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Minnesota Vikings Sign Jeff Charleston

Getty Images

Don't know why I didn't see this piece of information anywhere else, but the Saints have lost veteran defensive end Jeff Charleston to the Minnesota Vikings.

On Thursday, the team signed a member of the 2009 Saints, who allegedly had a total bounty of $35,000 on Brett Favre in the NFC title game that year.

The new arrival is defensive end Jeff Charleston, a six-year veteran who joins a depth chart that could be without Everson Griffen, if he eventually shifts to linebacker. To make room for Charleston, the Vikings cut defensive tackle Terrell Resonno.

Charleston, an unrestricted free agent, has been in New Orleans since 2008. He was always a solid backup who came up with a big play every now and then. The depth he provided at defensive end will definitely be missed. I was really sure the Saints would try to retain Charleston's services.

Hey, that's more money the Saints should have to sign Drew Brees...