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Report: Saints, Brees, "Very Close to Getting Long-Term Deal Done"

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Kristian Garic of is reporting that QB Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints have nearly completed his new contract:

"As early as Friday morning... or at the latest by Monday," Garic said a contract could "very possibly" be signed.

He says, "The two sides have really closed the gap, and it may be just minor details at this point."

Minor details? By Friday or Monday? I sure like the sound of that!

Go Mickey, Go! Go Condon, Go! Close that gap! Close that gap!!

You can rest assured that the staff of CSC and other dedicated members will be following this story closely to bring you all the breaking news and latest developments as they unfold...

** CSC Shout out to johnmc318 for bringing us this news first in a Fanshot.