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Fleur-de-Links: June 29, 2012



cameron jordanA real woman...The 1 who gon have a fun time n shut down everyone but me ain gotta worry bout what she wearin o where her mind at#justsayin

Isa Abdul-Quddus Amnesia way too live right now

cameron jordanEva see a woman throw a fit bout how her man don't pay attention to her as an excuse to flirt wit other dudes??? #bereal

cameron jordanEva seen a chick give her number out cuz she's in a long distance relationship assuming he's doin the same #bereal

cameron jordanEva witness a woman say she divorced while havin a ring on her finger and a wedding band #bereal

cameron jordanEva seen a woman take one drink so she can blame it on that, let's plz #bereal

cameron jordanY is it that women hide behind "truths" such as I normally don't do this but end up doin it anyways #bereal


Greg BenselAustin Rivers and Anthony Davis get relaxed aboard Air Benson early morning to New Orleans

Malcolm JenkinsGood morning! Finish off the week with a purpose and then enjoy the rest! Last workout of the week, gotta make it count!

Joseph Morgan Good morning world and all who inhabit it #SpongeBob

Drew BreesCheck out Bowen getting ready for July 4th and Olympics in his@Pampers Limited Edition USA diaper! #PampersTeamUSA #ad

Lance MooreGood morning everybody! Hope u all have a great day. Oh and its only 7am here in Vancouver so my morning tweet isn't as late as it seems lol

Jedidiah Collins"Who is not satisfied with himself will grow; who is not sure of his own correctness will learn many things" Chinese Proverb

JUNIOR GALETTEI Lost My Whole Bench In 1 Day Lil Girls need 2 Stop Catching Feelings Still Got my Starting 5 #DREAMTEAM

Pierre ThomasDone with my morning workout #TGIF

cameron jordanAfter a crazy night End it on a high five laugh out loud smile and go to sleep peacefully #enditwithahi5

JUNIOR GALETTEGot So Much Sh*T To do This Morning That I Don't wanna Do

Jedidiah CollinsIf dolphins are so smart why have they not invented cereal?#randomthought

Malcolm BeyahShould I get em

cameron jordanEnding the night n headed to train

Will HerringIt feels good having the week's work behind you! Love me some weekends!

Jermon Bushrod I think Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless might end up fighting one day

Jermon BushrodWho would win though?!? Stephen A or Skip??!?

Jermon BushrodStephen A will argue you to death and you just don't know about his fighting skills lol.. But I just don't trust skip Bayless lol

Nate BUSSEYHeaded to the photo shoot lol

Greg BenselCoach Williams and Anthony Davis heading to press conference

Johnny PatrickI need to eat something... And I need more sleep its hard to sleep and stay sleep here lol....

cameron jordanJus got it in at #nikefootballcamp

Johnny PatrickPosted a pic

Corey WhiteIf all rappers of all time was at their prime right now give me your top 5?

deuce mcallisterJust touched down in Clarkvegas

Laron ScottBiggest hornets nest I ever seen

Jo-lonn DunbarI swear, if these ppl don't stop calling this lady name over this loud speaker I am going to lose it!

David ThomasJust went paddle boarding for the first time with @KassidyKThomas. Over 2 hours and she never hit the water!

akiem hicks"Ted" new movie pretty good, a lil racey but funny nonetheless

cameron jordanTime to shut down on this plane knowin my Lil sis she gon have some grand plan when I land movie night piZza, maybe not.. she is 20 now :/

Justin Drescher@jdrescher88I just ran during middle of day 105 degree heat! Not my smartest choice ha #gettingbetter

cameron jordanSince when did paper rock scissors become irrelevant?

deuce mcallisterGround Zero flow

Chase Daniel lEnjoying a nice Friday afternoon @encorebeachclub with the crew.

Joseph Morgan Nap was crucial to my survival as a human being

Zach StriefSix years ago today that Coach Walker left us. He taught me far more about life than football. Made me a better Man. Coach we miss you.


Anthony Hargrove Video Is Key Evidence in Saints’ Bounty Scandal -
The N.F.L. says a brief clip shows defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove referring to bounty money on the sideline during a game; a lawyer for the players union contends it does not.

New Orleans Saints, third-round pick Akiem Hicks agree to four-year contract -
Defensive tackle first draft pick to reach agreement

Grubbs Wants to Help Continue Success in 2012
Saints Official Website

LOS ANGELES: Goodell lays down guidelines to NFL teams hoping to move to L.A. - The Sun Herald
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo about Los Angeles to the league's 32 teams Friday - one that surely resonated with the San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams and any others that might be considering relocation to the nation's second-largest market.

Daily Special, June 29, 2012
Who Dat Social Club

Saints Nation: New Orleans Lands Another Superstar
Juge adds his two cents on the Hicks signing.