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Harper Talks Bounties and Brees on ESPN Radio

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Friday night, Roman Harper appeared on Hill and Schlereth's #FridayNightParty, discussing Drew Brees and responding to the latest allegation in the Bountyfarce Saga, that he was paid for on-field hits called "whacks." (He denied this, BTW.)

CSC shoutout to Mike Florio of for bringing this story to my attention. Thanks, Mike!

Make the jump for some choice quotes (thanks also for typing these up for me, Mike!) and a link to the podcast itself.

If you'd like to hear the whole 11 minute+ show/segment for yourself, go here.

Here's Harper's denial:

"I did not get any money for it," Harper said. "I don't understand. A ‘whack' is just tackle, it's a legal tackle. And it's just a term we use for a certain tackle. It's like, you hit a guy and I guess like you hit him low, below the belt, and his upper body lands before his lower body."

And then he gets all teen-agery...

"I got nothing. I got nothing. I just play football, man. I didn't get anything," Harper said. "Where is all this coming from, anyway? Where did all this happen? Like, I don't even understand."

OMG, Romes!!! Hopefully someone can, like, explain it to you so you don't have to y'know, keep, like, wondering about it. Whatevs. I'm out. For real?

* * *

OK, time for the CSC Nation to sound off on this. Good/bad? Did it help/hurt his case? Can you take much more of this without gouging your eyes or ears out?