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Fleur-de-Links: Saturday, June 9



WWL-TV SportsLSU and Stony Brook scheduled to complete game one and play game two today - weather permitting.

Grandmaster Wang Over/under on number of times @SBerthiaumeESPN says "Alec Box" today is hereby set at 73.

Andrew TillerRise and grind, about to go and coach the olineman at this little football camp for the kids! Should be fun

JUNIOR GALETTEBlessed~ Who u guys got 4 Da Game 2Night? N How Come No1 Is Talkin About Da Felipino Boxer PACMAN?

JUNIOR GALETTEI hope they win bro but lets b realistic RT @PHaNaTiC5: @JuniorG93 My Celtics bruh. Got to ride out with the team in game 7!!!

JUNIOR GALETTEPacMan Will Eat Him Alive u trippin lol RT @Pablo_NuLa: @JuniorG93 bradley about to put it on him

JUNIOR GALETTEYea bros if this aint my yr idk when is lol getting better ~Blessed RT @ISkypeNaked: @JuniorG93 waz good big June camp lookin good?

Thomas Morstead"@TDESPN:@thomasmorstead Kickers are a great FB follow cause they update everybody, while real players are at practice." @PatMcAfeeShow ??

Thomas Morstead"@jvaugha2: @thomasmorstead do you know what this is a pic of?! #BLACKANGOLDSUPERBOWL" #Ambush

Nick ToonOut here workin with these kids, trying to teach them a little sumthin!

Reid G.Sublime day of sports on tap. Couldn't be happier for the s****y weather.

New Orleans SaintsWhat TD celebration do you enjoy more: a @LanceMoore16 dance or a @TheJimmyGraham dunk?

Chris Chamberlain Watching 24/7 Pacquiao Bradley. Big fight tonight, anyone think Bradley has a chance? #PacBradley

Jeff DuncanA new suggestion for a Hornets name change in the letters to the editor section of the Times-Picayune: The New Orleans Apostles. Thoughts?

Jeff Duncan I'll forward to Benson RT @ChankTheFiddler: I think the new Hornets name should be either "New Orleans Gris-Gris" or "Louisiana Loup Garou"!

Doug MoutonMason Katz delivers. LSU takes game one.

Reid G. Mason Katz, bitches!

Grandmaster WangWelp, that happened.

Grandmaster WangI love Paul Mainieri in pretty much precisely the same way I love Les Miles.

Grandmaster WangBy the way, all the respect to Stony Brook. Those dudes are pretty f****** awesome.

Jeff Duncan Agreed but can't see Benson picking it. RT @MarcailM: I still love the @dirtycoast suggestion of the NOLA Bounce.

Jeff DuncanNo. League requires about a 2-year window. RT @ScottandEmily: would this name change happen before this next season? #savemyjerseymoney

Grandmaster WangGoing into game 2, @SBerhtiaumeESPN "Alec Box" count currently stands at 9.

Bradley HandwergerSeriously love the way the Dutch seamlessly move the ball around and find holes for shots. (HansDat note: I'm not even going to touch that statement.)

Johnny PatrickNeed to watch this fight tonight!!!!!!

Nick Toon#WhoDatNation follow my boy @laron_scott_34 fellow rookie Saint....even tho he is a DB...haha

Held Over Hope Pacquiao wins tonight. If Floyd were to ever lose, I could see Manny still fighting him as opposed to the other way around.

Justin DrescherWoke up to the worst Charlie Horse in my calf ever. not how I wanted my Saturday to start. #painful

Thomas MorsteadOut at Nola Motorsports Park Opening

Stefano Semeraro@Mark_Ingram28 @Harp41 time to get on these Bikes!!

Roman Harper@StefanoSemeraro @mark_ingram28 "let's roll" like transformers!! Biker boys 2012!!

Mark Ingram @Harp41 @stefanosemeraro let's get it



New Orleans Saints safeties Roman Harper and Malcom Jenkins are looking forward |
John DeShazier - Pair trying to improve in pass defense to bolster new-look defense.

Former coach Gregg Williams still has friends in the New Orleans Saints' locker room |
Jeff Duncan - Few people have had a worse year than Gregg Williams. The embattled former Saints defensive coordinator has been run over by more buses than a New Orleans pothole in the past six months.

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Saints, union denied in bounties grievance | The Advocate
(AP) - A second arbitrator ruled Friday that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has the authority to discipline Saints players for their roles in a bounty program.

Arbitrator dismisses NFLPA grievance in New Orleans Saints' bounty case |
Ryan Jones - This was the players' third and final planned appeal before the hearing.

Another arbitrator shoots down Saints - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - Unless the NFL Players Association has some sort of Hail-Mary pass hidden deep in its playbook, it’s starting to look like New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma will have to serve his season-long suspension and defensive end Will Smith will have to sit out the first four games.

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