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Fleur-de-Links: Saturday, June 23



JUNIOR GALETTESunglasses And Advil

Justin DrescherGot some nice catfish! Enough for a fish fry

Lance MooreHope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day. Be thankful, you're blessed!

Lance MooreLast night w my beautiful mother

Andrew TillerMy last day in Nola for a month! Gotta go out with a bang lol

JUNIOR GALETTEA good girl is hard 2 find that's y I luv Freaks

JUNIOR GALETTE Think so? RT @cmarieee624: @JuniorG93 that's when you go after someone you usually wouldnt go after.

JUNIOR GALETTE "No such thing as Good Girls only bad girls who dont get caught" RT @cmarieee624: @JuniorG93 there ARE good girls out there ;)

Lance MooreAmerican ;-) RT @Runt_kitty: @LanceMoore16 what nationality are you?

Lance MooreI am biracial. Mom is of European dissent and father is African american RT @brenditta99: @LanceMoore16 Hmm so what's your ethnicity?

Curtis LoftonWhat u doing in the fish?@superreg30 Just left the house that @CurtisLofton50 built. Had a big statue out in front ...

Jermon Bushrodhahaaaaaaa "@jgoody59: Still trying to figure out which parent selected the see thru jersey shirts. Lol"

Corey WhiteI feel like I tweet once a week. I need to step my game up

JUNIOR GALETTE Sandusky got 442 Yrs who did that Math? that number had to just b Random WTH

Corey WhiteOnly in Cartoons RT @_YanaMc: How do you run for 26min straight at 100%...?

Chase Daniel @saints official hot sauce too! RT: @darrenrovell: Not surprised that LSU has an official hot sauce (via @HHReynolds)"

Lance MooreI love summer Saturdays!!!

Lance MooreAlong w that summer Saturday comes a fresh beverage

Emily WriterThe man, the myth, the legend. @darrensproles

JUNIOR GALETTE#Amnesia Was Turn Up Last night!!!!

Isa Abdul-Quddus@ Piscataway hs for day 2 of the camp. I shoulda brought @mauri_ilove_32 out here to show them that gatorade player of the year talent! Lol

Isa Abdul-Quddus "@mauri_ilove_32: @iamisa1 lol hahahahaha , I woulda peformed lol !!!!!!!" I already know! Ima bring you out here next year to show out!!

Chase DanielWe got the Sand Dollar! #Benedicts #HighEnergy #Lattes

team gleasonSteve riding shotgun at Cruisin for a Cause. #NoWhiteFlags

Mark Ingram "@girldatsbrandon: Bosh again"

Darren SprolesI like to thank everybody for there support this morning at my 5k! Hope everybody had a great time!

Nick ToonWhatup NOLA?!

Les EastIf John Wilkes Booth had been a vampire, history would be so much different.

Roman Harper@MalcolmJenkins @jrLaurinaitis 3 shots on 1-1 vs a high school kid for each others cleats. SMH only @MalcolmJenkins football camp

Roman Harper1st play @MalcolmJenkins Knicks ball down. 2nd play kid makes great catch in back of end one. 3rd play kid runs slant route.

Roman Harper@MalcolmJenkins is giving up his cleats as we talk WOW kid might as well go to the league he has a story 4 the rest of his life Humbling exp

Roman Harper @MalcolmJenkins @jrLaurinaitis @JonVilma51 officially my young man "SKINS ON THE WALL"

Jonathan Vilma@Harp41 @malcolmjenkins @jrlaurinaitis really tho?!? Did my starting safety really jus lose?!!!!? O.M.G!

Pierre ThomasHittin the beach with @milktyson and @vinny_baby whats good chicago

Darren SprolesBout to get on that bird✈✈✈ Cali bound!

Held OverSorry, folks; I just don't have it in me to root for the French. #EUR02012

Matt TennantAt Norris Lake, TN with family and @BrianIvo @ChazFisch @Gpharo @Igotjubak

Les EastRT @BorowitzReport: There is a fine line between muttering incoherently to yourself and going on Twitter.

ProFootballTalkFrom @GeorgeAtallah on bounty probe: "Small pieces of sh-t pieced together might be a mosaic, but it just amounts to one big mosaic of sh-t" (HansDat note: the PFT story with this quote is in the Bounty section)

Jeff DuncanImpressive. RT @RonThibodeaux: Sweet! Spotted this in parking lot of Covington Supermarket this morning: #saints

Reid G.:bigbow: George Atallah: "a mosaic of s***"

Jonathan Vilma"@GeorgeAtallah on bounty probe: "Small pieces of sh-t pieced together might be a mosaic, but it just amounts to one big mosaic of sh-t"whoa


Real Saints Stuff

Saints Nation: Saints Cut Ties With Romeus, Waive 2011 Draft Pick |
Andrew Juge - And just like that, Greg Romeus' career may be over.

Daily Special, June 23, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
Himself - "What the hell are you doing, Roger?" That’s the most important question to come out of the Saints’ bounty scandal: not "did they do it?" or "what actually happened?" What is Goodell actually up to?

Who Dat Nation page temporarily down |
Lunchtime troubles at the NOLA Media Group. The Who Dat Nation tab of the New Orleans Saints page is temporarily down. Our tech staff are working to get it back up and running as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience.


Scrutiny of the Bounty (this is Deadspin's title - GREAT!!)

NFLPA responds to Pash’s comments about appeal hearing | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio - "Whether or not De was there is irrelevant to the players," Atallah added. "He got to see the documents over the course of three days and didn’t see any other evidence since March. In short, small pieces of sh-t pieced together might be a mosaic, but it just amounts to one big mosaic of sh-t."

Video Clayton: New bounty investigation unlikely - NFC South Blog |
John Clayton discusses NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith asking Roger Goodell to conduct Saints bounty investigation again, and the strength of NFL's case after denying gag orders and witness retraction cover-ups.

Brett Favre: "I really don’t care" if Saints had a bounty | ProFootballTalk
Michael David Smith - Brett Favre’s name has come up repeatedly in the NFL’s investigation into the Saints’ bounty program, but Favre himself hasn’t had a lot to say about it. Mostly because he doesn’t care.

Warren Sapp Says Sorry to Jeremy Shockey Over Bounty Scandal | NFL Gridiron Gab
It hasn’t been an easy few months for former Bucs and Raiders loudmouth DL Warren Sapp, who had to declare bankruptcy and now is saying sorry for blowing the whistle on an innocent victim in the Saints bounty scandal.



NFC South top 25: No. 21 - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - We continue our series of my projected top 25 players in the NFC South for the 2012 season with No. 21.

NFL opens Pandora's Box by offering All-22 tape to public |
Shut up, Michael Lombardi. The NFL has decided to offer the All-22 film to the public in the 2012 season. While this new viewpoint can be a fantastic learning tool, Michael Lombardi sees great danger in rampant misinformation.

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback and Gretna native Ike Taylor eager for season to begin |
Albert Burford - Taylor hosted his ninth annual football camp for kids in Gretna on Friday.

Former Second Ward and LSU football player Terry Robiskie has stayed close to the game he loves |
Ted Lewis - At Second Ward High School in Edgard, Terry Robiskie was a man among boys, a 6-foot-2, 210 pounder who once went 97, 84 and 80 yards for touchdowns on quarterback sneaks in a game, who averaged 10.2 yards per carry and who led his school to Class 1A championships in 1971 and 1972 and a 48-2 record during his career.