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Drew Brees Signs 2012 - Instant History: Where Were You When...?

Raise your hand if you just got a $100 million contract.  (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Raise your hand if you just got a $100 million contract. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Getty Images

For obvious reasons, Friday, July 13th, 2012 is a day that will go down in history for New Orleans Saints fans and the NFL as well.

With the offseason we've suffered so far, it just feels all the better to have the best player in franchise history, the "coach on the field" who is needed now more than ever, signed to a contract making him the first $20 million man in NFL history, a full 11 days before training camp is set to open and three days before the franchise tender signing deadline on Monday. WHEW!!

So, with this being such a momentous occasion, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a little Instant History and nostalgia on the morning after the greatest day of the year for Saints fans so far.

What I want to know from you is,

Where were you when the news of Drew Brees's signing broke?

How did you find out about it?

What did you do with the information?

Make the jump for HansDat's story...

Just two days ago, I told Mrs. Hans that I needed her help. I told her that the Brees signing deadline was coming up, and that we were all about popping out of our skins with all the speculation and wondering about what would happen.

I then gave her official permission to call me at work on my work phone if news of the Drew Brees signing were to break during the day and she happened to see it (she works from home and does a lot of emailing/Facebooking in her work). This level of immediate contact is usually just reserved for emergencies, but I felt that Drew's signing most certainly falls into that realm of importance.

So, as today's news broke, I was at work, finishing up a busy mid-day run from 12-2:30ish of consecutive parent meetings and talking with teachers that saw me thinking about taking my lunch break (I work 10-6 each day, so 2:00ish is when I usually eat lunch). My desk phone rang, just as my Director was handing me some follow-up paperwork to deal with. I could see from the caller ID readout that it was Mrs. Hans calling, and I honestly wondered what she could be calling about.

Sometimes when she calls, I act like I don't know it's her and use my "office voice" - "Hello, this is Hans. May I help you?"

First thing she says today is, "Hello, Hans Petersen. Yes you can help me. Now remember when you gave me permission to call you on your desk phone at work during the day this week?"

Me: "Yeeeeeeees..."

Mrs. Hans: "Well, I just saw on Facebook from the New Orleans Saints Facebook page that they signed Drew Brees."

Me: "Long-term deal, or franchise tender?"

Mrs. H: "Long term, it looks like a five-year $100 million contract. Can that be right?"

Me: "Hell, yeah! Woo-hoo!!! They signed him!! Yes!!!"

Mrs. H: "Is it ok that I called you?"

Me: "Of course it is, thank you so much for telling me!!"

Mrs. H: "How's your day going?"

Me: "Much better now!! How's your day going?"

Mrs. H: "Fine. I got the grocery shopping all done and I texted you to tell you what I got you for supper." (Lately, we've been getting prepared foods from the deli bar @ Whole Foods that we just warm up at dinner time for Fun Friday Night. She picks me out something she knows I'll like and it's something of a surprise finding out what it actually is each week.)

Me: "Cool! Thanks. And thanks for calling, too. I'd better get back to work now."

Mrs. H: "OK, Love you, bye!"

Me: "Love you, too. Bye."

Me: (hangs up phone) "Wooo-hoooo!!! Drew Brees signed his big contract with the Saints!!!"

Folks in my shared office space: "????????", followed by me giving a brief version of the story to them, and then them kind of nodding and saying "OK. Glad that worked out for you."

Then I took my lunch break, texted my Mom and Dad to tell them and see if they had heard the news (they hadn't), but my Mom then hopped on the Fox8 news site on her iPad and confirmed it before texting back. I also texted Stu to see if he had heard the news, too, but didn't hear back from him (I think I must still have his old cell phone number plugged into my contacts list.).

After that, I finished my work day with a considerable spring in my step, a goofy smile on my face, and then came home to read all about it on CSC while noshing on some General Tso's vegan chicken with mac and cheese on the side, after first talking some with Mrs. Hans.

* * *

That's my "Where I was when Drew Brees signed" story...what's yours?