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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, July 1

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Held OverRealized I have pavlovian desire to watch 'The Revolution' around 4th of July. But I keep waiting to see a hooded man in the trees. #AC3

Held OverPBJ spread > Outkast song Spread > Jenny McCarthey's spread.

JUNIOR GALETTE2Morro Back 2 Business

Andrew TillerI'm finally waking up from the dream, went out with a bang tho! Vegas its been real! Time too get back too work

Roman Harper@Mark_Ingram28 this is what legends are made of!!! I see y'all shining Lil bro.

Mark Ingram "@Harp41: @Mark_Ingram28 this is what legends are made of!!! I see y'all shining Lil bro." lol where u at bro

New Orleans SaintsLooking for creative birthday or groom's cake ideas? Here are some pics sent to us by fans of Saints cakes!

Thomas MorsteadWishing @brittanysvoboda a Happy #WHODAT Birthday!

New Orleans SaintsNot bad at all! RT @caitlinnn128 @Saints is it bad that I would rather have my actual wedding cake look like any of these #whodat

Jason DavidMe and @robyslyfe on the red carpet at my Thursday night kick off event at the W in Hollywood. Came to Cali (HansDat note: this one's for you, DK!)

Les EastRT @wrightthompson: It would only take a small bounty to knock out an italian player. Like 35 cents and some cheese grits

Nate BUSSEYBack to the grind.... #WhoDatNation✈✈✈

The Angry Who Dat\o/

Lance MooreIt's been real Van City! Had a great time w @NickMoore_1 @Nicole_Marie621 n @YoungBabyHawk and @bclions. Back to reality. See u soon home!

Alex RestrepoWelcome the fighting @ChaseDaniel "s" to the SEC! RT @mutigersdotcom #MIZSEC

Courtney RobyListen'n to this guy on my ✈ talk about fantasy football is kill'n me..has no clue about the sport but has all the answers, sound familiar?!

Courtney Roby"@Diva_Esquire: @robyslyfe does he know who you are?"<~I'm in the seat behind him remaining low key..but im biting my tongue off!! Lol..



New Orleans Saints top 25 countdown: Devery Henderson, No. 25 |
Doug Tatum - Veteran receiver remains underappreciated.

49ers' Smith takes a cue from Drew Brees and a pitching coach | The Sun Herald
Matthew Barrows - In January 2004, the then-Chargers quarterback was coming off a season in which he had gone 2-9 as the starter. He'd thrown 15 interceptions and 11 touchdown passes, was benched for five games and finished with a 67.5 passer rating, the 28th-best that season.

New Vilma lawsuit asks for quick appeal ruling |
Associated Press - Jonathan Vilma is suing the NFL in federal court, claiming Commissioner Roger Goodell failed to make a timely appeal ruling. (Thanks to bondcrash for bringing us this story yesterday.)

NFL calls Vilma’s new suit "improper" | ProFootballTalk
MF - The league hadn't responded to the Associated Press regarding Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma's new Saturday-night's-all-right-for-suing effort to overturn his suspension. The league has since responded to the new lawsuit, via a statement emailed to PFT.

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL |
Ian Rapoport - I wish I had more of an astute opinion on the bounty investigation, other than the one I expressed in this space last week. But my best bet here is to cede to colleague Gregg Rosenthal.

Other franchise players not thrilled with Brees’ complaints | ProFootballTalk
MF - If the Saints aren't treating franchise-tagged quarterback Drew Brees with good faith, then other franchise players could argue that their respective teams have opted to defecate on their respective foreheads.

New Orleans Hornets rebuilding in mold of New Orleans Saints, San Antonio Spurs |
Jeff Duncan - The official introduction of Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers did more than just show off the Hornets flashy new rookies to the local fans and media. (HansDat note: Jeff, it's time to dig into the story of how Loomis is supposed to run the Saints and the Hornets at the same time, when both are essentially full-overtime-jobs.)

Former New Orleans Saints player Az-Zahir Hakim hosts camp at Tulane |
Albert Burford - More than 100 children went to Tulane on Saturday for the Go Beyond the GAME football camp hosted by the Az Hakim Foundation.

Mark Wahlberg no longer can watch Super Bowl at home | ProFootballTalk
Mark Wahlberg says that his wife has banned him from watching the Super Bowl at home, based on his reaction to the Patriots' loss to the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI. (HansDat note: Where are the Good Vibrations in this household? C'mon, c'mon! Feel it! Feel it!)