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What Up With Dat?: Finally Fed Up Edition


Below are answers to reader questions submitted Monday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Since Chase Daniel IS NOT the solution (eight passes thrown so far in the NFL), who do you see the Saints go after to replace Brees if he doesn’t sign before July 16th? - French F.

If that's the situation, it really won't matter because by that point the Saints would be f*****d and the season would be over. Serious answer: Donovan McNabb is probably the best available option. Or how about bringing Jake Delhomme back. That would be weird, huh?

Outside the Drew Brees debacle the biggest concern I have is the CBs. While I think Greer is an outsanding corner I am a little concerned about the other side not to mention nickle and reserves. Do you think Robinson or Patrick are ready to step up. The beginning of the year was rough for Robinson last year but I thought he showed some signs of competency towards the end. Didnt see much from Patrick but then again first year Saints players dont usually get much playing time. Question is are we set or who do we look for mabey getting released. Also do I get points taken off my man card for liking sweet potato fries with a med rare burger with extra bacon and cheese or does the bacon cancel out the fries. thanks. - Garrett C

I think I will answer this the same exact way I answered a similar question about the defensive line in our Delusions of Grandeur edition of What Up With Dat!?

At this point I think the only opportunity for the Saints to add any worthwhile roster help will be after league-wide roster cutdowns during pre-season/training camp. Even then, it's a slim-pickin' crapshoot. Perhaps someone will be brought in for depth purposes, but please don't think the Saints are going to find some great cornerback who is going to transform the Saints defense. The roster is pretty much set. It's time to start pondering what the Saints can get out of the players they currently have, not praying to find a miracle among the players they don't have.

As to your second question, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sweet potato fries.

I have recently noticed a difference in your style of posting. My questions is: has this off-season turned you into a crusty old grandpa who has thrown his hands up in disgust over the entire human race and accepted nastiness as the new norm? Or, is it just gastritis? - Just ’N D

You hit the nail on the head with your first suggestion. It was a whirlwind to start, but it's now just reached a point where all I hear is muffled noise. The speculation, the waiting, the bad press, the mishandling of the Drew Brees contract; it's all gotten to be tired. Training camp cannot come soon enough.

Dave, on a scale of 1 to 10 Where is your aggrevation level at with all the off season drama, Bountygate, Saints haters, Breesageddon, etc.? - Metry M.

See above.

Do you enjoy all of the off-season drama due to the increased traffic it produces? - J of the F

I don't really give a crap about traffic, my bosses give a crap about traffic. It's been four years now, I've past that point. And it's not so much of an increase in traffic as it is just a maintaining of regular season numbers and a lack of the usual off-season drop off.

What can you tell me about David Hawthorne. I havent heard much about him in the media but was reading in the Sometimes Picayunne that his stats were comparable to Loftons. When we got him I saw a few post here about him but not much else. I know he was from the Seahawks but not much else. I do have a sneeking suspicion he played good against us in the playoff lost. Please fill me with your Jedi football knowledge. - Carter

Based on your Jedi comment I can tell you're giving me too much credit. Not like I've scouted the guy and studied his film since being signed by the Saints. I've heard the same as you. He's supposed to be pretty good and his stats would back that up. I believe the MLB spot is for Lofton so Hawthorne will be battling on the outside if he expects to start.

Zach Strief mentioned on WWL the other evening that Hawthorne is the big practical joker on the team even in his short time here. Other than that, we'll just have to wait and see once training camp starts.

Why are we SAINTS fans the coolest? - Cannistra1

Because we call New Orleans home.