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What Up With Dat?: Rapid Fire Edition


Below are the rest of my answers to reader questions submitted Monday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Does Sean Payton start an attack to regain his place on the sidelines, or does he just sit by and take the hit????- Sly

It's over man.

Will the other teams seriously have a grudge with SAINTS running a "pay 4 performance" program? - Can I.

No. I really don't think so. Brett Favre and Kurt Warner didn't seem too pissed, did they?

What if all of the bounty can not be proved in court, then what - Laison A.

This might not go to trial. In which case we've all just got to accept the situation and move on with our lives.

Does Shanle make the final roster? Not one of those who want him gone no matter what, just wondering.- Charles C.

Oh yes, of course. Dude's not going anywhere. With all the new linebackers, I think Spagnuolo's going to want a veteran like Shanle who has been with the organization a while. This might be his last year, though.

Although it’s certain that Vilma will eventually serve a lenghty suspension do you think it could be delayed long enough so that he could play maybe a couple of games this year without expecting anything as ridiculous as Star Caps. - Malcolm L.

Definitely. It's definitely possible. We will find out July 26th, when Vilma has his hearing.

What Rookie do you believe will make the biggest impact this year? - Ali K.

It damn well better be Akiem Hicks.

Now that the Saints have an estimated 8 million in cap space, and possibly more if the Vilma suspension holds up, do you see the Saints going after any more free agents? If so, who? - John M.

Yeah, I could see that happening. It's the only way they'd be able to find somebody halfway decent. They'd probably look for someone on the defensive side of the ball. Dwight Freeney's name has been thrown around.

After Drew Brees...who are the three players the Saints can least afford to lose to injury? My vote-Graham, Bunkley, Evans - Ben D.

Darren Sproles, Jermon Bushrod and Jabari Greer