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Choosing the Greatest Saints Highlight of All-Time

The good people of Samsung have challenged me to pinpoint Who Dat Nation's favorite Saints highlight of all-time. But instead of simply having me choose, I am going to make this a democratic process and leave it all up to you.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible to have you pick from any and all of the great moments in the Saints 45 year history as a franchise, so I've selected just a handful of the ones I think are truly worthy of the distinction. The rest will be up to you folks.

Granted, I'm a relatively new fan in relation to the entire lifespan of the Saints so this list might be slightly skewed toward the more recent moments. But, then again, the first twenty years were pretty miserable so perhaps that's not really a surprise.

Your options can be found below after the jump, along with a video of said moment to refresh your memory. Enjoy reliving these memorable moments, talking about them in the comment section and voting for your favorite.

John Gilliam's kickoff return

Tom Dempsey's 63-yard field goal

Hakim drops the ball

Steve Gleason's blocked punt

The Meacharound

Garrett Hartley's NFC Championship overtime field goal.

Tracy Porter's Super Bowl interception

Malcolm Jenkins strips Roy Williams