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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, June 24



Drew BreesLove ESPNs crazy stats: Jim Thome just passed 5 HOFs (including Mantle and Ruth) to become all time leader in walk off HRs at 13. Impressive

Saints Nation Blog Code. Thome = Brees, Walk off HR = contract, Mantle/Ruth = Manning/Brady RT @drewbrees: Thome passed Mantle & Ruth, leader in walk off HRs

Johnny PatrickUp early for no reason I guess my body felt like it had enough sleep....

cameron jordanWatchin the sun rise!!! Different day, different state... Complete beauty

The Angry Who DatI don't like the white one #Debby

skooksDamn that cone is extra uncertain

Reid G.Tropical Storm Debby update for dummies: basically, nobody has any f***ing clue where it's going, so stay tuned.

The Angry Who DatYeah, usually the forecasters will say where the storm is going, and caution that things could change at any time.

The Angry Who DatIn #Debby's case, they say "here's a track that she could possibly take, but honestly, we don't have a f***ing clue. Good luck, bro."

The Angry Who DatGrocery stores are gonna be a zoo this afternoon. First storm of the year. Bottled water and Spam in high demand. FILL YOUR TUB WITH WATER!

The Angry Who Datpanic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic #Debby

The Angry Who DatI only have six rolls of duct tape. Is that enough? RT @StormDebby angrywhodat don't panic. Get ready for me at #debby

The Angry Who Dat Now making big X's on my windows with masking tape

MPChris77@angrywhodat buy like 6 flashlights & battery combo packs #justincase

The Angry Who DatY'all are hilarious. Seriously thinking about heading to Gulfport Walmart this afternoon to take some pictures

The Angry Who DatOh, god, there's a cloud in the eastern sky. Is it about to start? #DebbyPanic

The Angry Who DatImmediately open all your windows about an inch, so the tornadoes won't explode your house

The Angry Who Dat Everyone check out Duncan's column about opportunistic t-shirt sales. It's cutting edge. #Journalism

Nick ToonNew Topp cars

Nick ToonNew @Topp joint

Nick ToonExclusive @Topp 1 of 1 special gold edition

Nick Toon"@SayTresSayTres: @Nick2oon 88? It's official?" yeah

ProFootballTalkMatt Ryan working to become comfortable with new offensive coordinator

JUNIOR GALETTEBack to the Grind Baby #Soho #TRIFECTA was Gr8 Back 2 Business Happy Sunday #GetBetter

Nick Toon"@ajscards101: @Nick2oon hey nick did you collect cards when you were younger?" yeah I had a huge collection

Nick Toon"@ajscards101: @Nick2oon sick do you still have it?" Idk I think I have it stashed away somewhere

Chris ChamberlainBeautiful day, headed to church with the fam then my nephews swim party for his B Day! Gonna be a great day!

ProFootballTalkFrom Outside the Lines, NFL's failure to embrace HIT system could create ongoing concussion liability

Andrew TillerThis is definatly the smallest plane I ever been on

Jeff DuncanExcellent stuff from Leonard Pitts on the "essentiality of journalism":

Held OverFinished the first season of #breakingbad last night. Damn.

The Angry Who DatPodcast with @SportsCajun from SportsJoes

The Angry Who Dat #WIN RT @F***TheFalcons It I 9:00 on a Sunday mornin and I'm f***ed up like a chicken...

Held Over Genius. "@BlackenedOut: Morning walk today developed this gem, how come a local brewery hasn't developed a beer and called it Brew Drees?"

The Angry Who DatI WANT AN EXPLANATION RT @BlackenedOut: how come a local brewery hasn't developed a beer and called it Brew Drees?

Thomas Morstead"@AcmeOyster: What would you do for a dozen chargrilled #oysters right now?" I'd run across the Huey P Bridge

cameron jordanQuick night of sleep time to get out this thang tho

JUNIOR GALETTE Would U Rather B #UnderPaid OR #OVERRATED??? #NuLa

Johnny Patrick Headed to Vegas this week haven't been In a while it should be fun.....

skooksWe got crabs

skooksCrab berl

Isa Abdul-Quddus That "So Sophisticated" goes too hard

Thomas Morstead @Saints Hall of Fame Game is 6 weeks away.... Can't wait to get on the field #WHODAT

Thomas MorsteadCorpus Chisti, here I come! I will catch all your fish...

Malcolm JenkinsJust left NJ,had a great time this weekend Between seeing my family, catching up with friends, and running around with campers!! #hometown

Malcolm JenkinsThank you to all the sponser, volunteers, supporters,parents, and campers for making this a weekend to remember! I can't wait till next year

New Orleans SaintsCheck out this pic of an impressive graduation cake sent to us by a fan!

Chase DanielBreakfast of champions!

Jedidiah CollinsBeautiful morning walk with the family and dogs in Dana Point Harbor. I wish the picture could do it justice #Blessed

New Orleans Saints6 weeks from today, the Saints & Cardinals open the @NFL preseason in the @ProFootballHOF game!

Justin Drescher"@Saints: 6 weeks from today, the Saints & Cardinals open the @NFL preseason in the @ProFootballHOF game!" Can't wait to get going'n

Chase Daniel72 degrees and Sunny! Headed to the Del Mar Fair! Perfect day.

Justin Drescher@DavidThomas_85 got the smoker going today!! Chicken, baloney, ribs, brisket!

Johnny Patrick"Pool Time"

Andrew JugeEven if you're not a soccer fan, the first 5 mns of Italy-England has been just awesome

Ralph Malbrough@AndrewJuge that de Rossi chose Italy over playing 4 USA makes me hate him like an Atlanta Falcon

Andrew Juge@MilneMalbrough oh for sure. I think every us soccer fan feels that way. He's LeBron status

Thomas Morstead"@JClay81: @thomasmorstead @GHartley5 could me 3 yr old son be the next Legatron??" That is impressive!!!

USA TODAY SportsDrew Brees is taking your questions on Wednesday when you use #AskBrees. Watch his answers on

ProFootballTalkScott Fujita thinks the NFL has "very little regard for the truth"

skooksGoodell accuses Ornstein of paying Debby to hit Florida


Scrutiny of the Bounty (thanks, Deadspin)

Fujita sees bounty probe as part smear campaign | NBC Sports
Brett Martel (AP) - Former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita, a union leader with a record of criticizing the NFL's player-safety record, sees elements of a "smear campaign" in a bounty investigation that has sullied his reputation.

The bounty scandal has fanned the flames of an already fiercely loyal New Orleans Saints fan base |
Jeff Duncan - It seems that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has become enemy No. 1.

Players union responds to Jeff Pash's take on Saints bounty evidence |
Doug Tatum - Union spokesman has different take on 'mosaic'.

League ties "give me my money" video to claim that Hargrove lied | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio - Regardless of what anyone thinks the 2009 NFC title game sideline video shows (or doesn't show), it doesn't conclusively demonstrate the identity of the person who utters the key words "give me my money" after assistant head coach Joe Vitt tells member of the Saints defense that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre may have a broken leg.

Deuce McAllister not surprised by Saints' bounty charges |
Bob Tompkins - Deuce McAllister, the career rushing leader for the New Orleans Saints, said the bounty cash-for-crunch charges against the Saints for the 2009-11 seasons did not catch him entirely off guard.

Deuce McAllister calls bounties "something every team does" | ProFootballTalk
Michael David Smith - What McAllister is describing may, indeed, be something every team does. But what McAllister is describing is a far cry from what the NFL alleges the Saints did.


Graham vs. Gronk

Graham is not better than Gronkowski - NFL Nation Blog |
James Walker (btw, he's NOT JJ from 'Good Times') - I like Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints. But he's not the best tight end in the NFL. The league's best tight end resides in New England.


Deuce @ La. Sports Hall of Fame Induction

2012 LA Sports Hall of Fame - Video |
Local news coverage of the 2012 LA Sports Hall of Fame.

Eight inducted into La. Hall of Fame | The Advocate
Robin Fambrough - Their accomplishments are unique and impressive enough to stand alone.

Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame museum slowly takes shape |
Kelly Morris - When Trey Trahan was hired to design the state-of-the-art Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame museum, one thing was clear.



The SportsJoes Podcast | The Angry Who Dat
Another first for the Angry Who Dat: this morning I joined the Sports Cajun from for a chat.

Saints Nation: NFL Cap Status for the 32 NFL Teams |
Andrew Juge

NFL rookies gather for guidance |
Barry Wilner (AP) - Troy Vincent wants to make it absolutely clear that the upcoming NFL rookie symposium is not the beginning of the players' journey into the pros.

Which playoff teams won't repeat? |
John Clayton singles out the most likely candidates, and the Saints are one of them.

NFL Videos: Top defensive plays of 2011 |
Relive all the hard-hitting, high-flying action from the 2011 season with this collection of the most dominating defensive displays. (HansDat note: Myopic view of "top defensive" plays, with most being interceptions. Saints are featured twice - once on a Chris Long clothesline sack of Brees and then on a tip-drill Falcons INT of Brees)