what we can to make someone smile today. That way it brightens all of our days!

Lance MooreTwitter lies!!! RT @WhoDatCarly504: kinda sad dat @lancemoore16 only tweets his friends and not fans *whispers, whodat*

Lance MooreHeading over to John Curtis High School to help out w the kids football camp hosted by @Harp41 @MalcolmJenkins n @sharper42 should be fun!

Zach StriefSorry guys I got hacked this morning

Held Over"@ZachStrief: Sorry guys I got hacked this morning" so you weren't really offering $3 million dollars US for someone to hold your cash???

JUNIOR GALETTE"I Do not Sleep I Disguise Sleep Eyes Closed Going Over my Plans U Can't touch this" @Howie_Dodat #Bars

The Angry Who Dat "Commissioner Goodell has made a dreadful mistake": Friday's news summed right up

Corey White#TwitterDebate: Young Money, MMG, or Good Music?

New Orleans SaintsMr. @DarrenSproles reached 10,000 plus folllowers in less than 24 hours on Twitter.

Andrew TillerNola what's good for the day?

Reid G.Boat :seanpaytonfistpump:

Darren SprolesToday was the last day of my camp. Had a great time with the kids!

JUNIOR GALETTEYa creole is Terrible Koop Sup w scar Pab Need em 2Day RT @Koop_NuLa: @Pablo_NuLa mew nap su block la ou connè

Andrew TillerWhat day do the game come on?

Jermon Bushrod@DarrenSproles waddup Lil homie??

Johnny PatrickNever make an emotional decision!!!!!!!!

GambitFirst new job listings for - sales and sports reporters. SEO mastery important for reporters.

Corey WhiteStay like that bruh RT @Trey_Poppa21: I'm SO careless

Garland GillenThe Times-Pic has an opening for #Saints beat reporter. I bet they get over 200 applicants in one week. (HansDat note: Does that mean Trip or Varn got canned?)

The Angry Who DatPlease accept my twitter feed in lieu of resume #shouldbegoodenough RT @garlandgillen The Times-Pic has an opening for #Saints beat reporter

Scott FujitaEver sit through a bad movie or read 200 pages of complete garbage & feel like you've just wasted a few hours of your life?

The Angry Who DatTweet of the day goes to @scottfujita99. F*** yes.

Isa Abdul-QuddusDexter marathon on Showtime. I can't wait for season 7!

The Angry Who DatWaiting for the call

skooks@angrywhodat You should have told them about your robust digital focus

The Angry Who Dat I invite everyone to put their credentials up against mine

The Angry Who Dat @skooks Will keep that in mind. Dare someone to apply as Sean Pamphilon. We have his contact number, amirite?

The Angry Who DatI mean, "I was right and all the current Saints reporters were wrong" is a good resume bullet, right?

New Orleans SaintsTell Asher & Lily thanks for the support! RT @stark_christine Asher & Lily representing @Saints #SaintsAllTheWay

Corey WhiteCompound RT @TasteMy_Dimplez: What club should me and my girls attend tonight?

Jermon BushrodGot @aKaramel_Kiss and our parents here in the #NOLA for the weekend...

Jabari Greer "Happy Fathers Day" from The Greer Campaign

skooks@angrywhodat Sean Pamphilon: Filmmaker, essayist, poet, SEO wizard.

The Angry Who DatTryin to help the coach a little #yourewelcomeSean

Grandmaster Wang Since when does one need a bachelor's degree and 3+ years of experience to be a blogger?

The Angry Who Dat@moosedenied Should help weed out the throngs of overemotional, deluded fans who can't see the righteous truth

The Angry Who DatPlease let new beat reporter be named Adam, please let new beat reporter be named Adam, please let new beat reporter be named Adam

Grandmaster WangThe qualifications should read, in order: 1. SEO EXPERIENCE!!!!, 2. Twitter account, 3. Ability to self-edit for spelling, grammar, punc.

Grandmaster WangOnly efficient way to find nola .com content: Google it. RT @elsbet: So the paper of record becomes the paper of search engine optimization.

The Angry Who Dat#passivevoice RT @veryfakeBR Welcum to are staff, this guy. This shuld be on BR

cameron jordanWaitin on my boy ta swoop me @djholt3 actin like a real coonius maximus


Saints Stuff

Zach Strief Making Most of Opportunity |
Andrew Juge

Secret Superstar: Zach Strief, OT, New Orleans Saints |
Despite a trying offseason, the Saints have some promising secret players on their roster. Sam Monson details how Zach Strief can be one for New Orleans in 2012. (careful of the echo - this is the actual story mentioned in Andrew's post above)



NFL turns over some evidence in bounty program; union wants more |
Barry Wilner (AP) - The NFL turned over some evidence to the four players suspended for the Saints bounty program, but lawyers for the players said Friday they are seeking more information.

Video: Saints bounty evidence released to players |
Steve Wyche has the latest on the Saints bounty case with news that evidence of player involvement has been provided to Jonathan Vilma.

Attorney for the New Orleans Saints' Jonathan Vilma scoffs at the NFL's evidence |
James Varney - Ginsberg says lack of proof in released documents shows a weak case.

"Commissioner Goodell Has Made a Dreadful Mistake" | The Angry Who Dat
Those aren’t my words, they’re the words of Jonathan Vilma’s attorney, Peter Ginsberg. Basically sums this whole thing up, though, doesn’t it?

Vilma’s lawyer says possibility of fair hearing is "pure fantasy" | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio - The players suspended for their roles in the alleged Saints bounty program believe the proof against them is roughly as real as the chances they have at getting a fair appeal hearing on Monday.

If NFL is using Times-Picayune article as evidence, then its case against New Orleans Saints is in bad shape |
Mike Triplett - NFL needs to do much better job of justifying its severe penalties against New Orleans Saints.

NFL Presents "Evidence" |
Andrew Juge



Job Opening at the Times Picayune! | The Angry Who Dat
Holy crap! Just an hour or two after I posted this, a big opportunity opened up! has posted a job listing for a new Saints beat writer.

NFC South afternoon update - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - We’re into the slow time of year with the Saints, Buccaneers and Panthers already through with their minicamps and the Falcons not starting their minicamp until Tuesday.

Around the NFC South - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - Let’s take a look at the Saturday morning headlines from around the NFC South.

QB panel wonders if anything can stem concussion problem | ProFootballTalk
Darin Gantt - When two of the NFL’s top current quarterbacks joined three legends at a charity event in San Francisco Friday, a panel discussion moderated by Bob Costas centered on the topic of player safety.

Defensive fundamentals have taken a hit in today's NFL | The Sun Herald
Tyler Dunne - During these past 10-15 years, fundamental tackling has suffered. Opinions on the cause vary. Some former players point to the glorification of kill shots and the need to force turnovers. Coaches point to changing practice habits.

NBA Sale of Hornets to Tom Benson Finalized |
Saints Owner seeks to reward Hornets fans with championship team.