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Pamphilon Releases Voice Mail From Drew Brees

The latest development in the Saints bounty situation rolled out at some point yesterday, as Sean Pamphilon posted (with accompanying story) a recording of a voice mail Drew Brees left for him on the night of April 4, 2012, about five hours prior to the release of the now-famous Gregg Williams audio.

This is a brief (for me) & abbreviated recounting of the final hours leading up to the release of the Gregg Williams Audio. For greater detail, please refer to my essay, "When you kill the head, the body doesn't die", posted May 31st.

Here's Dave's take on Pamphilon's essay from May 31.

Since it's been sooooo long since anyone's brought this topic up, why don't we all read, listen, and then discuss this development and its' significance in the comment section?