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What Up With Dat?: Delusions of Grandeur Edition


Below are answers to reader questions submitted last Monday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Goodell has had his saying in the suspensions of players and coaches. Looking at everything that has gone by and up until now, if someone else other than the NFL or anyone that has been associated with the NFL would have a say in all this, do you think they would lessen the suspensions are null the suspensions given to these players and coaches with the little so called evidence that has been showed thus far? - Tommy V.

I don't understand your question because it's poorly worded. But if you're asking if I think we'll see a third party step into the Bountygate discipline process and override Goodell's authority, you're obviously not on the same planet as sensible Saints fans. Honestly, if that's what you're hoping will happen, you're going to be severely disappointed. The sooner Saints fans like yourself get it in their head that this thing is almost over and the outcome isn't going to change, the sooner they can move past the anger and frustration. If that wasn't your question, please consider having someone edit before posting.

How long will justice take? How long before Goodell is kicked out of office and pays Vilma, Sean, and all the rest huge fines for his slander and such? Three months? Three years? Never? - Friar B.

Oh, dear. I think you and Tommy V. might need to start a Bountygate support group for delusional fans. While I would love nothing more than to see Goodell get his fair share of scrutiny and embarrassment, I'm pretty sure that's never going to happen. Time to move on.

With Romeus going down, Smith likely suspended four games and Wilson still unproven coming off the edge do you see the Saints bringing in a cheap veteran at defensive end to add some depth or will Loomis consider they're fine with McBride, Junior and Jordan as the only proven DEs? - Malcolm L.

At this point I think the only opportunity for the Saints to add any worthwhile roster help will be after league-wide roster cutdowns during pre-season/training camp. Even then, it's a slim-pickin' crapshoot. Perhaps someone will be brought in for depth purposes, but please don't think the Saints are going to find some monster pass rusher who is going to transform the Saints defense. The roster is pretty much set. It's time to start pondering what the Saints can get out of the players they currently have, not praying to find a miracle among the players they don't have.

Do you believe that any of the Saints free agent signings will have close to the impact that Darren Sproles had last year. If so, which one? - Ben D.

Do I believe any free agent signings will have the same impact that Sproles had last year? No way. What Sproles was able to contribute so quickly was pretty unique and I don't think fans should expect that kind of thing to happen regularly. But you asked whether I believe any free agent signings will have close to the impact that Darren Sproles had last year and I think that's definitely a possibility. Curtis Lofton would probably be my most likely candidate, not only because he plays MLB, the most important position on the defense, but also because he's arguably the most talented free agent the Saints signed this offseason.