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What Up With Dat?: Return of the No Catching MFer's


Below are answers to reader questions submitted Monday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Who among the list of UFAs (Charleston, Franklin, Gilmore, Humprey, and McQuinton) do you see as a "must keep" for the Saints? -Tac H.

None of them would I consider a "must keep." But if you want to know who among those guys I think is best, I would definitely have to go with Jeff Charleston. He's a solid veteran. Not a big name guy but he's been know to make key plays at key moments. He also provides decent depth on the defensive line, which the Saints need if they are going to have a healthy rotation.

How many interceptions do you realistically expect from Malcolm Jenkins next season? - Malcom L.

Since you added the qualifier 'realistically' I will go ahead and say two interceptions. Holding onto the ball was a huge problem for those No Catching Mother F****ers last year. There were definitely some concentration issues for most of the secondary. Hopefully all of that changes this year but I won't give them the benefit of the doubt so easily.

Getting any quality sleep lately? - French F.
Yes, plenty actually. My wife and I have lucked out, as our son has proven to be a good sleeper. He's seven weeks old but already sleeping in six or seven hour chunks through the night. We actually just took a trip to Martha's Vineyard and he did great on the plane and in a foreign atmosphere. Not to mention my wife is a school teacher and off for the summer so she has taken on much of the tough work.

Any speculations about a (veteran probably) player the Saints might pickup who might get released during the summer when teams cut down their rosters? Or, maybe a little easier, what position that player might play? - Phil W.

No speculation on an actual player, there are too many possibilities. But I would definitely like to see them add a little depth to the cornerback position if the opportunity presents itself. They just added Elbert Mack yesterday so it's obvious the team is aware of the problem and trying to fix it.

Dave aren't you tired of this gig yet? A career, a new baby, and an offseason that has more news than most Saints actual seasons? Isn't the expansion of contributors (who are doing an excellent job by the way) really just a away for you to select a coach-in-waiting to succeed you? - Mobile S.

Actually, all the drama this offseason has made it easier to do my job and kept my interest piqued. Usually there isn't much to talk about, but we've got a new defensive coordinator, and un-signed star quarterback and scandals galore to discuss. But after more than four years at the helm and ever more responsibility in my personal life, yes, it definitely runs a man ragged. The expansion of contributors (who I agree are doing an excellent job) are really just to add more viewpoints to the front page while also lightening the load for me. As I've always said, there is power in numbers. I may continue to reduce my role over time but I don't know if I will ever be able to give it up completely. You can't get rid of my that quickly. Unless you want me to stop,..

Very simple question Over or under $20 mill per when dust settles on Brees contract negotiations? -Ben D.

Very simple answer. Over.