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My Wild, Unconfirmed Super Bowl L Rumor is Still in Play

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Last November I received a completely unconfirmed tidbit of information, that the 50th Super Bowl would be played in the Los Angeles area. As of yet, the site of 2016's Super Bowl L still has not been announced which means the possibility of a Los Angeles Super Bowl is still very much in play.

I mention this because just a few days ago, the L.A. Times reported that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent out a memo to all 32 teams relaying the ground rules for any potential franchise relocation to Los Angeles. This, of course, has nothing to do with any Super Bowl but it does illustrate how serious the league is about having a team in L.A.

That the memo refers specifically to the 2013 season does not necessarily mean the league is ready to reenter the market immediately, but it does underscore how seriously the NFL is considering the current opportunities.

And if the league is planning on having a team in L.A. relatively soon, a Super Bowl shortly thereafter would be well-played PR move typical of the NFL and the perfect way to sweeten the pot for any franchise considering the move.

I just wanted to bring up this old rumor once again, in case I happen to actually be right about one for a change. And if the Lombardi Trophy is gold, then I'd say I really nailed it.