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What's More Likely: Martez Wilson vs. Cameron Jordan Edition

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Welcome to the new "What's More Likely" series of posts, where we'll be comparing different players and discuss how we think the season could play out. Following up with Hans' interview with second year DE/LB Martez Wilson, today's post will look at Wilson and another of his second-year partners, DE Cameron Jordan.

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Martez Wilson Leads the Saints in sacks

Transitioning to DE in his second year, Wilson looks like a bomb ready to explode over offensive lines across the league. The former high school track star will put his speed and strength to the test early, as veteran Will Smith will be on vacation the first four games. Wilson's ability to handle the opponent's LT will be key to him leading a defense not known for getting many sacks.


Cameron Jordan Leads the team in tackles

Last year's first round pick comes into this season with less talk around him than Wilson, mainly due to a quiet first year. While he did what he was brought in to do, stuff the right side of the offensive line and force opposing quarterbacks to throw to their off side, many were dissatisfied with his inability to generate sacks. However, with a new coordinator who will put more pressure on him, expect Jordan to thrive as a run-stuffing LDE.

So Who Dat Nation, which is more likely?