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Happy Father's Day 2012 - Saints/NFL Style

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Well, it's Father's Day once again, so for your reading pleasure, I bring you this collection of Saints and NFL-related flotsam and jetsam that involves fathers and children.

Please make the jump to see what's what, and also take a moment or two in the comment thread to talk about your Father's Day plans (did you get/give any cool Saints gear?), memories of your Dad (or your children) associated with the Saints, or anything else that's on your mind. You can also drop in a link to something relevant that you've found yourself!

Big thanks to all the Dads and "father figures" (in whatever forms, shapes and sizes you may come) who provide positive influences for children - it's hard work, but someone's gotta do it, and I thank you for your service.

Up first, I'd like to salute my Dad, who helped foster in me a love of the Saints and football and sportsmanship (acting out the ends of the Saints games in the backyard with a Nerf football while listening to the radio, taking me to a New Orleans Breakers game that one time,) and gave me lots of guidance to help me become the man I am today. He's also brushed greatness in meeting two Saints celebrities in the last year: Joe Horn and Jim Henderson.

This year, from Mrs. Hans and I, he received a set of official NFL referee flags (a yellow penalty flag, and a red replay challenge flag) to throw at the TV during football season (although he did admit that he's called a LOT of penalties on my Mom already), and a jar of Trader Joe's delicious cookie butter.

From, we have a collection of videos featuring Trent Richardson and Andrew Luck's Father's Day tributes, and then one from the Manning Family. Those fine folks at the league's web site also posted a Fatherly Celebration photo gallery, a story on a Tebow appearance today, and I found NFL Films' Father's Day Special on hulu.

Feature stories from a couple of local outlets include: Cameron Jordan's relationship with his father, Steve, that was written about on the Saints offiical site and Sheldon Mickles' piece on the Toons from The Advocate.

* * *

Happy Father's Day to one and all!!