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Fleur-de-Links: July 16, 2012



Saints agree to terms on a four-year deal with 4th round pick WR Nick Toon

The Saints have now signed all 5 draft picks (Hicks, Toon, White, Tiller & Jones)

Ravens and Ray Rice reach contract agreement, per NFL source.

No deal between the Patriots and WR Wes Welker. He plays for the tag.

Look at these lizards gettin it!!! 

Happy Birthday to Papa Sproles! RT I want to wish my pops a Happy BDay today! He turned 50 today!

Got some good work in today. Its getting close!

True fact: an NFL team once scored exactly two points in a playoff game

Oh, I agree 100% RT : For whatever it's worth, Forte getting his deal makes me happy. Guy deserved it.

It's time for this run... Getting closer and closer...

I have confirmed the reports that Matt Forte has agreed to a long-term deal with the Bears

My sources tell me that Jeff Duncan is due to report a long-term contract for Matt Forte sometime this afternoon

I’m joining 1 Yahoo fantasy fball league, Skyping into draft & 1 team member will meet me in NOLA. Learn more about it:

": Have you read the LA Times article... "notice how nobody wants to report this...

The words "big boobs" and "problem" should only be in the same sentence if the "big boobs" have a "problem" getting free from a bra.

ENDORSED. ": Kinda thinking I should write exclusively satire from now on. Idiots everywhere would be so confused."

Interesting. Numbers show injured fewer opponents than rest of during "bounty" years:

Had to be mentally prepped for this breakfast

Good morning. Hope today is one filled w growth n success for everybody!

Today would've been Brees' contract deadline day. So glad we're not sweating this out at the 11th hour.

Worst feeling. On a full southwest flight after eating a burrito. Ti Tums Tums Tuummsss!!!



New Orleans Saints sign rookie receiver Nick Toon - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
New Orlans Saints' Greg Bensel just tweeted that the team has agreed to terms on a four-year deal with fourth round pick WR Nick Toon. More on this as we get it.

Saints finish up draft class with deal for Nick Toon | ProFootballTalk
While it didn’t come with the drama of a $100 million contract like the one Drew Brees signed Sunday, or any of Monday’s deadline deals for franchise players, there was other business.

Drew Brees' deal benefits Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Eli Manning -
Drew Brees' deal doesn't just benefit the Saints -- it also helps QBs like Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning. Michael Lombardi explains how the cash trickles down.

Drew Brees is now the heart, face, brain of Saints - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
He’ll now all but definitely retire with the one team that gave him a shot after that horrific shoulder injury. When the time comes, Brees will retire as the most beloved player in New Orleans history.

Brees officially signs contract, celebrates at Jimmy John's | New Orleans
Drew Brees made it official at the Saints headquarters on Sunday, signing his five-year, $100 million contract and easing the minds of Saints fans everywhere.

Breaking down Drew Brees' deal - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The deal is finally done. After two years of haggling, the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees have reached common ground. Let's go inside the deal, lo

Vick, Brees $100 million deals are very different | ProFootballTalk
Last year, Eagles quarterback Mike Vick signed a $100 million contract. Last week, Saints quarterback Drew Brees signed a $100 million contract. And that's where the similarities end. Vick signed a six-year, $100 million deal. Brees' covers five years.



Numbers don't support NFL's punishment for Saints players -
An analysis of injury reports shows that the Saints were below average in hurting players from other teams.

Jonathan Vilma files motion to expedite restraining order against NFL - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Vilma requests a July 19 hearing in federal court



Saints Training Camp Players To Watch
"Sleeper Alert: Unknown free agent Brayton Broughton (6-6, 272), defensive end from TCU, is a prospect I have heard some good things about. We will see if he can turn athletic ability into production better than he did at the college level."

Forbes estimates Saints are worth $965 million, 31st-most valuable franchise in world | New Orleans
New Orleans’ NFL franchise is worth more than such major-market entities as the Los Angeles Lakers (No. 35 at $900 million), the Chicago Cubs (No. 36 at $879 million) and the New York Knicks (No. 43 at $780 million).

Saints Questions: Will we see a blitz-happy defense under Spagnuolo? | New Orleans
For much of the 2007 and ’08 seasons, much of the Saints fan base was riled up, wanted then-defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs to do more to get pressure on the quarterback. Fans wanted blitzes. And blitzes. And, yes, even more blitzes.

In-stadium Wi-Fi won’t be ready for 2012 | ProFootballTalk
Five stadiums nevertheless will serve as pilot projects, with enhanced wireless service and in-game apps. The quintet of venues will be MetLife Stadium (home of the Jets and Giants), Gillette Stadium (home of the Pats), Bank of America (home of the Panthers), Lucas Oil Stadium (home of Twitter-happy Jim Irsay’s Colts), and the Superdome (home of the Saints).

Daily Special, July 16, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
...what happens to a columnist when he grows so lazy, stupid, and self-important he thinks he can get away with anything.

Minority Partner " Souls Of The Saints
Forbes magazine estimates the value of the Saints franchise at about $1.1 billion for 2012. Drew Brees’ long anticipated (too long) new contract, if fulfilled in total, values him at about 10% of the franchise’s estimated worth, not ad infinitum, but over the next 5 years.

Klassic King Is A Moment In Peter King History. Process This. | Kissing Suzy Kolber
When last we left quasi-organic nugget farmer, Peter King, we revisited the Klassic King column that ran the Monday after the Tuck Rule Game. Y'know, the

New Orleans Saints top 25 countdown, Roman Harper, No. 10 - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Hard-hitting safety has issues in coverage