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Fleur-de-Links: July 13, 2012 (Drew Brees Signing Day)



New Orleans: The only city where would be a lucky day!

Congrats to on the new deal! Guess this means I will finally get to meet the guy! Let's get it!!!

After earning $40M in 2012, Drew Brees will make $10M in 2013 and $11M in 2014, for $61M in 1st 3 yrs, $60M of which is guaranteed.

Somebody please come to my house and make love to me right now. I won't be thinking of Drew, promise.

I'm celebrating with the rest of the city. Couldn't be happier for a great player, teammate and most importantly friend.

If you guys could ask Drew one question today what would it be?

If a Falcon fan weeps miserably in his home, and nobody on earth gives a f***, does he really make a sound?

Congrats to on his new contract!! You deserve it!!

In 2012, ' can become 3rd player in NFL history to lead league in comp % for 4+ consec seasons (Dawson 6, Young 4)

": Drew Brees will earn $2.5 million per game in 2012 (via )" money money money baaaggg!!! 

Just finished up camp here in San Diego ready for the real camp to start back in Nola. Thanks to CTF for dialing me in

Congrats to the man with the plan ... Never a doubt in my mind...

Enjoying the blue angels airshow on the beach!! Gorgeous day! These guys are crazy talented flying these planes!!

congrats bro... You've changed the game on and off the field!!! No one deserves it more than you... See u on the 24th.

We ready to make it happen now! Let's get it Who Dat Nation!!!

Yes sir!!!! Got signed! Who Dat Nation stand up!

Lmao, cap hit this year is 10.4 million. NFL = Mickey Lo:owned:


Great to have our general back as we prepare for battle!! Now time to start working

Training camp starts in 11 days! RT Deal is Done! Love you, Who Dat Nation. See you soon!

Unconfirmed: heard singing Crosby, Stills and Nash and Young's "Our House" to his contractors.

Congrats ...very happy for you, your family and all the Whodat Nation....let's go get the trophy


Glad to officially have Brees as a teammate now, can't wait to play with one of the greats

Brees gets a five year deal. One for EVERY record he broke in 2011.

made a consistent effort to keep the deal considerably cap friendly throughout the negotiations according to John Clayton

About time gets paid! Couldn’t be happier for you buddy. Now, it all begins…. let’s go!

Congrats to much deserved he is a leader and a great QB now it's time to go to work..

$40 million = 8,888,888 Vito sandwiches at Jimmy John's

Congrats to my homie ... Much deserved!!!

Dear afraid.

Deal is Done! Love you, Who Dat Nation. See you soon!



NEW ORLEANS: Drew Brees agrees to $100 million deal | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
Drew Brees has agreed to a five-year, $100 million contract with the New Orleans Saints, with $60 million guaranteed, said a person familiar with the deal.

The $100 million dollar man | New Orleans
The record-setting quarterback agreed to a five-year contract with the New Orleans Saints on Friday, three days ahead of the deadline to come together on a long-term deal.

Handwerger: Brees earned every bit of his contract | New Orleans
Finally, it’s over. All the posturing, all the analyzing, all the everything. Drew Brees will be forever in New Orleans, supporting the economy with his reported $100 million, including $60 million in guarantees.

Tom Benson congratulates Drew Brees, Mickey Loomis on contract - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Now he wants to focus on getting his team in Super Bowl

New Orleans Saints coach Joe Vitt said he always expected Drew Brees deal to get done - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Vitt says Brees is the best player, person he's ever been around

Saints do the right thing, agree with Drew Brees on five-year, $100M deal | Audibles
Audibles - Chris Burke on the NFL

New Orleans Saints quarterback Chase Daniel on Drew Brees deal: 'We get our leader back' - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Daniel said early response from teammates is 'just insane'

Drew Brees, other New Orleans Saints players react on Twitter to Brees' new contract - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Brees tells Saints fans "See you soon!"

What does a happy WhoDat look like? Submit your photos! - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Drew Brees agrees to five-year, $100 million deal with Saints | ProFootballTalk
As a tumultuous offseason heads toward training camp, the New Orleans Saints finally have some good news: Drew Brees's deal is done. Brees, the franchise quarterback who was absent all offseason after he and the Saints couldn't come to terms on a new contract, has agreed to sign a five-year, $1...

Brees deal sets new bars for average, guarantee | ProFootballTalk
The Saints had been willing for a while to make Drew Brees the highest-paid player in NFL history. Now that he is, let's take a closer look at what we know, so far.

Brees gets $37 million to sign | ProFootballTalk
The structure makes it, in essence, a three-year, $61 million contract with a team option for year four (at $19 million) and year five (at $20 million).

Drew Brees can save Saints again - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
Now, the healing can start.

Chase Daniel couldn’t be happier to be a backup again | ProFootballTalk
“It was reported like seven minutes ago, and just the feeling I get from seeing our teammates on Twitter respond to it is just insane,” Daniel said. “We get our leader back. We get the guy who runs the ship, the guy who rights the ship. Especially not having Sean Payton there, having the guy who runs the team, it’s big time for us.”

Brees' Signing Marks First Saints 'Win' Of Tumultuous 2012



Former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams says 'I will coach again' - ESPN
EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. -- Former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, suspended indefinitely for his role in the Saints bounty scandal, said Friday he has not spoken to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell since the sanctions were levied, but when asked about his future said, "I will coach again."

Saints Hope Investigator Will Find Them 'Freeh' & Clear Of Trouble

Chiefs preached "Kill the head and the body will die," too | ProFootballTalk
There’s been a great deal of debate about what Williams meant when he talked about killing the head, but there’s no doubt about this: He wasn’t the only one in the NFL who used that phrase.

NFL files grievance over Vilma lawsuit | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
NEW YORK -- The NFL has filed a grievance with the players' union asking Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma to drop his defamation lawsuit against Commissioner Roger Goodell.

New Orleans Saints Jonathan Vilma's battle with Roger Goodell coming to a nasty close
New Orleans Saints Jonathan Vilma's battle with Roger Goodell coming to a nasty close.



Playbook: 'Limiting' Sproles in the red zone | National Football Post
Drawing up a 'Boston' call (Cover 7) on the chalkboard.

Daily Special, July 13, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
I can remember the exact moment the anal rape started, and it brought tears to Vernon Davis’ eyes. Ever since then, Saints fans have been twisting on the divine rod of destiny, while the media cheered and slipped dollar bills into the sacred thong. We’ve put on quite a show; don’t you feel proud? I know I do.

Hicks Speaks at Up2Us New Orleans Youth Sports Conference
Defensive Tackle Akiem Hicks was the keynote speaker at the Up2Us New Orleans Youth Sports Conference on Thursday at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Craig Daily Press / NFL star Jimmy Graham finds comfort in Steamboat
"The week before (training) camp, I make sure I’m in Steamboat," he said. "It’s to get those extra red blood cells. I can tell a big difference. Camp in the NFL — what you do in the offseason helps you survive camp."

New Orleans Saints top 25 countdown: Lance Moore, No. 13 - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Wideout has become a dependable part of receiving corps

Saints Nation: Video of Drew Brees' ESPY Acceptance Speech | July

Report -- Terrell Owens late on child support, could face jail time - ESPN
Terrell Owens is $20,000 behind on child support payments and could be facing jail time, according to a report posted on an Atlanta television station's website.