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What Up With Dat?: Long Answer Format


Below are just some of the answers to reader questions submitted Monday. The rest of my answers will follow later today. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Any undrafted free agents the Saints picked up you see with a realistic shot at the roster? - French F.

I can't answer that question from personal experience. Haven't seem any of them play. I can tell you that Chris Givens got a little love from Joe Vitt during one of the minicamp press conferences, mentioning he was good in the red zone. But the depth at wide receiver is too much. He's hoping for a practice squad spot. I seem to remember hearing good things about Jerico Nelson as well. I'd say he's got a shot.

Really starting to get intrigued on our defensive side of the ball. How much do you think we will improve? Are Lofton and Hawthorne the great additions I think they will be? And what’s your thoughts on Malcolm Jenkins will he thrive under this new defense? I believe we can be a top 10 defense, is that so unrealistic on my part? - Jacob D

It's a bit unrealistic, but certainly not possible. I think you should temper your expectations, though, that way you won't disappoint yourself too much. Look, all these questions you're asking are the same ones every Saints fan is asking as well. And they're important questions.

On paper, the Saints are looking much improved. But I feel like this is a situation with so many new variables, it's damn near impossible to predict. Not like offseasons past where a few players left and a few new players came in. Feels like there's been more turnover than usual this spring/summer and add to that a brand new coordinator. Who the hell knows what's gonna happen! Let's just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Now that the dust has settled, what are the implications of this contract over the next few seasons as far as the cap? Do you think they’ll be able to find a way to also pay Graham who will likely be looking for a payday similar to Gronkowski very soon? - Troy C

I believe that Drew's contract will count more against the cap each year as his contract progresses and his base salary increases. So it will hurt the Saints more in the later years of his contract. But other contracts are coming and going throughout that time so who knows how it will affect the team three or four years from now. As for next season, Andrew Juge did an excellent piece on the future of the Saints cap space. Must read that.

As far as Jimmy Graham is concerned, if the Saints want him, they'll find a way to make room for him and pay him what he deserves.

Do you think that Drew will suffer from some rustiness for a while during this coming season since he missed the initial workouts with his receivers? If so, How long do you think it will take before we see the normal Drew?- Mike L.

Our very own Win Ellington actually addressed this very same topic just a couple of days ago, after you asked this question, and raised the discussion. I'd say most people feel it won't have any impact whatsoever, and I would be inclined to agree with them. He may not have been working out with the team but you know he's doing his own training regardless.

Any players that you see the Saints could sign to their roster last minute? Or who are some players you could see the Saints deal away before the season? - Travis D.

Are there any players that I could see the Saints signing at the last minute that are good? No. Could they sign some random dude? Absolutely. Do I know who that might be? Of course not. And it won't matter anyway because he won't be any good. As for your second question, I don't see the Saints trading anyone away. Message Board Guy always likes to throw around Devery's name as trade bait but I'm not sure there would be any takers.