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Fleur-de-Links: June 26, 2012



Expecting Vilma et al to sue in E.D. Louisiana after commish rules, but NFL could try to file first in N.Y. to confirm the decision.

Brees on Sean Pamphilon accusations that he knew more about bounties than he's letting on: "I'm not sure what he has against me."

Katy Perry’s starting her own record label. It will be the first one that releases both CDs and C-DDs.

": Jimmy John's is good, not great..." Shhhh! I thought we agreed NOT to say anything about Jimmy John's until after #9 signs!

Back in the 70s, I bet the best job a person could possibly land was "Member of Fleetwood Mac"

Great Panel Discussion today with Sporting Goods Foundation. Help us Bench Concussions

10 min speed bag cool down after mitt work drills and footwork..with my trainer

Emotion alone doesn't cloud reason. You need another cause to be completely unreasonable, like being pretentious or a monstrous douchebag.

No. I f***ing hate you, and my reasons are clear. RT emotion sometimes clouds reason

I am in a good mood today... In a following mood...

What i wrote as my Senior Quote: Try to win before u quit but always quit b4 u loser and ull never be a loser..being a quitter we can fix!

Last night all i could think about was breakfast" After breakfast i said "what am i gonna have for lunch" after lunch im thinkin Impastato's

RT : I used to question God when bad things would happen. Now, I just shut up and trust the process. He always has a reason.

It's my... 'JUMP' to Conclusions map!!! ": Caption This "

Did anyone catch the weather report this morning? The is losing out to the Wait maybe it was sports?

1K Reward For Missing PUPPY

"He was the toughest kid I ever coached in the 46 years of coaching" nice story on via

Im looking for a Major marketing goo roo.Hitting the streets of new orleans promoting bayou 87.ASAP $$$$$

Man it was hot this morning at workouts!! That's Texas for you

Congrats to Deuce McAllister () on his induction into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame last Saturday!



When Blogs Collide - Who Dat Social Club
I suppose it was inevitable this would happen. When the best Saints blog on the planet finds itself smack up against its bastard spawn in a cage match for dominance—or even just when Dave finally disagrees with me—the occasion calls for discretion instead of snark, careful reasoning instead of sarcasm, and, of course, a Photoshop job. My one advantage. Gaze on my works, ye mighty, and despair. One point for me.

Fujita, Ayodele, NFLPA Add More Ingredients To Bounty Gumbo
More lines have been drawn in the proverbial sand in the NFL's bounty case against the New Orleans Saints.

On bounty appeal decision, Vilma asks, "What’s this guy waiting on?" | ProFootballTalk
Shortly after we posted the news that the NFL won't hand down its decision today on the four players who are appealing their suspensions in the Saints' bounty investigation, one of those suspended players pointedly asked why not.

Remi Ayodele claims not to know who said "give me my money" | ProFootballTalk
Saints defensive tackle Remi Ayodele was sitting right there when someone on the New Orleans sideline said "give me my money" after hearing that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre had been knocked out of the NFC Championship Game. But Ayodele claims, through his agent, that he doesn't know who said it.

Saints players believe Hargrove didn’t say "give me my money" | ProFootballTalk
Anthony Hargrove isn't the only member of the 2009 Saints who believes he didn't say "give me my money" in the now-infamous sideline video from the NFC title game. Mike Freeman of reports that "almost the entire team" believes it wasn't Hargrove.



Drew Brees Speaks Out More On Contract, Bounty Sagas
With the deadline of July 16 approaching, Drew Brees has taken to the offensive, making his "campaign" tour, hitting top national television and radio shows.

Brees on OTL: 'I would never sit out a football season' | New Orleans
It long has been thought that quarterback Drew Brees would sit out if he and the Saints didn’t come to agreement on a long-term contract.

Saints QB Brees wants to make football safer at all levels | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
NEW YORK -- Drew Brees knows he has a dangerous job.

Brees believes Saints’ coaches are scared to stand up to the NFL | ProFootballTalk
The four players suspended in the Saints' bounty program are loudly proclaiming that the NFL's decision was unfair, and that they're not done fighting. But the other four men suspended in the Saints' bounty program have accepted their punishments and apologized.

NFL responds to Drew Brees' comments on Saints bounty investigation - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Spokesman Greg Aiello said evidence against the Saints is "overwhelming"

Drew Brees: 'I'd never sit out the season' - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Brees reiterated his disapproval for the suspensions levied on current, former Saints players.

Drew Brees says details are hanging up contract negotiations - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Brees called for the league to release evidence against current and former Saints players who received suspensions



WHNO Day at Saints Hall of Fame
The Saints Hall of Fame Museum will open this Saturday, June 30 from 10 AM-4 PM, courtesy of WHNO-TV, Channel 20.

Saints Nation: With Romeus Out, Martez Wilson Will Get Every Shot to Showcase his Stuff | June



NFL Videos: Drew Brees: NFL has no proof in 'bounty' investigation
Saints QB Drew Brees says he believes the league's investigation into a pay-for-performance program was not conducted fairly and should be redone.