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Fleur-de-Links: July 12, 2012



Good workout this morning and had a great time running routes with Steamboat High School's football team.

Just finished my 8 150s, speed work, and footwork drills in the pourin rain. Nothing can stop this grind!!

Hahahahaha RT : Lions wild card game. It was an accident...

Just had a great run.. Looks like I beat the rain..

These 4 JETS scared the hell out of me.. It caught me off guard...

Sittin on my balcony watching the blue angels practice for their big show this wknd in Pensacola... Loving t

Junior Seau's brain tissue donated by family for research:

Excited for my new website coming soon! All my fans can send a picture of you wearing my #23 jersey, holding a...

Oh s***! is mad as hell, and he isn't gonna take it anymore. Blocking more than 100 people on Twitter?

Want to personally thank for making me completely forget the Drew Brees contract situation for a good 15 mns. Guy has a gift!

Men you kno ur gettin old when it takes more than 2 trips to get all the groceries from the car! I say 2 only if you bought a case of water!

Heard you were in need of a campaign manager I’ve always got your back on & off the field

Thank you to everyone who came out and support last night!! Crazy night hope u loved the place and had a blast

Watching film from last season- Look close & U will see hurdling me & a defender!

Done with my workouts for the week... I'm now looking forward to golf tournament!!Then my 1 year anni with on sunday!!!

I finally get to eat this cake thats been sittin in my freezer for a whole year. I hope it's still good

I saved money by switching to geico lol RT : I need some positivity in my life after hearing so much negativity this morning

finished up my workout with 10x50yd flyers, 5x20yd starts, and 5x cut 300's. He's still alive everyone!!

When a giraffe is born it falls 6 feet before it hits the ground. That's one tough baby

I'm bout to go knock this workout out this world cuz tomorrow I'm thinkn I may attend the annual family trip

been off allergy pills for a week+ n I got the hugest sinus headache lol the one starting under the eyes to the middle of the head... Sheesh

Lol I ran out and jus kept forgetting I pick up more, o well I got my reminder on what I need to do after this workout lol...

Sweet fan photo of after his post-TD dunk in the Pro Bowl!

How difficult do you think it's gonna be from now until Monday for the manager of the local Jimmy John's to maintain control of his bowels?



Brees and Loomis are innocent of any wrongdoing -- Gerry V |
Both sides doing what they have to do

Down on Drew? - Who Dat Social Club
I just want to explain why it’s pointless to start hating on Drew Brees before everything has played out and we know why it played out as it did.

No progress between Saints, Brees on Wednesday | ProFootballTalk
The clock keeps ticking, but no one is talking. Or, perhaps more accurately, they may be talking, but they're making no progress. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Saints and quarterback Drew Brees made no progress on Wednesday toward a long-term deal.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints face $10 million gap in guaranteed money - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
If the sides can narrow their differences on the guarantees, the remaining portions of the contract should be easier to figure out, report says

New Orleans Saints fans getting nervous as Drew Brees deadline nears - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
AP report says guaranteed money is biggest sticking point

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints should be able to overcome gap in guaranteed money as well as total value of long-term contract - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Associated Press reports that two sides remain $10 million apart in guaranteed money

QB Drew Brees wins ESPY for "Best Record-Breaking Performance"

Brees thanks offense by nickname at ESPYs | ProFootballTalk
Here’s the full list of players thanked by Brees, by their nicknames in the locker room. And they are: Lance Romance (Lance Moore), Colstonberry (Marques Colston), Meach (Robert Meachem, who has signed with the Chargers), Devereaux (Devery Henderson), Bush (Jermon Bushrod), Big Nick (Carl Nicks, who has signed with the Bucs), De La (Brian de la Puente), Jah-Jah (Jahri Evans), Striefer (Zach Strief), Jedediah (Jed Collins), Marky Mark (Mark Ingram), Sprolesy (Darren Sproles), Do you know Pierre? (Pierre Thomas), Baby Brontosaurus (presumably, Chris Ivory), D.T. (David Thomas), J.G. (Jimmy Graham), and Avatar (presumably, Mike Higgins).

Drew Brees confident deal will get done by Monday - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Brees wins ESPY for Record-Breaking Performance of the Year

'Mr. Benson, Mr. Brees, meet my agent': editorial cartoon |
The latest from Steve Kelley of The Times-Picayune

Some positive Saints news, please: A Letter to the editor |

Greed, more greed from Brees: A Letter to the editor |



Louis Freeh’s next task: Investigating the Saints | ProFootballTalk
Former FBI Director Louis Freeh has released his report into the coverup of Jerry Sandusky's sexual abuse of children by Joe Paterno and others at Penn State University, and it's a devastating indictment of the university's former leadership.

League files grievance against Vilma for pursuing defamation case | ProFootballTalk
Things have quieted down a bit in connection with the Saints bounty scandal, but the present calm comes merely from a minor break in the line of storms.

NFL files grievance to force Jonathan Vilma to drop his defamation lawsuit - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Ginsberg responded on Wednesday with a letter strongly rebuking the management council's grievance. He says that the league's letter was "baseless" for four reasons.



Saints Questions: Who will replace Robert Meachem? | New Orleans
No. 13: Three players will vie for Robert Meachem’s time and role now that the Saints former first-round pick has moved on to San Diego in free agency.

VIDEO; LeBlanc Speaks About Ochsner Back to Football 5K

SaintsWin: Analysis & Opinion: Payton Moments, Volume I
Though Coach Payton won't be around this season, it's my opinion that it's important to keep him alive, if you will, in the public consciousness of Saints' fans as much as "telling stories" might allow.

Falcons coach Mike Smith not ready to stake claim to NFC South | ProFootballTalk
With the Bucs rebuilding, the Panthers building, and the Saints potentially disintegrating, many think the Falcons could easily capture the NFC South title. Falcons coach Mike Smith isn't among the many.

Former Bear Gayle joins concussion lawsuit with other players | NFL Football | The Sun Herald
"The NFL refused to acknowledge that chronic brain damage in former NFL football players was an epidemic that constituted a national health crisis," the lawsuit said. The suit later said the league "continuously denied any linkage between repetitive brain trauma sustained by NFL players and long-term brain damage."

Saints Nation Interview with Saints' Linebacker Nate Bussey | July

NFC South top 25: No. 7 - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Jahri Evans, guard, Saints

New Orleans Saints top 25 countdown: Pierre Thomas, No. 14 - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Veteran running back makes the most of his role