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Fleur-de-Links: June 27, 2012



Had a great experience @ the rookie symposium got to see TheHallofFame "inspiring"

6-1, 212 pounds of twisted steel with sex appeal. It’s your boy HOLLYWOOD 87!!

": Chocolate, sex and laughter are all key to a healthy brain." Ummmmm enough said

Suns Out Guns Outs!!! Lol

Check out the blog. RT : It starts at home, in the community. Check this out at

First flight to Houston with a 20 min layover. Let me put my running shoes on

Have a Blessed and Productive Day everyone!

my guys r runnin a promo free tix and meet me

Brees has been nominated for 2 : Best Record-Breaking Performance & Best NFL Player! Vote here:

There is no DREAM w/out a journey The longer the journey the greater the DREAM The harder the Journey the more U will enjoy the DREAM

if yall get on my fb page they be postin dates I have other stuff the wkend as well

here is goes

Just now leaving the NFL hall of fame, its crazy the appreciation that u have for the game once u leave there, its way bigger than fame&$

Anthony Hargrove just got wood... ": Tony Romo is the QB most like me, Brett Favre says: "

Morning World... Blessed to see another day to make another dollar... Everybody have a bless day

I want a radio show where we just screen callers to weed out the GOOD ones, and spend 2-3 hours berating the sh*t out of the idiots

I would have a guest berater each day. It would be, easily, the best radio show in New Orleans immediately (not that that says much)

"Today we have a very special guest, Jeff Duncan. Wtf is wrong with you, you pathetic spineless NFL shill? Explain your inferiority now."

Tell me people wouldn't tune in.

Saints training camp starts a month from today at the Saints Training Facility!



Carlos Rogers thinks the way Goodell handles things is "kind of crazy" | ProFootballTalk
"Guys going out there to hurt guys for a couple of thousand dollars when you basically can get fined by the league for $15,000, it just doesn’t add out to me," Rogers said. "A lot of people do their little system things where you make a big play, you make a big hit or you get an interception and you return it for a touchdown — different positions have pots. But to say you go out and intentionally hurt a guy for for a couple of thousand dollars to get fined by the league $15,000 and even more, that just doesn’t add up."

NFL’s carrot could be keeping coaches in line | ProFootballTalk
Regardless of whether Sean Payton and Gregg Williams fear the NFL's stick, they have good reason to be concerned that the NFL will remove its carrot. Lost to date in the discussion regarding whether coaches caught up in the bounty scandal fear retribution from the league office if they talk is th...

League says there’s no truth to claim of threats against coaches | ProFootballTalk
Saints quarterback Drew Brees believes that coaches involved in the bounty scandal have remained silent because they fear further sanctions from the league. The league's response to those claims is now in.

New Orleans Saints have their share of doubters for this season - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Next wave of bounty litigation will be an uphill climb for players | ProFootballTalk
Monday's tweet from Jonathan Vilma confirms what anyone following the Saints bounty scandal already knew. Unless he's planning to buy a condo at Del Boca Vista, "Phase 2" means litigation. Technically, the litigation will be in the form of an attack on an arbitration award.

Bounty coaches fear further sanctions from league office | ProFootballTalk
...we’ve heard from multiple sources that Williams wants to comment publicly, specifically regarding the league’s contention that Williams corroborated the claim that linebacker Jonathan Vilma offered $10,000 to anyone who knocked Brett Favre out of the 2009 NFC title game. But Williams to date has been muzzled by his lawyer, who apparently believes that any effort to dispute the notion that Williams threw a player under the bounty bus will be overcome by the impact of disputing the league’s evidence on Williams’ ability to be reinstated after the 2012 season.



Drew Brees' franchise-tag grievance ruling expected in a week -
Saints quarterback Drew Brees will know within a week if he is franchise tagged for a third time in 2013, whether he’ll collect nearly $4 million more than the NFL says he is due.

QB participation shows importance of new offseason program -
The irony here is that while all these other QBs have been treating Wednesdays in May like Wednesdays in October, it's Drew Brees who's been absent this year, because of his contract situation. Brees ran the most detailed and complex of the lockout camps last offseason, and it was Brees whom Rodgers was juxtaposed against last year. Funny thing is, in a way, Rodgers is validating Brees' 2011 intentions with his 2012 actions.

Brees gets bumped to Thursday by Letterman | ProFootballTalk
Well, if I've lost my mind, this isn't evidence of it. I tuned in to The Late Show With David Letterman at 11:35 p.m. ET, planning to watch Drew Brees' appearance, and then to post anything new or different he might say, after spending pretty much the whole day saying all sorts of things to all s...

QB Drew Brees Nominated for Two ESPYs

Drew Brees ruling key to contract talks - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
UPDATE: The hearing occurred this morning. A decision is expected within a week. Another day, another off-the-field matter involving the Saints. On

Drew Brees 'extremely anxious' to get back on field - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Brees answered questions from Twitter and Facebook about Bountygate, concussion awareness and contract negotiations.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees' sandwich shop, video |
What was a Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich like?

Drew Brees says he won't sit out the season, as negotiations drag on - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

NFLPA reportedly has asked NFL to investigate whether New Orleans Saints are negotiating in good faith with Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Allegation that his work for union during lockout is being held against him

Drew Brees talks contract, bountygate in USA TODAY interview
The unsigned Saints quarterback talked about his contract status, bountygate and other topics during a video interview with USA TODAY Sports.

Daily Special, June 27, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
Here’s good news: today we get to discuss Drew Brees instead of Bountygate. So let’s find out what Drew thinks about Bountygate.

NFL players union asks league to investigate protracted Brees negotiations - NFL - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy
Are the Saints acting in good faith with franchise player Drew Brees? Negotiations on a long-term contract haven't been fruitful, and Jason La Canfora says the players union has asked the league to investigate the matter.

Opinion: Brees' possible PR gaffe could be a PR play | New Orleans
When it comes to athletes and understanding public relations and public perception, there are few better than Drew Brees.



Statements From the New Orleans Saints on the Passing of Eddie Jones

Offseason Breakdown: New Orleans Saints | Audibles
Audibles - Chris Burke on the NFL

Saints’ hidden treasure: Linebackers - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
Examining a position group that could exceed its preseason expectations: There’s a perception out there that Jonathan Vilma’s suspension

Saints Nation: Chronic Podcast - Less Than 40 Days to Actual Football Edition | June

Defensive end Greg Romeus clears waivers; returns to Saints
Defensive end Greg Romeus clears waivers and returns to the New Orleans Saints on injured reserve.



NFL Videos: Brees: 'There's been progress made over the last few weeks'
Saints QB Drew Brees speaks at an event on Tuesday about his contract situation.