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Fleur-de-Links: June 4, 2012



Never thought I would be driving a cab in NYC. Doing an ad campaign for Dicks Sporting Goods Foundation and PACE

Clearly went to the Bobby Hebert school of 10 minute replies to 10 second questions from radio callers in.

Sproles & taking their headshots

Tomorrow, will host a market-wide fundraiser for

15% of net sales at NOLA/Northshore locations tomorrow will go to

Time to GREEN is now...

Finally cut tha beard off..back to tha semi-baby face, Lol..what y'all think?!

I need my game system sent here so I can have something to do when I be in the room chillin

Just finished a meeting in Cincinatti, now on my way to New York...

Probably should have clarified that, Cinci was for business meeting and NYC is for a charity event with Samsung's Hope for Children. Who Dat

F*** you, -- (paraphrased) Steve Gleason owes me an apology.

SHOCKER! asserts that every action he ever took in this thing was "honorable" and everyone else involved is an asshole.

According to "I was gonna sell all that" (private correspondence) FOR THE CHILDREN, but I chose not to b/c I'M F***IN GREAT!

Consarnit! RT : Pamphilon: I remember getting Fujita texts because I was wearing an onion on my belt. which was the style at the time


It's all farce at this point, man. At least dude brought it. RT : Yeah, Jerry Sandusky comparison was a bit of a reach.

So what's the tally at this point? Two caller questions, half an hour of monologue? Again? Speak up, !

Big things ahead for Louisiana and Illinois!!!


Watching big momma house 3 for the first time, definatly shouldn't have made this 1! It's horrible

My question for on : "Seriously, what the f*** is your deal, dude?" ASK THE QUESTION!


Fresh off of the plane, on my way in to get a pre mini-camp workout in. Hope everyone's having a splendid day lol

i thought this was funny

So the arbitrator must be Goodell's right hand man. One thing the NFLPA is learning is there nowhere close to being like MLB's union

NFL looking to hire officials from anywhere but BCS: Elite retired college officials, ones from small college conferences, even Arena ball.

Time to relax...

Getting ready for mini-camp!


Curtis Lofton did homework before joining Saints amid scandal -
Despite dark clouds swirling, LB Curtis Lofton joined the Saints in free agency this offseason. Ian Rapoport says the tackling machine did his homework and couldn't be happier in New Orleans.

Despite Bounty Browns LB Scott Fujita Committed to Playing in 2012 " NFL Gridiron Gab
"While there have certainly been some unexpected challenges this off-season, which are beyond my control right now, I can’t let that distract me from getting myself as prepared as possible to play this season," said Fujita in an email response. "Obviously I’m a lot closer to the end of my career than I am to the beginning, so the time to win is now.

Raising Cane's to Host Team Gleason Fundraiser

Burbank retains jurisdiction as to Hargrove | ProFootballTalk
The bad news for Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, Saints defensive end Will Smith, and Browns linebacker Scott Fujita is that Special Master Stephen Burbank has indeed scrapped their grievances aimed at nudging the bounty discipline process from Commissioner Roger Goodell and toward Burbank.

Bounty case further strains relations between NFLCA, NFLPA | ProFootballTalk
Friday's 10,000-plus-word manifesto from filmmaker Sean Pamphilon contained several important allegations, including a contention that the NFLPA wanted the Gregg Williams audio to be released in order to support the notion that the players were dealing with a wild man in the locker room, which presu...

NFL Coaches Association’s statement on bounty investigation | ProFootballTalk
[Editor's note: On Monday morning, NFL Coaches Association executive director David Cornwell issued a statement regarding recent developments in the bounty investigation.

Burbank rejects bounty grievance | ProFootballTalk
The last time Stephen Burbank was asked to resolve a dispute under the new CBA, a decision came in 11 days. This time, he moved even faster. Five days after a hearing was held on the question of whether the discipline imposed on four players connected to the Saints alleged bounty system falls w...

NFL Videos: NFLPA grievance on Saints bounties rejected
Steve Wyche has the latest on the rejection of the NFL Players Association's grievance against the NFL stating that Commissioner Goodell does not have the authority to suspend four Saints players for their role in the bounty scandal.

Daily Special, June 4, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club

Breaking down Saints 'hot read' vs. pressure | National Football Post
Using video to highlight Brees to Sproles vs. 49ers.

Moving defensive pieces |
Last season, the New Orleans Saints became the "Greatest Show on Turf Part II" due to virtually breaking every top offensive record.

Saints Nation: The NFL is Still Hanging Saints Players Without Evidence | June

NEW YORK: NFL to start hiring possible replacement refs | NFL Football | The Sun Herald
The NFL will start hiring and training possible replacement officials with a deal not yet completed with the NFL Referees Association.

NFLPA will appeal Burbank decision | ProFootballTalk
The NFLPA has issued a statement in response to arbitrator Stephen Burbank's decision to reject the NFLPA's argument that he should determine whether or not Saints players violated rules regarding whether players were paid as part of a bounty program.

NFLPA plans to appeal arbitrator's ruling - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Rejected appeal was not surprising - but not the end for New Orleans Saints players - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Appeal to NFL's system arbitrator was a long shot

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.: Peyton Manning airs it out and looks good | NFL Football | The Sun Herald
Peyton Manning showed excellent arm strength while airing it out Monday as the Denver Broncos worked on deep throws.