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Fleur-de-Links: June 18, 2012



Always grateful for my fans support. Surprised by the support Im receiving from the media though. Everyone is noticing the injustice

Today Thoughts: I know something they cant take away from us my Joy and SuperBowl XLIV :)

Surprised none of the defensive materials from Dolphins game prep in 2009 indicate giving up a ton of points and then watch Drew Brees.

": Roger Clemens Found Not Guilty On All Counts " Still a likely cheater and an asshole. Good enough for me.

Going for my all time low today.. It's only taking me 4 years... 2 over through 11

": More of a franchise motto RT "Life plays havoc on us at times." Since 1967, homie." Should make the header

One eyebrow-raising item in the evidence was a slide almost vindictively calling out former FB Mike Karney before Rams game in 2009.

": Had a great workout with today. " Get rich or die punting.

Just finished up at the house and i helped rebuild. Awesome the look on the families faces

Brickell's Brother Jimmy's BBQ: enough said. :

I’m curious about what Freeman saw that makes him think the NFL has the goods and won’t release them. Strikes me as odd.

Congrats to Ladainian unbelievable career. One of the all-time greats. Proud to be his friend and teammate. So much respect

One ironic item in today's evidence: From Def. game plan slide for Seahawks 2010 playoff game: "Don't let the ball go over our head!"

It's all about the notes. Without them, there's nothing. With them, the NFL has a pretty tight case. Where did they come from?

The fact that they don't even indicate who wrote the "notes"...that's pretty sketchy

Thought: do the "handwritten notes" = "the ledger"?

Based on info released and info from sources, I continue to believe are not innocent victims, but NFL punishments seem too harsh.

I don't think the evidence the NFL shared with the players was all meaningless. Some damning notations of payouts for cartoffs, etc.

Orny email to G.Williams: "(Expletive) I gave you 1500 last week, I'll give you another 1500 the next 4 game and the final 2000 the last 4."

I can't believe even the NFL would "make up" the notes - they must actually have them, right? No way they're that stupid.

Anyone notice that the FAMOUS Hargrove Declaration wasn't even good enough to be considered evidence? That was once the "smoking gun"

I'm not sure any of this really shows intent to injure other than slide 10. I'd like to see the original note and know who wrote it.

Link to download pdfs for those who asked Good luck tho, it's slow as hell.

I admit it. Part of me wants to believe it's all true. Easier just to embrace the dark side. If the handwritten notes are real, it is.

Ex. 10: Transcription of notes from Vikings game -- "$$ -- QB out. QB out pool. $10K Vilma. $10K Grant. $10K Ornstein. Vitt $5K." SATCH NOTE: How can that be? Grant didn't play in that game. He was on I.R.



After appeal hearings, Fujita says he still hasn’t seen proof of guilt | ProFootballTalk
The start-and-stop bounty hearings started again this afternoon, and they finally have stopped. Though Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma didn't return (as expected), the other three players returned.

Bounty Hearing Begins for Four Players; Disgruntled Vilma Walks

Scott Fujita denies involvement in 'bounty' program -
"You know, throughout this process, it's become increasingly clear to me that just because someone disagrees with the NFL's interpretation of an incredibly flawed investigation, it's assumed that he's lying, and to me, that's a shame," Fujita said. "That's a shame."

Early thoughts on the evidence NFL presented | ProFootballTalk
We’re currently plowing through the evidence the NFL presented to the players involved in the Saints bounty case, and much of it is inspirational material or game-plan specific. Much of it is, frankly, meaningless.

NFLPA releases some of the NFL evidence in bounty probe - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
On Friday, the NFL provided 16 exhibits to the NFL Players Association that would be used against the players in today's hearing. The NFLPA released the evidence on its website today.

New Orleans Saints suspended players appeal adjourns abruptly - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

NFLPA document: A number of problems with league evidence | ProFootballTalk
When Jonathan Vilma’s attorney Peter Ginsberg left league offices this morning after a brief stay at his client’s bounty hearing, he described the league’s process as a "sham." It’s clear that the Players Association agrees with that stance.

Brett Favre 'bounty' pledges exists in NFL's evidence -
Part of the evidence the NFL gave the union included a typed sheet that detailed specific financial pledges Saints players made for hits on Vikings QB Brett Favre before the 2009 NFC title game.

Players appealing penalties: 'Words are cheap and power is fleeting' | New Orleans
Three players appealing the penalties set forth by the NFL for their roles in an alleged bounty program are attending to hearings in an attempt to keep the league from twisting why they weren’t there if they hadn’t shown up.

Scott Fujita, Anthony Hargrove, Will Smith say NFL has misrepresented their activities - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Players, along with Jonathan Vilma, have their appeal hearing with NFL today

Live updates of the Saints players' appeal hearing before Commissioner Roger Goodell - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
From the appeal hearing in New York

Suspended Saints arrive for appeals hearing with Goodell
New Orleans Saints linebacker was relaxed entering league offices for 10 a.m. hearing. "What's right is right," the suspended star said.

Saints Players Issue Powerful Statement Prior To Today's Bounty Appeal - NFL Spin Zone - A General NFL Blog providing you all the NFL News, Rumors, Updates, and National Football League News.
Yes, we continue to bombard you with Bountygate news prior to today's appeal from the players, but this latest item delivers a strong statement from the...



Come on, Drew Brees: A letter to the editor |

Drew Brees claims horse away from Kobe Bryant | ProFootballTalk
Drew Brees hasn't been playing football this spring, but he's kept his eyes on another sport. The Sport of Kings, to be exact. Brees and his partners claimed the thoroughbred Siempre Mio after a race at Hollywood Park on Sunday creating an extremely rare case of a horse going from one MVP owner t...

Saints Nation: Saints Bloggers Roundtable on Drew Brees | June



A Warning To Others - Who Dat Social Club
What’s not generally understood—because sports seems to be of so little consequence compared to politics—is that the sports media is every bit as infected as its sister, the news media. Each exhibits the same dynamic: a determination to defend the power structure on which it feeds, at all costs.

New St. Louis Lingerie Football League franchise announces name, logo (and it may sound familiar) | Off the Bench
Wow, Saints? One would think that would be one of the least popular names in St. Louis, but the LFL claims that local fans picked it for the name of their new ladies’ underwear football team. (My choice, the "Unmentionables", received no votes). LFL press release:

Deuce Ran Loose: McAllister Carried Saints For Many Seasons
To understand what Deuce McAllister meant to the New Orleans Saints franchise, all one has to do is turn back the clock a couple of years to the team's only Super Bowl appearance following the 2009 season.

New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas launches foundation to fight child obesity - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Peter King Will Never Shut Up About Peet’s | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Shorter Ginger Hammer: "We ended this thing that had been going on everywhere forever because it was gonna get us sued, so hopefully now we won’t get sued. Now dance, nugget monkey."

Union awards $1 million bonus to DeMaurice Smith - The Washington Post
Players vote to reward DeMaurice Smith for his work negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement with the NFL.

Roddy White thinks NFLPA failed the players | ProFootballTalk
"Players complaining that Roger Goodell is "judge, jury and executioner" are a little late to the party. Players allowed in July."

LaDainian Tomlinson second only to Marshall Faulk among modern-era RBs - Peter King -
The NFL can't just say, "Trust us on this.'' Too many lives, too many reputations, are on the line here for that.