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Fleur-de-Links: June 20, 2012



A big birthday shout out to Mr. ….show him some love!

This is the sense around the league. RT : Drew Brees' contract likely coming near July 16 deadline.

A Saints player will be ranked between No. 20-11 on ’s "The Top 100: Players of 2012" tonight- who will it be? SATCH NOTE: duh - Jimmy Graham; the NFL can take their list and shove it!

Mr. Benson continues to drive and expand his business interests - on the heels of his purchase of the New (cont)

Part 1: Joe Vitt called Roger Goodell this morning to tell him he never offered any bounty money and the allegations against him are false.

2: Vitt told Goodell he will take a lie-detector test to prove innonce or sign sworn affadavit that he never participated in bounty program.

3: Vitt: "They're lies. What is on that paper (shown to NFLPA and media) is false. How can anything else on that paper be considered?"

Joe Vitt is outraged at the accusations the league directed at him that he offered money and corrobated evidence. 100% Untrue, he insisted.

It was over for Vitt. He took the suspension. No motivation to speak up now, unless he's telling the truth.

If coaches start speaking up, this thing could get even crazier. A GW presser right now would be a circus like no other.

All I want to do is move on and embrace the hate, but damn, they won't let me. Every day it's something new.

It's up to you how far you go. If you don't try, you'll never know what you could've done...

Former Saint is Earl Heyman, who was on sideline,told me unequivocally Anthony Hargrove did not utter "pay me" comment.

Just now listening to Hargrove giving his comments (only read it before)...great stuff. I. SAID. NO. SUCH. THING.

I believe Hargrove, love the guy, but he sounded like Will Ferrell screaming that pre-written statement

happy bday homie!!!

thanks bruh! All I can say is H.A.M!!!

Considering what we think we know now and brutality Favre endured, do we wonder how bounty game with SB at stake was so poorly officiated?

Tune into selection show Thur 8PM ET on ESPNU to see who coach Dilfer selects to compete in country's BEST QB competition

Team Gleason looking for an intern. Documentary filmmakers need not apply.

Just landed in NJ! Excited about this weekend. The first annual Malcolm Jenkins football camp in my home town of Piscataway.!!!

Big S/O to the homie !! Happy birthday kinfolk!! Y'all go show big homie some love..

Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be. - George A. Sheehan

There's absolutely no way Pierre's trade value ever was/will ever be > his value to THIS team

A great one told me "Dont work to be good. Work to be GREAT!"

Statement from Saints Assistant Head Coach Joe Vitt:



Former Saint Heyman backs Hargrove in dispute over bounty evidence - NFL - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy
Former New Orleans Saints practice squad defensive lineman Earl Heyman, who was on the sidelines during the NFC Championship Game in which a microphone picked up a Saints player saying "pay me my money," told on Wednesday, repeatedly, that the player in question was not Anthony Hargrove.

Vitt offers to take lie detector test regarding Favre bounty allegations | ProFootballTalk
"Today I had a great conversation with the Commissioner and stated I would sign a sworn affidavit to this fact, or make myself available to take a lie detector, to immediately rectify this matter," Vitt said. "Also it cannot be emphasized enough, none of our players, particularly those who are facing suspensions, ever crossed the white line with the intent to injure an opponent. I am proud of our players and stand behind them 100% and will do whatever I can to help restore their good names.

League confirms Vitt wasn’t accused of contributing to bounty pool | ProFootballTalk
While the handling of Vitt’s discipline has no direct bearing on the handling of player discipline, the disconnect suggests that the notes detailing the contributions made to the Brett Favre bounty — which perhaps constitute the only piece of clear written evidence pointing to the use of a bounty system — are for some reason not as reliable and credible as the NFL would have us all believe. And the curious failure of the league to take aggressive action against Vitt for conduct that, if it occurred, should have triggered a suspension of at least one year or more illustrates why, regardless of guilt or innocence, real questions need to be asked regarding the key details of this case.

Drew Brees "WMD" apology is going a bit overboard - Who Dat Dish - A New Orleans Saints Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
Drew Brees having to apologize for "WMD" tweet is just a bit much.

Tulane football Coach Curtis Johnson talks about New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton's suspension, recruiting and Louisiana in radio interview this morning |
"Here’s the one thing I know – I’ve been trying to get him to come up here – He can’t come on a college campus," Johnson said on the show. "It’s part of his suspension. He can’t go to college football games."

Add 'Hargrove's Hustle' To Bounty Story That Wouldn't Die
Compared to the Bounty scandal of 2012, give me the NFL Lockout of 2011 any old offseason.

Goodell meeting with Sen. Dick Durbin on Wednesday | ProFootballTalk
To those who think the NFL intentionally has overstated the bounty case, here's a strong reason for the league not to draw too much attention to such matters. On Wednesday afternoon, Commissioner Roger Goodell will meet with Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.

Drew Brees apologizes for WMD comment | ProFootballTalk
A day after New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees compared the NFL's evidence in the Saints' bounty program to the Bush administration's evidence for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Brees has said he thinks he chose his words poorly. "I apologize if the WMD comment offended anyone.

Three attempts to define the term "killing the head" | ProFootballTalk
When stumped by the meaning of new sayings, I usually check But there's no entry (yet) for"killing the head." So I've had to search elsewhere. And, like many words on UrbanDictionary.

Timing of exhibit disclosure could scuttle bounty suspensions | ProFootballTalk
Though the NFL's in-house appeal process doesn't amount to a full-blown legal proceeding, the players accused of participating in the Saints' bounty program could escape responsibility on the same basis that plenty of criminal defendants do. By relying on a technicality.

Halftime Voodoo " Saints Slideshow Featured Dog the Bounty Hunter And General Pershing

Former Saints defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove says NFL 'got their evidence all wrong' - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Lineman facing eight-game suspension says his voice isn't on audiotape

Hargrove alleges game-changing error - NFC North Blog - ESPN
That's a fair statement. Even if it was an innocent mistake, a false identification of that magnitude invites further scrutiny on everything else the league has alleged. What other mistakes might have been made?

Former New Orleans Saints player Anthony Hargrove may have gotten raw deal from NFL again - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
I'll admit that I don't know for sure who said the words. But the NFL had better be more certain than I am. It would be reprehensible for the NFL to get an accusation like this wrong - especially when so much of the league's case has been called into question.

Hargrove says it's not his voice in 'Give me the money' clip | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
NEW YORK -- Former New Orleans defensive end Anthony Hargrove says it's not his voice saying "Give me the money" in a video used by the NFL as evidence in its investigation of the Saints bounty program.

MILWAUKEE: Hargrove, a Packer and former Saint, says it wasn't his voice | NFL Football | The Sun Herald
With a 13-minute, nearly 1,500-word prepared statement, Anthony Hargrove emphatically said that it was not his voice in the video clip used as evidence in the New Orleans Saints' bounty investigation.

Interaction between CBA and Goodell’s power more complex than it seems | ProFootballTalk
"The answer to that is no, I’m not going to be open to that," Goodell said at the time. "I’m not going to hand off the brand and the reputation of the NFL to somebody who is not associated with the NFL. I promise you that. That is one of the number one jobs as a commissioner in my opinion."

Loomis can meet with Saints during suspension, but only to talk NBA | ProFootballTalk
Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis is suspended for the first eight games of the regular season for his role in the team's bounty program, but the suspension won't keep him from meeting with Saints owner Tom Benson and other team officials.

Saints Nation: Time to Move On as Fans from "Bountygate" | June

NFL mascots, plus one: editorial cartoon |
The latest from Steve Kelley of The Times-Picayune



Superdome Receives FEMA Grant For Remaining Recovery Work

2012 NFL Rookie Symposium Kicks Off Sunday
The NFL kicks off its 15th Rookie Symposium on Sunday (June 24), emphasizing the sport’s legacy, tradition of character and leadership, as well as social and professional responsibility. The four-day orientation will be held at the Bertram Hotel in Aurora, Ohio and for the first time will feature speakers and a history session at the nearby Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.

Saints Nation: Time to Move on From Pierre Thomas? | June