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Tom Benson Hires Former FBI Director to Investigate Saints Organization

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It appears that Mr. Benson wants an outside source to investigate and provide clarity on his team. After the accusations and scandal that have rocked the Saints this offseason, that's somewhat understandable. Mike Florio has the story here.

Team spokesman Greg Bensel acknowledged and explained Freeh’s involvement.

"Serious allegations have been made about our organization this off-season; we take these allegations very seriously," Bensel said via email. "As a result, we have hired the Freeh Group, founded by former director of the FBI and former federal judge Louis Freeh. Mr. Benson moved quickly to hire them and has spared no expense to get to the bottom of these allegations. We have given the Freeh Group complete access to our team and all of the individuals who have been associated with this news story."

The Freeh Group started investigating ESPN's wiretapping allegations back in April and will be doing their own independent investigation of the "bounty" scandal next. What does this mean for Mickey Loomis? Does Mr. Benson not trust him anymore or is this just Benson being as cautious as possible after the way his team has been portrayed over the past three months? Is it possible that the Freeh Group's independent "bounty" investigation will dispute Goodell's and the league's findings (which they still refuse to show us) and provide a clearer picture of what was actually going on?

A CSC shout-out goes to Bishiop Black for first providing a link to this report.