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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, July 15



Larry HolderIn case you were wondering, the deadline for Drew Brees to have a long-term deal done is 3 p.m. central on Monday. #tweetyouwontseeagain

MIfoundationGreat day at camp on day 2. Many campers learning and having a good time!

Mark Ingram I found The next @TheJimmyGraham at my camp!! He was swaggin like Jimmy too lol

Jermon BushrodI just asked this lady how the food was in this restaurant and she gets on the subject of bath towels for almost 10 mins... Smh

skooksWhen Tulane Stadium opponents rule the world you get this sort of thing.

Mark Ingram My first camp was a tremendous success! Thanks to the parents and all the kids who participated!! Can't wait til my next @procamps!

MIfoundationWho said the youngsters don't have swag already? Mark Ingram Camp

MIfoundationCoach @Mark_Ingram28 putting in hard work of course

Lance MooreSo cute!!! RT @AmandaRothstein: My 2yrold naming some of his fav #Saints players!

Duris HolmesSean Payton #2 in Abe Kanan Show douchebag power rankings for his Bahamas dance moves. Robert Kraft a deserved #1.

skooksSean Payton's dancing actually makes sense when you set it to the Malcolm In The Middle theme song.

Malcolm JenkinsMy first year of marriage has been an amazing journey I'm looking forward to a life of love and growth w/ @BellaMeaux Happy anniversary!!!

Andrew JugeGreat to see Isner winning Newport. Second ATP American title of 2012. #gousa

Andrew JugeProps to Brendan Evans!!! I expect him to coach me to ATP titles now too. #magic

JUNIOR GALETTENaw dont wear dat chinstrap Fee RT @99solaraSLE: @juniorg93 isn't that you looking in this pic

Duris HolmesIf you live in NOLA and ever go to Jimmy John's to celebrates ANYthing #youmightbeadouchebag


Brees, Back In The Fold

Brees Passes Physical, Signs $100M, 5-Year Deal | ABC News
Brett Martel - Drew Brees took some time out of his Sunday to sign autographs on items ranging from a black jersey handed to him by a fan to a $100 million contract handed to him by the New Orleans Saints.

New Orleans Saints Drew Brees makes contract official; celebrates with fans at Jimmy John's | Who Dat Dish
Gene Higginbotham - New Orleans Saints Drew Brees makes contract official; celebrates with fans at Jimmy John's.

53-Day Warning: Drew Brees Signed!!! - The Triangle Blog | Grantland
Bill Simmons (the Chronic Podcast Crew's favorite writer!!) - So thanks to the goofy but lovable Benson family, thanks to Brees and his agent, and thanks to the Saints fans for whatever real and telepathic pressure they applied to get their franchise guy paid. We can wipe one totally annoying football story off the books. Fifty-three days to go.

Brees, Saints a perfect $100 million match - Stats & Info Blog |
Drew Brees will be celebrating in New Orleans for at least five more years thanks to his new deal.

Drew Brees expected to take physical, officially sign with New Orleans Saints today |
Drew Brees is expected to take his physical and officially sign with the New Orleans Saints today. Just in case you were looking for another reason to celebrate.

Drew Brees signs his $100 million contract with New Orleans Saints |
Doug Tatum - Drew Brees flew into town Sunday morning to take a physical and officially sign his record-setting $100 million contract with the New Orleans Saints. Here is the visual evidence as provided by the Saints. (Includes photo of Drew signing his contract)

Saints Fans Bask In Glow Of Brees Deal - WWL | AM870 | FM105.3
AP - Drew Brees and the Saints reached a deal on par with the quarterback's record-setting play, giving New Orleans' fans some news they can celebrate after an offseason rife with turmoil.

The money just keeps going out | The Advocate
Mike McCall - The mood toward the re-signing of Saints quarterback Drew Brees was summed up nicely on a sign in the window of an uptown New Orleans pet adoption center last week.


Lagniappe (because this weekend, everything else is just that)

The New Orleans Saints Injured Fewer Players Than NFL Average With Bounty System | The Big Lead
Ty Duffy - Economists Kevin Hassett and Stan Veuger compiled injury data from the 2009 to 2011 NFL seasons and found that the New Orleans Saints, despite having a bounty system in place, injured fewer players per game than the NFL average.

New Orleans Saints top 25 countdown: Jonathan Vilma, No. 11 |
Veteran linebacker will be missed if suspension upheld.

Saints' Current Unofficial Depth Chart Going into Training Camp | Saints Nation
Andrew Juge - Saints' training camp is now just 9 days away from getting underway, and we're just 21 days away from the NFL preseason opener in Canton, Ohio which features the Saints and Cardinals.

New Orleans Saints 2012 training camp will be another packed venue | Who Dat Dish
Gene Higginbotham - New Orleans Saints 2012 training camp will be another packed venue.

Dinner With Daniel: A Q&A with 'Batman' and 'Beetlejuice' star Michael Keaton | Grantland
What if you mix the mayonnaise in the can, with the tuna fish? Or — hold it! Chuck! I got it! Take live tuna fish, and feed 'em mayonnaise! Oh, this is great. [Speaking into Dictaphone.] Call StarKist! — Bill Blazejowski, Night Shift, 1982. (HansDat note - this is a vanity post - the farthest afield Lagniappe item yet for me in this here job...I just like Michael Keaton and wanted to share it.)