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Fleur-de-Links: June 21, 2012



We all can agree on this "If you're going to suspend someone for a yr, u better make dam sure it's a slam-dunk case...Not this b.s"

I can say with 100% certainty that Joe Vitt never contributed ANY money to ANYTHING, and that the supposed "Minny ledger" is inaccurate

Zoom in on this bad boy. Found it in the closet. A southern house spider..harmless, but gnarly lookin

I just seen that there was another one of those zombie attacks in Florida!! What is the world coming 2? Smh

Set your DVRs: Just received word from CBS that Drew Brees will be a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday, June 26. SATCH NOTE: Dave probably wants to talk WMDs with him.

LMAO RT RT : I still haven't signed a contract, but until I do, look at this spider:

New Saints blogs keep popping up. Hope to contribute to the conversation.

Big Congrats Guy was #14 on NFL countdown in only his 3rd season of football! Kinda sad it's my 14th & I'm still terrible

Just posted a photo

Just posted a photo

Just posted a photo

Last day of workouts was definatly a good 1! Next stop rookie symposium for a couple days than its time for that Vegas trip! Can't wait

": Behind the scenes as watches during his shoot "lol good times

Sounds good!Love the burgers!@PhilsGrill hey I look forward to meeting you on one of your burger excurtions, appreciate the support.Who Dat!

Not really with the camps goin on this weekn... Lol RT : What's good, bros? Staying out that heat??

Damn I must B the only 1 who doesn't watch Boondocks But I Have all the Seasons on Blue Ray SMH

Twitter! That was terrifying. Is everyone okay?

": Vitt questions whether bounty evidence has been "falsified or tampered with" I broke no law! I AM THE LAW!!!

There are sites out there that are very protective of themselves, refusing to link to other Saints information. That's a disservice to fans.

Winston Churchill said, "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." Everyone have a great Thursday!

WIN: Someone searched "When will Falcons season tickets be mailed" this morning, and found my 'open letter' from yesterday

. Lmao, at least 4 Saints bloggers tried to walk away in one day, and got sucked right back in. Just can't help it.

A fine summation, sir RT Examining the Flaws of BountyGate's Evidence

S/O to that Boy no.14 in the top 100! All I can say is that I'm glad he's on my team!



SaintsWin: Analysis & Opinion
Again, what we have is a series of allegations later proven to be fatally flawed or just outright wrong. Is the NFL really this incompetent? Or are they just hoping that the players and the public will capitulate to their barrage of half-truths?

Daily Special, June 21, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
I guess someone forgot that the new evidence had to match the old evidence, or questions would be raised about the integrity of the NFL’s investigation (but not by Dickhead Durbin).

PFT Live: Vitt dealing with bounty allegations | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio talks with Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune about Saints interm head coach Joe Vitt and the allegations that he contributed money to hurt Brett Favre. They also discuss the NFL's duty to clean up bounty programs across the league.

Vitt questions whether bounty evidence has been "falsified or tampered with" | ProFootballTalk
The floodgates officially are open. After weeks of silence, which many believed was motivated by fear of additional sanctions from the league office, the coaches who have been suspended as part of the bounty/pay-for-performance program are beginning to speak out aggressively regarding the league'...

Saints Nation: Bountygate Remains a Never Ending Saga Because of Spotty "Evidence" | June

" The Casket Reopened The Angry Who Dat

NFL creates anonymous bounty tip line | ProFootballTalk
In order to prevent the imposition of bounties on players who complain about bounties, the NFL will create a vehicle for the anonymous reporting of the existence of bounties. After Wednesday's meeting between Commissioner Roger Goodell and Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.

Vitt challenges piece of bounty evidence | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
NEW ORLEANS -- Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt says a piece of evidence recently made public in the NFL's bounty investigation falsely portrays him pledging $5,000 for knocking then Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre out of the 2010 NFC title game.

Anthony Hargrove could be next in line to file a defamation suit against Goodell...and should
Defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove could be next in line to file a defamation suit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Hasselbeck nonplussed by mention in Saints' bounty scandal | Nashville City Paper
In his experience, Hasselbeck expressed no sense that the Saints, or any comparable opponents, were out to harm him.



New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees to appear on the "Late Show" with David Letterman - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Brees is promoting PACE program

NFL Referees Association files unfair labor practice against NFL | NFL Football | The Sun Herald
The NFL Referees Association has filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board against the NFL.

Ike Taylor to host annual football camp in Gretna on Friday - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Mike Wallace, Santonio Holmes, D'Anthony Batiste are also scheduled to attend

Despite 2011 stats, players vote Jimmy Graham over Rob Gronkowski
Who's the better tight end -- Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski?

Five Saints ranked in NFL's Top 100 players | New Orleans
NEW ORLEANS - Five Saints players have made the list of the NFL's top 100, according to the NFL Network, which said it takes a poll of fellow players.

Brees remains unsigned; Grubbs strengthens O-line for Saints | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
METAIRIE -- The New Orleans Saints have faced several challenges since the 2011 season that ended with a disappointing playoff loss at San Francisco.



NFL Videos: 'The Top 100: Players of 2012': Jimmy Graham
Saints TE Jimmy Graham edges Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski as the best at his position and the No. 14 player in the league in 2012.